What to Do When Boyfriend Tells White Lies All The Time?

Last updated on June 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani
White lies are things that people said in daily life, consciously or unconsciously. Most people tell white lies to answer a question by telling what the other person want to hear even when we actually want to say the opposite.

Sometimes white lies are also said in a relationship. The first time knowing your boyfriend tell white lies, you can still be okay because you know that the purpose is to make you happy. Eventually, lies are lies. White lies can also be as destructive as big lies. 

What to do when boyfriend tells white lies all the time? Here are some things you can do when your boyfriend tell white lies all the time.

1. Identifying the signs that shows when he tells white lies

Pay attention at the signs he shows when he tells lie. It can help you to detect another lies in the future. Lying people usually shows some signs, such as expanding nostrils or hands that covering the part of his face. Intonation of people that currently saying lies is usually different. There you go, honey, Should I Give Up on A Guy Who Rejected Me Completely?

2. Try to identify why your boyfriend tells white lies to you

Find out the reasons he told white lies. Did he want to protect himself or he want to make you happy. If he just wanted to make you happy, ask yourself whether you like to be lied to or not. If he wanted to protect himself, chances are big that he lied about other unknown things too.

3. Relax and calm yourself before talking to him

Keep relax and calm even though you know he lied to you. Don’t be too emotional as it can destroy the purpose of the conversation. There you go, honey, Should I Stay with My Boyfriend Even Though He Lies to Me All the Time?

4. Give him a chance to tell the truth

Do not immediately say “I know you lying to me” or “you are a liar”. Give him a chance to tell the truth. This shows that you are very open and don’t want to hurt his feeling.

5. Make him understand that it’s okay to be honest

People tells white lies to cover up the truth. He thinks that it is better to tell lies rather than the truth. You have to convince him that you want him to be honest and it’s okay.

6. Give him a chance to explain the reasons

If he get a chance to explain the reasons, he will be more open to you. There you go, honey, Signs A Gemini Woman is Jealous with You and Conflicts Small Things Sometimes. That's what to do when boyfriend tells white lies all the time. 

7. Forgive him

If you think he is forgivable, you can forgive him. Everyone can make mistakes and have the right to get the second chance.

8. Back to step one and continue if needed

Sometimes for several people, telling lies is a habit. You can go back to tips number one if needed. If you see the signs that he tells lies again, you can remind him about your deal before.

9. You are the one who knows your relationship best and can make best decision

At the end of the day, you are the one who really knows what is best for both of you. If you think the relationship is still healthy, you can accept your boyfriend or trying again to make him change. If you think both of you should stop, you are the one who knows when and how.

White lies not always can make you happy. There are some ways to express honesty without hurting others. These tips can help you when your boyfriend tells white lies all the time.

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