Things You Need To Know Before Dating A Cancer Guy You Love

Last updated on June 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Dating seriously for long-term relationship requires understanding over a lot of things. It’s not just about what kind of foods you both like, it’s not just about both of your occupations.

Your lovers’ zodiac also talks a lot about who he is, and how well he will match with you. Why? Because naturally, his zodiac will play a part in determining his personality. Even if it’s not 100% exactly the same, you’ll eventually find few tendency of him that’s just like his zodiac.

Since personality plays a huge role when it comes to relationship, there are things you need to know before dating a cancer, just like there are things you should know before dating a programmer as well, especially if you’re already laying your eyes on a hot cancer guy you know.


1. He Might Get Jealous Quite Often

Jealousy is not forbidden, also not a very terrible thing in a relationship. Jealousy can mean someone care enough when their girl is being teased by others. But of course there’s a limit to this.

But this cancer guy you like, he might tend to get jealous a lot when a guy is flirting with you. You don't even need to try hard on how to make your crush jealous on snapchat.

He might get so moody, trying to settle his own feeling. You need to understand this and make sure you’re ready to accept this trait of him that might get you annoyed sometimes. Learn to build trust in your relationship to keep it going smoothly.

2. You Might Also Get Jealous

you might also get jealous

He’s a cheerful and out going person. He’s kind and caring to a lot of people. Is this a bad thing? Of course not. But notice that this might turn out bad if the people around him are girls.

He’ll be kind and friendly with those girls, so you might end up getting jealous over him as well. You need to learn how to manage and communicate your jealousy in a positive manner that it won’t be a problem in the future.

3. He Loves His Mom

Having a guy who’s a mama boy is not a bad thing at all times. This kind of guys usually know how to love girls, looking at how delicate he treats his mom. However, his mom should like you if you want the relationship going well.

His mom’s opinions will be a very important thing for him. His mom might also end up meddling into your relationship, but hopefully he knows what to do in the middle of his mom and his love.

4. Loyal Guy

Even if he’s sometimes over-friendly with girls, he’s a loyal guy. He has this value in him, that will make him say no to cheating. This will also make him say no to being cheated on, though. Give him your commitment to make him feel safe and secure in exchange.

Not to cheat is one of the things you need to know before dating a cancer, or basically, dating any kind of guy. You might also be curious, aside from this zodiac, what are the most loyal zodiac sign in relationship

5. He’s A Family Man

He put his family first, then when you’re eventually married with him, he will put your little family first. Yes, he’s that kind of lovely guy, that’s his nature.

This could be sweet yet annoying at first, since he might even cancel your date when his family need him.

However, this is actually a signs of good things. Learn to bear with it, his family is also important,right? Don't forget that you also have family on your side. You need to be considerate when there are things to do when your family doesn't like your boyfriend for no reason.

6. He’s Hard To Predict

He feels quite complex. He might not even understand his mood swings at times. He could be so out of the mood that he’s too lazy to say anything. He might also be so energetic that you could feel that.

He sometimes feel confused with himself, so don’t add up on it. Try to embrace his moods and feelings, and be the one who he can talk about his feelings to. Being there for him could be a great contribution for him and his mood. 

7. He’s Lovely That You’ll Blush All The Time

he's lovely that you'll blush all the time

He’s a caring, loving guy. If you’re the lucky one, you’ll feel incredibly loved when a cancer guy lay his eyes on you. He’s all about romantic relationship and emotions.

You can see through him signs a man is emotionally conected to you. He loves spending quality time, comfortable cuddle with you and talks. Be sure to pay attention to him, love him, and spoil him enough in return.

8. Sensitive

You’d better not ruin his trust and hurting him if you don’t want to lose his trust in you. He’s quite sensitive, it might get overwhelming at times. But if you be careful and do things not rashly, he would be perfectly fine.

Try not to lose his trust, for you don’t know how hard would that be to get it back. However, this also make him into a sensitive guy when it comes to others’ feeling. You’re feeling upset? He would know that before you say a word.

Having a guy like cancer is amazing, since they’ll be serious with you when they really fall for you.

However, there are things you need to know before dating a cancer so that you can avoid unnecessary conflict in the future. Make sure you understand who he is, how he behave, and know how to deal with his flaws and all to build the best relationship that survive though times.

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