My Girlfriend Wants to Get Married After 3 Months - What to Do

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There is actually no right time to get engaged with someone you love even though it must be really fast for some people. That goes without nothing because when we just know that person for a quite short time maybe we haven't really know what kind of person they might be.

Even to make it scarier, besides it assumes to be rushy engagement, married after go out for couple months can be ended not working out and doesn't last long.

However, it backs to the people who live it that way since every person has differences on how to deal with their marriage. Therefore, you should know If God Wants You to Marry Someone

Here are about my girlfriend wants to get married after 3 months

If your girlfriend suddenly asks you about marriage even though you're just dating a couple month ago, you must be kind of in a shocked since you've never thought about it or at least not that fast.

It is normal for you to react in that way. So, to help you get through this, here are the answer to your question which is my girlfriend wants to get married after 3 months and what should you do. Also, learn this How to Find The Man of Your Dreams and Marry Him in 6 Months.

1. Ask Her Why She Wants It

Before you tell her what you think about her suggestion, you may want to know the reason behind it.

2. Let Her Know This Is Too Fast

If you think this is too shocking since you've only been dating for 3 months, you should let her know you need times to think about marriage and stuff.

3. Marriage Need Lots of to Prepare

Here is the answer to your question my girlfriend wants to get married after 3 months. It is probably her impulsive thought and we know everyone has that.

Therefore, try to tell her that marriage isn't that simple because it needs lots of preparation. Is she ready for that?

4. You Need to Mentally and Financially Ready for It

All girl imagination perhaps when they think about marriage is probably an unlimited amount of joy and a completely happy ending.

Yet, the fact is you need to be ready for it both mentally and financially.

5. Invite Her to a Deep Discussion

This time maybe you want to pull the string by inviting her to a deep discussion about her craving for marriage.

6. Visit the Wedding Exhibition

Here are my girlfriend wants to get married after 3 months. If she insists on this, maybe you want to try to make her content by visiting a wedding exhibition.

She'll get the idea about the general idea about the preparation of marriage so she knows how to do next.

7. Respect What She Wants

You can't just simply change someone's mind since everyone has a different value. If she thinks it's fine to marry even though you've been going out for 3 months then you should respect it.

8. Listen to Her

You need to put your ears when she's excitedly telling you about what she dreams of. It might include her though about getting married and you'll know why she does it this way. 

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9. Do Something to Make Each Other Closer

Here are my girlfriend wants to get married after 3 months. You should invite her to do activities that make both of you get closer and finally knows your true self.

It is important if you're getting married especially when you've just been dating her couple months ago.

10. Make Sure She Understands Your Point

It isn't like you don't want to marry her. However, you're not ready for marriage and still want to cherish the moment.

Try to convince her that way she'll understand your point.

Why Your Girlfriend Wants to Get Married after 3 Months

Here are the possible reasons why your girlfriend wants to get married after 3 months. Check this too Signs He’s The Guy You Should Marry According to the Bible.

1. She Just Knows This Is the Time

Girls are somehow more emotional and sensitive like Things to Know Before Dating a Highly Sensitive Person when it comes to feeling. Maybe your girlfriend feels that and knows it right away.

2. You Are the One for Her

Like being said, she knows that you're the one for her in her life.

3. She Is Ready for Marriage

Despite all of the complicated preparation, she already knows about it and ready to take a risk.

4. She Doesn't Want to Lose You

She wants to reassure that she won't lose you in a way.

5. She Believes It's Best for Both of You

Even though she hasn't asked about your thought, she believes that ask for marrying is what's best for both of you.

More Tips If Your Girlfriend Wants You to Marry Her after 3 Months

Here are more tips if your girlfriend wants you to marry her after only 3 months.

1. Tell Her You Want to Know Her Better

You only know her this past 3 months. It is better to tell her that you want to know her more and so you can handle her better.

2. Marriage Is Different from Dating

Give some explanation that married life would be completely different from dating. Check this too Reasons to Marry from Another Ethnic Group.

3. You Want It Too, But Not Now

Of course, you want to marry her too. However, now is just not the perfect time.

4. Let Just Cherish the Moment

You want to spend your happy time together with her. She should understand that.

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