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The journey of finding yourself sometimes starts from meeting different types of guys that every girl should try. Some Tips To Calm Nerves Before A Date sometimes require meeting all the wrong man before meeting Mr. Right.

It is a lesson that anyone can try for themselves. Because how do you know if you like the quiet one, sports fans, the masculine type or the nerd if all your life you do not really meet different types of guys.

By dating, you are opening your heart and also your sense of what type of guy suits you best. So take a look at these type of guys that every girl should at least get to know better, to really get to know who complete you the most.


1. The Band Member

If you date a guy that into music and even in a band. you are bound to accompany him during practice, concert and going to musical events.

You probably heard the various reasons Why Should You Never Date A Musician, which probably you won't listen to.

This type of man really knows how to sing a sweet song and making a muse out of you. it is even better in you, yourself love the same kind of music as he does. Moreover, if his taste of music is nothing like you, then the more chances you are exposed to many different kinds of music.

2. Opposite Attracts

opposite attracts

On the other hand, dating a guy who is essentially you with a beard helps. People take time to get to know each other before deciding to date or even married.

This getting to know each other is a very Important Things To Know About Someone Before You Date them. The first instinct that you look at when meeting a guy, is looking for all the similarities. However, do not be surprised if you are attracted to a very completely different version of yourself.

To keep things is a balance, people can also seek a future partner that completes them. Therefore, you would also experience opposing views on virtually just about everything.

So, it is super important to date this type of guy to see if you can feel complete because he fills the void in your life, or you feel depressed because of the constant argument of your different views.

3. Your Man Version

On the other hand, dating someone with many similarities to you can be easier to handle. You can almost predict what he will say or do if you saw or did something.

This type of guy is essentially another version of you that does not require any translation. The two of you get each other.

You will find it easier, of finding out What To Say When Someone Asks You To Tell Them Something Interesting About Yourself.  And stories just flowing through your mouth because you feel like you know that person already. However, there is also the awful truth that both of you just might having a slow painful realization that too much of yourself can be very daunting.

4.The Sport Fanatic

The basketball player, Surfers, diver, and cyclist are the type of guys that really into a hobby. They say you should date a man with a hobby because there are only two things that make him busy.

His hobby and you. So, better choose a man with a healthy hobby that can actually make you feel and look better at the same time. This type of guys also will make you learn how to test limitation and be bolder on doing things,

However, in times you would probably sense that he is more into his sport than you. This can be problematic because there is really no need to balance between the things. If any, a man even expect their girlfriends to love what they do and give their attention.

5. The Sensitive

the sensitive

Dating this guy that has no problem sharing his emotion is a great fact. You can reach that understanding of one another due to his openness. This type of guy will also tend to be romantic and whats to be with you all the time.

So, when you want some time alone, away from him. He would probably get very sensitive about it, and start making things up. This is also a sign of insecureness. So, it answers the question, Why You Should Never Date An Insecure Man.

There will be an endless display of emotion and feelings. And also a dramatic response when things do not go as planned. Dating this type of guy can enlighten you, whether or not you like the attentive yet sensitive guy in your life.

Most importantly all of those experiences can open your eyes that not all men are the same. Then, later on, you can appreciate the good guys and even the not so nice ones as a sweet part of your love life.

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