How To Marry Indonesian Girls In India ? Eternal Secret

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In ourbeautiful world every straight person want to get married and have a descentfor future. But we also know that every country in the world have a differentculture with the rules of marriage. Whoever people that you want it you want toget married in India you must obey the rules of marriage in India. There aremany important things if you want get married from the beginning, includingrequirements for the marriage. Moreover, here are some tips if you want tomarry Indonesian girl in India

1. Knowing the requirement

The firstimportant things before you get married is knowing the requirement, why?Because in our world the are several kind different requirement for getmarried, in India if you want to get married there are legal age for marriagein India for 18 years old for girls and 21 years old for boys and Indonesiangirls must have a passport for requirement, certificate of NoIndpediment\Single status and passport photo sized. In addition to limit theage of married there are degrees of prohibited relationships like mothers,grand mothers, step mother,etc.

2. Special Marriage Act is VeryImportant

Why i say so?Because such as marriage is controlled by governed provisions of the SpecialMarriage Act, this constitution is valid in India and married a person fromanother nationality is also controlloed by governod provisions.  Some people dont want to perform a marriagefrom their religious customs, they also choose the best way prefer marriagewith Special Marriage Act. Marriages between foreign national and indian peoplealso must be registered under this Special Marriage Act. So the role of SpecialMarriage Act in India such as a big value in India’s citizen.

3. Learn the culture of Indonesia

Although you want to get married an Indonesian girl in India you must know the culture in Indonesia before you getting married, the most important things that before you are planning to propose Indonesia girl, you must do it directly with your Indonesian girl, you don’t need hire a jet and use some banners that spell “ I want to marry you, will you marry me” to propose Indonesian girl because some girl in Indonesian judge you like you are overreacting. You must do speak with the girl’s sibling first or her parents for permission to marry the girl that you love. This value which be seen as sweet as you do to her, After that you you just have to wait for their respons. Read this Falling in Love with A Married Man Who Loves You Too, so you know more about Indonesian girl.

4. Knowing the type of your wedding

Knowing thetype of your wedding like you must know that your wedding purpose in India youhave to choose Civil ceremonies or Religious weddings both legally valid inIndia. If you choose Civil ceremonies wedding plan then you performed at themarriage registrar’s office. Furthermore, Religious weddings is the general inIndia. People in India like to get wedding in Religious Weddings. The Marriagecertificates released by the religious authority are fair to admit the mariage.And for your information, the same sex marriage isn’t legally in India.

5. Knowing the fees inyour marriage in India

The important things you must know for the marriage is your fees before you get married. Weddings in India are typically biggest fee. And also they can be expensive . However the word ‘expensive’ is a relative for for some castes of people. The price is more increase when Desember and January, mainly during the Christmas and New Year Period.

But in every region there are different fees to pay administrative,as an example If you are foreigner or a local register charged by up to ₹75,000 for adminstration costs. And also don’t forget about Special Marriage Act, under Special Marriage Act you can pay an application for registration about ₹150, and ₹100 if you want to registration under the Hindu Marriage Act in Religious weddings.

However you are still cost for adminstrative fees in your application of your marriage and special for issuance of your certificate of marriage in India. It requires need to pay an additional ₹400 or ₹500 for everything that are required in create of certificate marriage.  Fees in marriage include where do you want to present your ceremonies in India, in fact that you are free to choose include a venue and location of your choice. Indian people usually choose the ceremonies wedding to get married in temples, outdoor, hotel  or in churches, mosque etc that also applies for Indonesian, Indonesian people also like it. Before married read this advantage and disadvantages of international marriage, so as your consideration.

However theweeding for the girl in Indonesian in India start with your planning, time andalso the most important things is money . If you want to get married with Indonesiangirl dont forget to invited her family her friends to come in to your weddingparty.


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