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How to Know if Your Ex Misses You During No Contact?

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Many people say that the no contact rule after a breakup is a critical period. It can really make one think through their breakup and process what happened. But the no contact rule can also make an ex beg you to give the relationship another go. So first, you need to get all the details on how to know if your ex misses you during no contact. That’s when you know that there’s a huge possibility of them wanting you back.


Reasons Why Your Ex Misses You

As you’re reeling in from your break up, you may realise that you do miss your ex. But do they feel the same way about you? There’s a huge chance that they actually do and here are some of the reasons why:

  • They’re Used to Your Presence

Perhaps they’re just so used to your presence in their life. You’ve always been there for your ex and never miss important occassions. But once the no contact rule is set in place, your absence feels more emphasized.

  • You Make Them Happy

You may or may not know this but you probably make them happy. Nobody wants to lose someone who has made their life into something better than they ever imagined. Imagine how he feels when that huge chunk of happiness is gone.

  • They Still Feel a Connection

Your ex misses you a lot because they still feel a connection. It’s difficult to remove oneself from something that is very strong. Unless you did something terrible, then maybe he can forget that connection. Here’s an idea on what to text your ex boyfriend when you miss him and want to reconnect.

  • You were Their Best Friend

In a relationship, it’s normal to consider each other as the only best friends they have. It’s due to the fact that they spend so much time with one another. Your ex is missing you because you were their best friend and now you no longer are.

  • They’re Not Ready to Let Go

Your ex misses you because they’re not willing to let go. Not everyone is always ready for something like a break up. You may even think that you are but feel the blues later.  

How to Know if Your Ex Misses You During No Contact

Once a break up happens, the no contact rule is right into motion. It may take days, weeks or months but here’s how to know your ex misses you during the no contact period:

1. You Don’t See Them Around

They no longer frequent their favourite places. It’s probably because those places remind them of you and it’s still too painful to relive the memories. That’s when you know if your ex misses you during no contact, you just don’t see them around.

2. They Try to Call You Late at Night

Ever wonder why your ex is calling you at odd hours? Perhaps he’s drunk late at night or maybe he just misses you. Nights can be very lonely and people may start to overthink things in their life. That would include relationships and breakups. Get to know on what to do when your ex calls you after no contact so you don’t freak out.

3. You See Your Ex Being Active on Your Social Medias

You don’t physically see your ex around but you know they’re very active on social medias. It’s the only place where he will feel free to look at your pictures or status as he’s missing you. He may even try to indirectly contact you by giving likes.

4. They Don’t Date Other People

To know if your ex misses you during no contact, find out if they’re seeing someone else. You know that they do miss you when your ex isn’t dating anyone. They’re just not ready to jump into another relationship. But here’s how to know if your ex is in a rebound relationship in case you think that they are.

5. They Act Really Nice Towards Your Friends

According to research, people tend to act nicer to people they’re trying to gain information from. In case you notice or heard that your ex is super friendly to your friends, that’s a huge sign. They definitely miss you during no contact and hope that your friends will talk about them to you.

6. They Make Time to See Your Family

It can be alarming to know that your ex still make time to see your family. But think about it this way, he misses you during no contact so he finds a way to ease his longing. That is by meeting your family in the hope to catch a glimpse of you or hear anything new about your life. This is can actually be a good way on how do you know if your ex boyfriend still cares about you even during no contact.  

7. You Notice Them Changing

For this particular one, you may witness it by yourself or your friends told you about it. One thing is clear, your ex is changing. It could be related to their appearance or their personality. Based on a study, people start to change as a way to bury their longing for someone they want to be with. They are trying very hard to move on.

8. They Get Angry for No Reason

Is your ex acting angry for no reason? Perhaps they’re lashing out to your friends or someone who means a lot to you. This anger is the result of your ex missing you during no contact.

9. They Break the No Contact Rule

The most obvious way on how to know your ex misses you during no contact is that they break the rule. They contact you and try very hard to maintain a connection. Your ex is willing to work very hard to get in touch with you. On the other hand, here’s how to know when your ex is truly done with you as they will leave you in silence forever.

10. They Tell You that You’re Never Out of Their Mind

Your ex will tell you that you’re never out of their mind, not even for a second. The no contact period made them know that they do miss you. After all, absence can really make the heart grow fonder.

Even if there’s a chance of rekindling the relationship, listen to what your heart says. If you really want to take a chance and get back with your ex then go for it. Perhaps this time around, everything will work out just fine.

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