30 Easiest Ways to Get Your Girl Back from Another Guy

Last updated on May 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Life is not a movie and that's what you should know. Everything won't go as easy as it seems in a movie, including when you're trying the various ways to get your girl back from another guy. It's not as simple as snatching her from him when they're walking together, but if you really want your girl back, you've got to be ready to do countless effort. Furthermore, you have to get yourself prepared to be fail. But don't give up, enter the battlefield with confidence and do these list of ways to get your girl back from another guy:

1. Make Up Your Mind - Ask yourself first if you really want her back. Be sure about your feeling before taking any action. Your preparation must include her rejection, which likely to be happen the most.

2. Reflect On Why You Break Up - The reason of your breakup play a big part in this. Say, if she broke up with you after doing the Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend, your journey ahead may not smooth.

3. Try to be Friend with Her - For girls, they always have Reasons Why You Should Not be Friends with Your Ex. One of it because they don't want to get back together. So if she gives a positive response, you may stand a chance.

4. Give Her Space to be with Him - Play smart because you know she already has another man. Give her time to be with him. Don't clinging around to her since it was annoying.

5. Let Her Take Her Time - She also need time to heal and accept you back. She may still has some trauma left from the break up. Just let her be, as long as she needs.

6. Get Her Trust - After breaking up, it is understandable that she has no faith in you anymore. Try your best to get her trust, especially when she has caught you cheating. 

7. Say You're Sorry - You know that a girl feeling is very soft, right? The best Ways to Get Your Girlfriend Back After a Break Up is by touching her heart. Say your sorry for everything happened. Take all the guilt and be gentle to admit them.

8. Start to Give Her Attention - No girls won't fall for attention. Start to give her that just the way it was. But don't be in a rush or she'll lose all her feeling. Do it slowly and calmly. While sending flowers seemed too soon, just remind her not to skip breakfast.

9. Prove Her You Have Changed - Girls always has their own reasons why you should never get back with your ex, because they are afraid that it will be the same. So it's important to prove her that you have changed to the better.

10. Don't Talk Bad About Him - No matter how much you wanted her, don't talk bad about the other man. It only make her think that you are the bad person, not him.

11. Let Her Choose - The choice is in her. Whether she wants to get back to you or moving on with the other guy, just let her choose. Let her feel free about with whom she want to be.

12. Don't Look Pathetic or Desperate - Looking desperate won't gain you any sympathy from her. She will only pity you, not loving you again.

13. Be There Whenever She Needs You - Don't miss a chance to assist her with whatever she needs. Whenever she calls, make sure you are ready to be called. Things will be better if the other man is busy and couldn't reach her fast.

14. Let Her Know You Still Remember Her - There must be old habits that you remembered, for the long time that you have dated her. Remind her not to eat eggs because she has allergic with it. She'll be touched.

15. Give Her Time to Realize You are Better Than Him After all those endless effort, the final decision is in her. Give her time to think and finally realize that you are better than him, and you want him back.

What to Do If She Doesn't Want You Back

  1. Ask for her explanation, you might be hurt by it. But it's better than leaving you hanging in wonder.
  2. Live your own life and be happy.
  3. Create a new habits and find an interest.
  4. Meet some new girls, not to date them but to help you heal and make friends.
  5. Be sad for it, cry if you feel to. Don't hold anything back and let it go at once.
  6. Share it with your friends, as they know the best Ways to Make Best Friend Feel Better when you're down.
  7. Take a good care for your body. Eat healthily, sleep well, and exercise.
  8. Give yourself time to heal. Nothing come in an instant.
  9. Don't pretend that everything is alright when it's not.
  10. Keep in mind that you'll be falling in love again with a better person.
  11. Whenever she comes to your mind, remind yourself that she is happy with another guy.
  12. Don't be friend with her, no matter how you miss her.
  13. Cut of any contact, unfollowed all her social media and erase her phone number.
  14. Pull yourself together and start your life as new.
  15. Open up your heart and get ready to fall in love again.

So those are the ways to get your girl back from another guy, and when things don't go as you wish, we have prepared the what to do aftermath. But since you're a man, there is nothing such giving up before the war. If you really love her and want her back, do all your might to win her back. Only if she's really worth it. Or else, find yourself another love. There are millions of girls that would love you better than her.

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