Why You Should Never Date an Insecure Man - The Worst You May Get

Last updated on July 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

An insecure man falls back behind the list of man you would want to dating. But the thing you avoid the most usually what you get in the end. Without even realizing about it, you fall in love with him. Nothing surprising, though, since insecure man is a good “seller” of his own self and he’d never stop until you buy it. That’s why you need to know the horrible reasons why you should never date an insecure man.

A man should be reliable and dependable, whereas with an insecure man you have to give them reassurance everyday, validating himself every time he is unsure. All this kind of man need in his life is a woman who could be the cheerleader of his life, someone who is willing to give up her life for his.

As if things can’t get scarier, here are more to the reasons why you should never date an insecure man:

  1. His Talk is Bigger Than Reality

The main reason why you fell into the trap of an insecure man is because of his smooth talk. Well, he is the loudest person in the room and he can make situation feels more alive. He likes to brag about himself and his success, even though it happened more than a decade ago. He boasted an empty shell every time. Also read Signs of a Bad Boyfriend Material

  1. And He Put No Action On Top of That

Despite the scale of his mouth, he put no action in real life. An insecure man doesn’t get along very well with act so all he did was being a “know-it-all” person. He fools themselves by assuring that he is clever himself and he’s kinda teaching others every time he speaks. But in reality, he is nothing.

  1. He is Best at Exaggerating Stories

Nobody could tell a story better than him. Whatever he talks about, he always exaggerating it to the point it looks too unreal. If he ever told you how his exes went crazy over him and still beg him to get back with them until today, you better not believe it. He won’t hesitate to tell lies to impress you. Also read What to Do When Boyfriend Tells White Lies All The Time?

  1. No Better Attention Whore Than He is

A narcissistic man suck, and it’s what an insecure man is. He’s always busy creating image in front others while the reality is nothing alike. At the first meeting, he would approach you first and as for picture together only to share in on his social media proving that he is “in demand”. It happens every time with any other girls he meets.

  1. He Likes to Pull Stupid Stunts

Another annoying reason why you should never date an insecure man is how he loves drama more than you are. He wants to look cool all the time that he makes a fake stunts when he goes on a date with you. He’d pretend to be busy with his phone, pretending to text and take calls from no one. Yes, no one is contacting him yet he acts like the busiest person in the universe. Also read Signs She is Using You for Attention

  1. He Always Looks Like He Knows Everything

Recognize that smirks when he looks at you from head to toe? It’s kind of habit he developed out of the insecurities. He appears self-assured all the time and looks like he know something that you don’t, something that he’d never share with you. He enjoys making you feel small and uneasy.

  1. He Prefers Free Ride in Life

While other men working their ass off to make a living and become successful, things goes easy with him. Or at least he makes it so. He doesn’t mind to get a free ride from you to depend on financially. Means you are the one who is making money and end up being his cash cow. And who’s the easiest prey for this man? A single mother with financial support for her kids and their education. Also read Why You Should Never Date a Bartender

  1. Beware of the Empty Promises

You’d feel like you’re flying to could nine with him. Because he intentionally makes you so. He floats you in the air with sweet promises, which you later find out to be empty. He said he has booked a table at fancy restaurant for weekend dinner only to cancel it last minute saying something is up suddenly that you better spend the date at home. So typical.

  1. Insecurity Goes Hand in Hand with Cheating

Seeing how insecure he is, it shouldn’t be any surprise that his heftiness makes him need more than one woman. Even though you have given everything and he feels sufficient himself, he wouldn’t miss the opportunity that comes to him. He doesn’t care about anything but himself. This shows that an insecure man is also opportunistic. Also read Ways to Deal with an Indecisive Partner

  1. He Moves Way Too Quick

You are the living proof of how fast he can move. Everything progress so rapidly in his world that he stole your heart only after two or three times meeting. But this quick move indicates his inconsistency, meaning that his feeling for you could change overnight. Don’t fall into his trap too fast.

  1. His Emotion is As Shallow As His Brain

Lovers emotionally rely to each other. However, dating an insecure man is nothing close. It’s more like you are taking care of little kid with many need instead of a man who can love and care for you passionately. Also read Reasons Why Women Likes Quiet and Mysterious Guy

  1. He Uses Your Guilt for His Benefit

As you can’t rely on an insecure man, you can’t ask much from him. Once you do so, he’ll start playing victim to make you feel guilty. The way he takes benefit out of it is just so dirty.

All the reasons why you should never date an insecure man only prove that being in a relationship with him only brings you down more and more. Before you know you already fallen on the same level as him. A lover should encourage you to be the better version of yourself, not the other way around. Really, don’t waste your time for him. You deserve someone much better.

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