What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Cheats on You in Your Dreams

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Among many of the bad dreams you can have, one of the worst is probably the dream of being cheated by your boyfriend. How could it not be, the dream of being cheated on would feel so real that you accuse him of cheating for real while he is not. As much as it’s unsettling and disturbing, it must be going around in your mind for a while. However, you must put this into and end since it’s not healthy for your relationship.

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Cheats on You in Your Dreams?

The dream about your boyfriend cheating is indeed scary, but it must left you wondering what does it mean when your boyfriend cheat on you in your dreams? We all know that dream is something you can’t control, and it could be the deepest reflection of what’s currently going in your mind.

While a dream could only be an intermezzo in your sleep that doesn’t necessarily have to be true, some believe that it’s the sign of something that may happen. So when you keep asking what it means when your boyfriend cheats on you in your dreams, it probably one of these…

  1. You are Lack of Attention

Recently he may show different behavior. He seemed like he doesn’t care about you anymore. No more sweet talks, weekend dates, short getaways, or romantic dinner. He just living in his own world and of course it raised your concern. It occupied your mind the whole time that you unconsciously suspecting him of cheating. Well, maybe you don’t realize it but your mind does. If you feel like lacking of attention somehow, go find the Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend That You Feel Unappreciated.

  1. You are Afraid of Abandonment

When your relationship is on the edge, and you have the fear of being abandon, it piercing through you unconscious mind as well. It can be happen to your relationship with anyone, including your boyfriend. You want his commitment by the doesn’t seem like he’s going to show one.

  1. You Have a Low Self Esteem

Anyone can feel that they somehow can’t meet their partner’s expectation. So that you dreamed of your boyfriend cheating because you’re afraid he might find another woman to fulfill it. If the woman he cheated with who appears in your dream is someone you know, you probably look up into her much or she’s a person he’s close with.

  1. You Don’t Trust Him

To lead a successful relationship, the most important thing is trust. The fact that you have a dream he is cheating shows that you are lack of trust to him. It’s a sad Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend and happens often in a long distance relationship. If you want it to survive, you better learn how to trust him.

  1. He Might be Cheating

If your boyfriend is cheating in your dreams, it could be a little sign that he did cheat on you in real life. But don’t suspect him of something he didn’t do unless to have seen the Clear Signs Your Boyfriend in Cheating on You in a Relationship. This kind of problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible.

  1. ... Or You're the One Who Cheat

While the dream may indicate that he cheats on you, it could also because you are the one cheat on him. Due to the guilty feeling you have, you become stressful that you dream of him cheating on you back. Even though you are the one who cheats, you don’t want him to cheat on you back.

  1. You are Emotionally Unstable

Your emotional state takes part of all the bad dreams you have. It doesn’t necessarily has to be related with him, but you could also have a bad dream about your parents, friends, and other people. It shows how much you are depressed and you fear of losing him.

  1. You are Not Confidence with the Relationship

Not all relationship is equal. Some people feel they are lower or lacking in some ways than their partner and it makes them lose all of their confidence to be in a relationship. For example, when your boyfriend has just secure a new job. It’s better than the previous one and suddenly you become unworthy as a girlfriend. Not to mention his new officemate who are all prettier than you (or you think so). 

  1. It's Reflecting Your Thoughts

Deep down inside, you have the fear that your boyfriend may cheat. You always feel like he takes you for granted and he flirts way too much to the other woman. You act like everything is okay everyday but your inner fear getting worse. You have just realized about it when it finally appears in your dream. Instead of becoming stressful of something that you’re not sure about, just relax and learn about How to Lead a Happy and Peaceful Life in a Simple Way.

  1. You Had Cheated On

You may had cheated on in your past relationship and the trauma haunted you down until today. You become easily insecure when you see him chatting with his female friends and always have the kind of feeling that would cheat someday. You found it hard to find the Ways to Move on after a Bad Relationship, and you don’t want to get through it again.

  1. He Neglects You

Does he change his behavior recently? He is no longer a warm and caring person he used to be. He simply neglects you and turns his attention to something else. The sign that neglects you is easy, firstly he would be hard to reach and as the time pass by, you will lost contact with him. They called the Signs That He is Falling Out of Love with You.

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