Why Do I Get Upset When My Boyfriend Goes Out With His Friends?

by Michelle Devani

Do you feel pangs of anger whenever your boyfriend spends time with his friends?

Do you have no idea why you feel this way?

Maybe you would like to stop feeling this way, but have no idea how to curb these emotions?

Well, the first step to eliminating these feelings is to understand why they’re cropping up in the first place - and that’s what this guide aims to teach you.

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Of course, it’s still worth understanding why you’re getting so upset about him going out with his friends in the first place.

The guide below will help you to do that. So, let’s dive in.

3+ Possible Reasons Why You Feel Upset When Your Boyfriend Goes Out With His Friends

1. You Are Over Sensitive

you are over sensitive

The first reason on why do i get upset when my boyfriend goes out with his friends is because you are over sensitive. In this case, you are the problem within the relationship that you have with your boyfriend. Usually in this type of case, the girlfriend will feel really needy about the existence of their boyfriend.

They want their boyfriend to be around them and spend more time with them. Somehow, the boyfriend will need to know the things to know before dating a highly sensitive person. Knowing these things can help both of you to communicate better to avoid misunderstanding that may leads to a problem.

2. You Are On Your Period

Second reason is because you are on your period. Maybe you are not over sensitive on a daily basis, but when period comes, you become more sensitive and needy.

Maybe what your boyfriend know about what should a boyfriend do when his girlfriend is on her period, is by not disturbing his girlfriend to avoid any kind of anger or bad emotion that may occur from you.

And in this case, you will need to be able to evaluate yourself better. On what kind of things that you need to do in order to maintain your emotion. So, other people won't get confused about what they are supposed to do.

3. You Guys Haven't Spent Enough Time Together

Another reason on why does my boyfriend don't want to spend time with me anymore and start spending time with his friends is because you guys haven't spent enough time together. Spend more time together while you can do it.

The more you spend time with him the more you will get to know him better.  By then, you will be able to figure out on what kind of things that both of you can do together and find it fun. Plan more time to be spent together. Because it is hard for two people with different interest to actually find something to be done together. 

4. You Don't Trust Him

you don't trust him

There are some signs a man is emotionally connected to you that you need to know. These signs will show whether he is already into you or not. When you feel upset, it can be caused by doubt.

You are doubting him. You worry too much about him. And even you can start create false assumption about him. Remember that the key to a successful relationship is trust.


He has chosen you as his girlfriend, it means something. And he won't let you go or walk away from you that easy too. Maybe you think too much and worrying about the signs of a cheating partner in a relationship. Don't you realize that he has a life too? He has friends and family who love him. So, of course he will need to spend time with them as well.

When it comes to the question of why do i get upset when my boyfriend goes out with his friends, ask yourself again. Do you feel upset because of the thing that he does or is it because of you?

You feel insecure, doubt, and just very needy to your boyfriend. In every problem, there will always be an answer. And maybe you just need to speak up and knowing how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend girlfriend to solve this misunderstanding problem that you have with your boyfriend.

Michelle Devani
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