Smart Ways To Make A Guy Fall Head Over Heels For You

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Doing ways to make a guy fall head over heels for you is a woman's specialty. There are no woman in the world who is unable to flirt and fail to make guys fall in love with them. But it's tricky sometime as not every man has similar behavior. But men are men, and there are some sure trick to get them fall in love with you head over heels. Here are what you should do as ways to make a guy fall head over heels for you.


Ways To Make A Guy Fall Head Over Heels

ways to make a guy fall head over heels
  1. Dress yourself nicely as guys are visual being who judge things from what they see first.
  2. Be a pleasant woman by keeping him happy all the time. Impress him with your talk and personality.
  3. Keep you manners and be polite to everyone. If you are eating out with him, show him that you are polite with the waiter and even thanked them.
  4. Be a smart woman and share some knowledgeable conversation with him. Make him to find the Reasons You Should Date a Nerd.
  5. Make an eye contact with him. Don't avoid his gaze, keep it a little longer instead so he would be able to read through your mind.
  6. Touch him a little to left and impression. Touching his shoulder a little when you are laughing is something that would linger in him long.
  7. Keep busy and don't always be available for him. Take some time before you reply his messages and left him wondering as why you don't text him back.
  8. It's not a talent show, but he'd love to see yours. If you happen to know how to play guitar or piano, play a song for him. It would add your value high and make him instantly fall for you.
  9. Don't always go with what he said. It's okay to have a little argument. Let him see that you are a woman who is stand tall for her beliefs. He will see the Wife Material Signs in you.
  10. Let him chase you even though you have fallen for him. Men can love hard when they love a girl, and take time to feel it. But just don't let hanging for too long.

Psychological Tricks To Make A Guy Fall For You

psychological tricks to make a guy fall for you
  1. Be mysterious and keep everything casual. Don't talk too much about your personal life and leave him hanging.
  2. Be someone who can fill in his blank. Men usually look for woman who can balance him out, so learn about his personality thoroughly.
  3. Copy his action in a smart way. If you are dining out with him, drink your water when he does. If you do this correctly, he will fall for you in no time.
  4. Wear something as bold as red. It will turn him on too and you will have all of his interest. Leave that white and black clothes behind.
  5. Take him to try something new and make him step out of his comfort zone. Keeping the others happy and amused is also Ways to Make a Girl Fall Deeply in Love with You that men usually do.
  6. Take him do drink some hot coffee or tea in the morning. It's psychologically proven that warm beverages lift up the mood better than the cold ones.
  7. Make a light body contact and always keep your body close to his. Even though he realizes that it's Signs of a Girl Flirting, he wouldn't mind as long as you keep it slow.
  8. Use your mutual friend to wire out things to him. Get them to tell him how nice of a girl you are to gain his curiosity.
  9. Show your love to kids and pets. Men tend to easily fall in love with girls who has this nurturing side in her.
  10. Balance your walking speed with him. When you are walking together, make sure you are walking together, no one gets left several steps behind.
  11. Smile a lot, as it's contagious. His mood would be lift up too upon seeing your smile.

How To Make A Guy Fall For You Through Text

how to make a guy fall for you through text
  1. Start your text with a simple hello. He will be wondering as why you text him.
  2. Don't bomb him with messages when he doesn't directly text you back. He is probably busy.
  3. Be flirtatious and tease him with unfinished text. Text him you are so happy today, and he will be curious of what makes you so happy.
  4. Say his name a lot in your texts. It makes him feel special, and things get more intimate and personal. It would be better if you have create a pet name for him.
  5. Don't make your flirt too obvious. Flirt when you meet him because texts could leave an impression we never know.
  6. Keep things short and simple. Men doesn't like to read too long messages, so don't beat around the bush and say what you want to say directly.
  7. Throw him a compliment in your text. For example, when he is taking you home, text him how kind he is to give you a ride. Who doesn't like to be complimented?
  8. Tell him what you're up to but don't ask him to join too often. Show him that you also living your life. But it's also good to ask him for a last minute cup of coffee sometime.
  9. Don't exchange a too long conversation. When you feel like it's time to end the texts, say good night to him. There's no need to drag it all the way.
  10. Cheer him up and support him through your texts.

Those are the ways to make a guy fell in love head over heels with you. Actually, woman is a good flirt by nature, so all you have to do is doing it rightly. Don't be too much but don't be too little as well. Keep it in the right amount, and you will get his love in no time.

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