Things To Say To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work (69 Things To Say)

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you in a long-distance relationship that’s in danger of falling apart?

Maybe you’re facing the prospect of a long-distance relationship and your partner isn’t sure whether they want to go through with it. 

Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s anything you can say to convince them to keep fighting for your love.

If so, keep reading. I have compiled a list of 69 ideas for things to say to make a long-distance relationship work.

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Things To Say To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work

Do you feel like your relationship is almost hitting the rocks? Or does your partner sound like he’s starting to have doubts about you? Long-distance relationships may have good chances of working out, but they don’t thrive without extra effort

It’s one thing to believe that the relationship you have with your partner can stand the tests of time, but relationships need the input of both parties. You’re probably wondering what you can do or say to ensure your relationship doesn’t fall apart, you’re in the right place then. 

Yes, there are times when speaking from the heart will make everything okay, but other times, it’s best to depend on tried and true statements that will repair a severed connection. The great thing about spending all this time apart is that it helps both of you communicate better. However, it’s quite hard to maintain healthy communication when you don’t know what to say. 

If you're looking for things to say to rejuvenate your relationship, or at least, make sure it doesn’t go sore, here are a few examples that could help you out. 

1. “Despite the distance, I’ll still be here, waiting for you my love.”

despite the distance, i'll still be here, waiting for you my love

There are many things to say to make a long-distance relationship work, but this simple statement could make all the difference. Simply stating that you will be waiting regardless of how daunting long-distance relationships can last is the most reassuring thing your partner needs to hear. 

If he is on the same page, then this is a great thing to say to make a long-distance relationship work. 

2. “I know our love will make it through the tests of time.”

A long-distance relationship can be very exhausting, especially when you are too far away to spend time together once in a while. So, assuring him that the LDR will scale through such daunting times may just be exactly what your partner needs to hear. 

Don’t think for a second that other couples have it easy, both close proximity and long-distance relationships take work, and sometimes, couples can lose faith in the success of their relationship. However, saying this will reassure your partner that you are ready to do all it takes to make the relationship work. 

3. “I love you, and a thousand seas and a hundred mountains couldn’t stop that.”

Did you just get into a squabble with your significant other? A lot of LDR couples go through that, don’t be worried. However, you’d be making a mistake by letting sleeping dogs lie, send him/her this message a few minutes after the argument to let them know you’re still very much invested in the relationship. 

4. “I believe that people in long-distance relationships stand a better chance of making it.”

Is your partner having doubts about the long-distance relationship? Is he thinking that since you haven't spent time together, the relationship won’t work? Well then, you could hit him with this statement. 

According to stats from the New York Post in 2018, long-distance relationships have a 58% success rate, which is pretty decent. You can send your partner the facts so your text is even more convincing. 

5. “I love how loyal we are to each other, it goes to show that nothing can tear us apart, not even this distance.” 

Words of affirmation are very important if you want to make a long-distance relationship work. Your partner needs to hear encouraging words, even though he/she doesn’t ask for them. Sending this message to them could just be the encouragement they need to hear, especially when they are having a bad day. 

6. “Distance may keep us physically apart, but our love will always unite us.” 

A long-distance relationship requires a lot of reassurance because you aren’t physically together to explore all the love languages like quality time or physical touch. So don’t feel shy when expressing yourself, let your partner know how much you believe in the love you both share. 

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7. “It’s okay that we can’t see face-to-face right now, because when we do, it will be magical.”

Sometimes, all your partner needs is a vivid run-down of what he/she should expect when you finally meet. If you want, you can send videos, use an emoji or a gif/meme. Long-distance relationships require both partners to keep promising each other not only love and commitment, but fireworks as well. 

That means you have to give your significant other many things to look forward to by either suggesting or promising them. 

8. “Things may seem impossible right now, but I know we’ll meet each other when the time is right.”

If you are in a situation that seems almost impossible, this is the best time to encourage your partner with a message like this. If both of you are hoping for better financial or even migration situations, you both need all the encouragement you can get. So let your partner know that you are not losing hope, even when things look almost impossible.

9. “As long as we’re on the same planet, we will certainly find a way to reach each other.”

In a long-distance relationship, sometimes you have to reach for the stars, you want your lover to believe and see the possibilities of both of you finally getting together. Sometimes, that means making bold proclamations, and also believing that everything will work out in the end. 

10. “I don’t know about you, but nothing anyone says can steer me away from you, I love you.”

When you are in a long-distance relationship, people are going to give their opinions, even when you didn’t ask them for advice. You best believe that your significant other is hearing discouraging things about the relationship as well. Sending this message will show him that you remain dauntless about the future, and you are still very much invested in the relationship. 

11. “The universe has brought us together, not even distance can beat that.” 

the universe has brought us together, not even distance can beat us

 If you both met in the most miraculous way, then you have to keep reminding your significant other about that. Whenever he/she is losing faith, remembering that ‘both of you are meant to be’ will keep them focused and strong. 

12. “The fact that you’re waiting for me makes me stronger and more hopeful every day.”

Sending this message or saying it on a video call will make your significant other feel appreciated and even more determined to keep waiting for you. 

13. “Yes, this long-distance may seem overbearing, but one day, we won’t even remember it.”

You have to keep encouraging one another until the waiting period is over, and this message does a great job at that. The distance may be discouraging, but the truth is, when you’re finally together, you may not even remember the waiting period.

14. “I love you in so many ways, it’s hard to keep count.”

A simple “ I love you text” really goes a long way to show your lover how treasured he is. It may sound cliche, but it never gets old. If I love you is all both of you hear every day, that at least shows that you’re still committed to making the relationship work. 

15. “Instead of talking about how hard this long-distance relationship is, let’s talk about how charming/beautiful your personality is. Now that’s something worth waiting for.”

Sometimes, you may get carried away talking about the pressures of being in a long-distance relationship. However, it’s up to you to change the subject and enjoy every moment you have with each other. 

16. “Our love will keep thriving regardless of the long-distance, and when we meet, it will be even better.”

Yes, love, use your love to keep encouraging each other through the tough times. It may be hard to stay positive, but when you remind one another about how strong and viable your love is, that makes everything so much easier to bear. 

17. “I may not be able to hold your hands or kiss you, but in between those intimate calls, it almost feels like you can touch my heart.” 

It’s important to tell your loved one how much his voice, or rich personality, or even charm transcends physical touch. For now, you both can’t have that, that’s why it’s important to let him know that other parts of his personality are making up for that. 

18. “Yes, other couples have the benefit of physically being together, but they don’t have what we have.”

Your love is special, and the truth is, there may be more than a billion couples in the world, but what you and your significant other have could still be unique. Keep that in mind, and remind him/her as well. 

19. “It would be my purpose every day to make you feel loved regardless of the distance.”

Sometimes, your significant other may become discouraged, so letting him/her know that you will try your best to make them feel loved regardless of the distance, would really encourage them 

20. “This distance has nothing on my love for you, we are still together even though we’re miles away.”

Giving your partner assurance is one of the most important things to do to make your relationship work. Sending a message like this does just that. 

21. “If I could tell the wind one thing, it would be to blow gently towards you and whisper all the unspoken feelings I have in my heart for you.”

Has your significant other heard it all when it comes to romantic text messages and thoughtful words? Then try this maybe. Let him/her know that if you had the power to command the elements in the earth, you would do just that just to pass across a love message. 

22. “It may seem challenging right now, but in the long run, our relationship will be much stronger.”

it may seem challenging right now, but in the long run, our relationship will be much stronger

Your significant other would be happy to hear that you’re still staying strong regardless of the challenges that come with long-distance relationships. 

23. “The happiest day in my life would be the day we actually get to see each other, but for now, I stay grateful and hopeful.”

Show appreciation, let him/her know that you are grateful to have them in your life, and you have no regrets

24. “Be patient sweetheart, one day, when you least expect it, I’ll show up at your doorstep and take you home.”

This is very romantic, especially if you mean it. Let her know that woman know that even though things seem impossible now, you’ll soon surprise her, and you’ll both be able to see each other face-to-face. 

25. “Don’t go anywhere, keep running around in my mind.”

This is a nice way to let your significant other know that you’re thinking about him/her. 

26. “It hurts so much not to be with you, but I’m hanging in here.”

Yes, let your lover know how much it hurts to be apart from him/her, but conclude the text with an assurance that you’re still standing strong and willing to wait. 

27. “I hope you keep succeeding in everything you do, remember that I’ll always be rooting for you.”

Remind your lover that you still remain their number one cheerleader with this encouraging message. 

28. “Thoughts of when we’ll finally meet have dominated my dreams, but I really don’t mind, to be honest.”

Okay, so what man or woman doesn’t want to feel wanted, I mean very wanted! Yeah, so sending this message would make your significant other treasure you even more because of how expressive you are. 

29. “We all have choices to make in life, and one of my most important ones has been to wait for you.”

In a long-distance relationship where both parties are either engaged or married, using this message would be perfect. It shows that you didn’t make a mistake when you decided to wait, you know that, and now he knows that. 

30. “It’s only been a few days/weeks/months, and I’m already willing to wait for a decade if that’s what it takes.”

Okay, long-distance relationships that are just starting out may not need this kind of enthusiasm. You have to ensure that your partner is on the same page with you before suggesting that you’re ready to wait this long to be with them. A long-distance relationship where the couple just met, or haven’t really connected should have more shallow, and less ‘promising’ statements. 

31. “I love you from 40,000 feet away.”

This is a simple message that your significant other will appreciate, even though it doesn’t have all the ‘mushy’ words or cliche statements. It could just be the message that would make his day, especially if you get the miles/feet right. 

32. “Happy birthday from this side of the world babe, hopefully, this time next year, we’ll be celebrating it together.”

If it’s your significant other’s birthday, then don’t feel like you can’t still wish them a happy birthday. Make him/her feel special by mentioning how much you look forward to celebrating the next birthday together. 

33. “The weariness and longing I feel are nowhere near the love I have for you.”

A long-distance relationship could make any couple bow under pressure from time to time. But what matters most is that you’re willing to admit your weaknesses at such times, while still asserting your love in truth. 

34. “I love you, babe, hurry back and let’s make up for the lost time.”

This is a great statement to make when your significant other traveled for a while or relocated for work-related reasons. Reassuring him/her of your love would go a long way to show your continuous support.

35. “The biggest mistake I would ever make would be to stop waiting for you, let's not make that mistake babe, let’s keep waiting.”

In a long-distance relationship, one person has to have the guts to make most of the big statements. I mean, let’s be real, this is a very deep statement, and you should only say it if you mean it. It would certainly encourage your partner, and let them know how committed you are to the relationship. 

36. “Sometimes I feel so lonely and tired, but I’ll wait until I can finally see your face because you’re worth waiting for.”

Is your significant other worth waiting for? Then let him/her know. It’s okay to let them know how much you want to be a close proximity couple, but it’s also important to show that you’re not giving up just because of the distance. 

37. “I love you so much babe, please don’t betray my trust, I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Okay, so this may sound a bit needy, but it all depends on how you sell it. There’s a thin line between being needy and romantic, and let’s just make it clear, you don’t want to beg anyone to love you. So, keep the message short and light, and maybe add a smiley face or a cool emoji at the end to balance things out. 

38. “Always remember that I’m here, even though the distance tries to convince you otherwise.”

An LDR will only work when both parties are assured of each other’s love. The truth is, long-distance relationships can get a bit lonely at times, sometimes, your partner may even forget that he/she is in a relationship! 

It’s up to you to ensure that that doesn’t happen. Sending messages like this won’t only make your significant other smile, it will let them know how much their presence in your life is felt. 

39. “Have you been to the beach recently? Could you count the sand? Yeah, that’s how infinite my love for you is.” 

It might sound cheesy, but if you mean it, then that’s all that matters. To make a long-distance relationship work, both parties have to be convinced of each other’s unrequited love. This is one of the things to say to make a long-distance relationship work without typing overly long messages. 

40. “Let’s keep working towards success babe, and when we meet, we’ll be the most charming and fulfilled power couple.” 

This is an amazing way to encourage your significant other on all fronts. If you’re both working towards financial, business, or career goals, this is a very supportive and empowering message as well. 

41. “Every day I wake up without hearing your voice spells bad luck, you’re my good luck charm babe. Don’t stop calling me.”

You’re not commanding him to call you, you’re giving him enough reason to by telling him/her that they are your good luck charm. 

42. “If you’re day then I’m night, we may be apart now, but we can't do without each other.”

Bring in the elements of the earth if your partner needs more convincing. This message provides a vivid picture of what both of you are, and how intertwined or connected you are to give up. 

43. “You’re the yin to my yang babe, nothing can ever stop our love.”

you're the yin to my yang babe, nothing can ever stop our love

If your partner ever doubted how committed you are to the relationship, this message should reassure them.

44. “You should see the way I anticipate your messages babe, you’ve turned me into a lovesick child.”

If you want to throw some excitement in the mix, this is one go-to message that lets your significant other know how important his/her messages are to you. It’s also a quick way to make them smile and feel more intrigued when messaging you. 

45. “I’ll keep waiting as long as you do too, I believe in us babe, and I never want to give up.” 

It can be tasking bearing the weight of the relationship alone, but sometimes, the other party needs some extra time and encouragement to put in the same energy.

46. “I would do anything to keep our connection going. I don’t want this to end, even though that means not seeing you for a while.”

Does your partner think you aren’t doing enough for the relationship? This message ought to reassure him/her. It re-asserts your willingness to put everything in to ensure the relationship works. 

47. “We may be miles apart, but you’re always on my mind.”

It’s simple and short, but it passes the message across. 

48. “Though I travel far and wide, you’ll always be on my mind, I hope you feel the same way too.”

Are you away from work? Or does your profession require you to travel a lot? This message may just contain the most suitable words your partner needs to hear to be reassured of your love. 

49. “I’m sitting at the last place we met before you left, the memories are so invigorating. It gives me fresh hope for our relationship. I just know that we’ll last babe.”

Sometimes, love can get boring and meaningless without memories. So, sending this message accompanied with proof (a photo or a video) could easily bring back that nostalgia your partner needs to remember the good times. 

50. “It’s funny how connected I feel to you, even though we haven’t met yet. That’s true love right there babe, let’s do everything we can to fight for it.” 

If you haven’t met your partner yet, this is a good time to show how connected you feel regardless of that fact. 

51. “They say love is a battle, well I wore my armor a long time ago, I will always defend our love babe.”

This message is reassuring and very thoughtful, especially if your partner is having doubts. If he knows that his lover and best friend are ready to defend the relationship with all their might, then that certainly gives him the strength to do the same. 

52. “I’m out here looking for a genie in a bottle, I just want to make one wish that will bring you here to me.”

It’s a bit funny and witty, and a message like this will certainly put a smile on your beloved’s face. 

53. “I pray that our love will grow stronger and better in the long run, and we’ll never have a reason to doubt our relationship.”

The message is straight and simple, you want your love to keep blooming, but you’re also careful enough to let him/her know that doubts have no place in your union. 

54. “I want you to only think of me, tell me what that’s going to take?”

This text should only be sent if you mean it. Your partner may request nudes, a video, a gift, or the likes, and you’ll have to back up your promise. So, if you already have some naughty pictures you’re willing to share with your partner, or an unforgettable video of, then go ahead and send this. 

55. “I’m always praying for your success babe, but even more, I’m praying the days will fly by so I can finally see your face again.”

You’re longing for your partner, you want them closer than ever before. Well, it’s time to let your significant other know with this encouraging message. 

56. “Only God can repay your loyalty to me, I love you, babe.” 

only god can repay your loyalty to me, i love you babe

If your partner is doing all he/she can to stay faithful and loyal to you, a little appreciative text will go a long way. 

57. “People may think we’re foolish to wait for each other, but isn’t it fools who have the best love stories.” 

Yes, what do they say about people who fall in love? Exactly. Long-distance couples aren’t the only ‘foolish’ parties throwing it all in, everyone who loves love and is in a relationship belongs in that group as well. 

58. “Sometimes I can’t hold back the tears when I miss you, but that’s okay because they’ll soon become tears of joy when we finally meet” 

This is a very soft and truthful message that allows your partner to see your vulnerabilities. It’s okay to be open sometimes, but still, end it on a good note that shows you’re strong enough to see this through. 

59. “Don’t listen to what others are saying babe, we’re in this together, and we know how much we’ve fought to make this LDR work.” 

Maybe other people are getting into your partner's head and sowing doubt and confusion. It’s up to you to let them know that no one else counts except the both of you. 

60. “I could make all the money in this world, and it still wouldn’t compare to the feeling of when we finally meet again.”

You are letting your partner know that nothing in this world, even all the good things could beat your love for him/her. This is an encouraging message that would pass a clear message of commitment, love, and loyalty. 

61. “I’ll always fight for our love babe. I am not giving up.”

If things seem a bit shaky, it’s time to reassure your partner by letting them know that you are in this relationship, and you’re committed to making it work. Regardless of how things are going now if your partner knows you’re willing to fight for the relationship, he’ll certainly want to do the same. 

62. “Rise and shine babe, it’s another day we’re apart, but one day closer to when we’ll meet again.”

Do you want to encourage your partner even more? This is a great good morning message that would probably make his/her day if they are anticipating your reunion (or first meeting) as much as you are. 

63. “Spending time with you would mean the world to me, but for now, let’s keep enjoying every moment when we video chats and make those long-ass night calls.”

You have admitted that the long-distance is taking a toll on you, but the second part adds a fun side to everything. This suggests to your partner that you’re willing to focus on the fun parts of your relationship rather than dwell on the past. 

64. “Distance makes the heart grow fonder they say, well I guess it’s working right?”

Do you want to know your partner’s thoughts on how great your relationship is? This is a great open and suggestive question. You’re not asking him any hard, direct, or relationship-threatening questions. You simply want to pick his brain on whether he thinks things are going great or not. 

65. “Babe, let’s keep hitting our relationship goals together, regardless of the distance.”

By saying this, you’re encouraging your partner not to give up, which is great. Long-distance relationships can be a lot of work, and sometimes, one party may be running low on energy, it’s statements like this that make them wake up again and get back the fuel to keep things working smoothly. 

66. “Long-distance couples have the most fun, I’m not so convinced about that theory, but I guess we could find out when we video chat today.”

This is a naughty way of suggesting a rendezvous later on with your significant other, you lure them in with a fun fact, and assure them of a good video call later at night. 

67. “If we’re going to make this long-distance relationship work, we both have to give it 100%. I’m ready, are you?”

Has your partner expressed any doubts about your relationship? Or is he doing less to make things work? Well, this statement could help wake him up a bit. It shows that you are committed on your end, and the ball is now in his court. 

68. “We may be far away from each other, but sometimes I feel like you’re right here with me, it makes life so much more desirable.”

In a long-distance relationship, both couples need to know how much their union means to the other party. That’s why this is one of the things to say to make a long-distance relationship work. It shows that regardless of the distance, you treasure your life so much because of what the relationship means to you. 

69. “I feel like we’re together even when we are far apart, that’s how strong our bond is.”

i feel like we're together even when we are far apart, that's how strong our bond is

To make a long-distance relationship work, you need to assure your partner of how strong and viable your love is. That’s why saying this is so effective. When your significant other feels that he's doing enough to make you feel loved and cared for, it encourages him to do more, and most importantly, not to give up. 


How do you keep a conversation going in a long-distance relationship?

One of the most important ground rules in an LDR is to keep the communications lines open. If you both live in areas with different time zones, figure out what works for you first. Also, if you are a private person, it’s best to learn how to share; about both the little and big things happening in your life. 

One of the major things that will keep an LDR couple together is effective and healthy communication, and that can be done via social media accounts or interactive chat apps. You could get creative by using emojis, gifs, and other fun pictures to show how happy you are to connect with your significant other. 

How can I make my long-distance relationship happy?

The best things about a long-distance relationship go beyond the enthusiasm, or longing it makes any couple feel. If one partner is having doubts, that could rock the boat of any healthy LDR. That’s why it’s important to always check with your partner in your free time, talk about what you both want, what would make things easier, and then try to work on those things. 

Also, being in a long-distance relationship shouldn’t stop you from buying gifts or surprising your significant other. Thanks to the digital and technologically advanced world we live in, one partner could easily order a gift online, or even send a gift card across to make their partner feel special. Plus, don’t make your partner feel left out, call him/her on their birthday, and plan date nights, and the likes. 

How can I make him feel special in a long-distance relationship?

You can make your significant other feel special by the way you relate to him. Think about what he likes, and try to gift it to him. It could be an experience or an actual gift, you don’t have to wait for his birthday. Plus, you can curate romantic messages like the ones above and send them to him before he wakes up. 

You can decide to send them every morning or maybe twice a week, that way, he’ll have something to look forward to. Finally, don't forget to mention it to him; tell him how special he is, and how amazing he makes you feel, then back up those words with actions. 

What kills long-distance relationships?

Distance makes the heart grow fonder they say, but it could also make the heart feel lonely. If care is not taken, a couple in an LDR could soon start to lose their special connection when they stop communicating, making time for each other, or when they focus extensively on the long-term distance. 

Plus, if one long-distance partner is not as committed to the relationship, that could spell disaster. Both long-distance couples have to make up their mind that they are in the relationship for the long term, regardless of the distance. 

Is sexting good for a long-distance relationship?

Sexting may be one of the major ways long-distance couples can feel close to each other when they are far apart. Long-distance can be quite frustrating, and sexting may be the closest thing to experiencing intimacy, especially when the couple is not sure of the end date of their time apart. So, to stay connected and still feel like you can turn each other on, sexting is probably great for couples who have enough self-control to be satisfied with that alone. 

However, for couples who would prefer not to sext when they are far apart, there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s important to know your strengths, and sometimes, when both couples expectantly want to meet each other, that built-up sexual tension may actually do wonders for the relationship. 

To Conclude

Being in a long-distance relationship can be daunting, but with the love that couples share, they can certainly get through it. I hope these examples will help you when talking to or sending messages to your lover. If you enjoyed going through this list, kindly share it, and leave a comment below.

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