Why Do Guys Always Use Me As A Rebound?

Last updated on June 14, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Rebound love is quite confusing, you feel loved but sometimes it feels kind of fake and hurting.

Why Do Guys Always Use Me As A Rebound?

There are some reasons why do guys always use a girl like you as a rebound.

1. You are easy

The fact that you are easy is not always in a negative context, you are easy because you are easy to love, easy to talk to, and easy to love. Thus guys like to share their stories with you, and as the time goes, they like you.

This is not wrong and you should have no worry about having a rebound love. You may need to know if Your Ex Misses You During No Contact?

2. You are indeed love-able

you are indeed love-able

As mentioned before, the reason why do guys always use you as rebound is because you are love-able: cute, kind, beautiful, smart, sexy or anything else most guys find you interesting. You must proud!

3. You are caring

One thing that one can't fake for a long period, care. Someone who genuinely caring will always care for somebody forever. Because of this, guys usually come to you and eventually stay. You may want to read How to Know If Your Ex Girlfriend is In a Rebound Relationship.

4. You are available

The simplest and most obvious reason why guys use you as rebound is because you are available. If you are not, they will put you on the last of their person-to-call-if-needed list. This sounds rude, but c'mon, you do that too!

5. You are near

Another reason why guys come to you to ask for dating is because you are the nearest person to reach. A breakup is very hurting for some that they can't face it alone so they need a support to back their mood, confidence, and feeling up very soon. You need to also read 30 Signs Your Boyfriend Regrets Breaking Up With You.

Girls usually worry too much if they have a rebound relationship while in fact it is just the same love. Everyone have their exes and wants new ones every one of them was gone. So how to deal with rebound relationship so that you are OK about it? What to Do When My Boyfriend Says He Needs Space?

1. Make it real and deep

Rebound love is also love, it is just need more time for some so make it as real as possible and deep. Love him as you really love him in person, not because you pity him for breaking up. He also needs to love you deeply and real, because of who you really are.

2. Be positive and optimistic

You may realize that you build a relationship based on nothing. However, there is a huge chance that both of you really (eventually) fall in love. Always think positive by knowing that both of you may find true love by this. Know further about How to Deal with a Douchebag Boyfriend

3. Do not discuss anything Exes related

do not discuss anything exes related

Stop right now, no exes related discussion. This will lead to confusion and the most problematic one is when you compare your boyfriend to your exes and vice versa. So stop, this will not give any good.

4. Find hobbies together

Find new hobbies that you and your boyfriend like together like traveling, hiking, jogging, or anything else couples can do together. This will make your rebound relationship longer and even last forever.

5. Have strong commitment

You and your boyfriend must have strong commitment to at least make the relationship last. This will change a rebound love to a real love if both of you have the same vision.

If you ask why do guys use me as a rebound and you find only negatives, this means you think negative. So be positive, optimistic and loving as everything is your fate. You may wonder Why Do Douchebags Wear Affliction and Other Certain Clothing Brands.

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