Clear Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You In Relationship

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Both men and women might sometimes be guilty of cheating while in a relationship. Infidelity is looked down on and seen as a cruel act but a lot of people still do it anyway.


Clear Signs Your Boyfriend Is Cheating On You In Relationship

As a girlfriend, it’s completely normal to be worried about your boyfriend cheating on you. There might be a strong reason why you suspect him of doing so. The signs below might help you figure out the truth about him:

1. Calls You By The Wrong Name

One of the clear signs your boyfriend is cheating on you in a relationship is when he calls you by the wrong name. It’s normal if it happens once or twice. But if he keeps doing it then there must be something going on. He might keep mistaking you as his other girlfriend. Get to know the other Ways to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend.

2. Sends You The Wrong Text Message

sends you the wrong text message

Other than calling you by the wrong name, he might also keep sending you the wrong text messages. The messages won’t make sense to you because, obviously, you are not the person he intended to talk with. You should be suspicious if they contain pet names such as ‘babe’ or ‘love’.

3. He Panics When You Want To Use His Phone

Generally, couples are fine with using each other’s phones because they trust each other and have nothing to hide. But if your boyfriend is cheating on you, he will start to panic as soon as you hold his phone. He is scared that you might find out about the affair.

4. Cancels Plans Without A Good Reason

When someone cancels a plan, it could be caused by some other important thing that suddenly happens. It could be work or family-related. But it’s a different case when your boyfriend does it to you, especially if his reasons don’t make sense. Another red flag would be if he does it all the time. Watch out for the early Signs He is Thinking of Cheating.

5. He Stutters When Answering Your Questions

This is another clear sign your boyfriend is cheating on you in a relationship. Someone who has nothing to hide would calmly talk to you in any given situation.

However, as your boyfriend is trying to hide his affair, he might be giving you some confusing excuses for the questions that you have for him. He won’t be able to tell you clearly about his day because he’s trying to leave out the things that he was doing with his other girlfriend.

6. Doesn’t Want You To Take Him Out To Crowded Places

A guy who is having an affair is often haunted by fear and paranoia. Your boyfriend might turn down your offer to go out somewhere, especially a public space. He is scared of running into someone that knows his affair or, even worse, the girl he’s having an affair with.

To avoid all this, he would rather play it safe and prefer quieter places. It would lessen the chances of him meeting someone he doesn’t want you to meet. Learn all the other Signs of an Unfaithful Man

7. He Doesn’t Love You As Much As Before

There are a lot of factors that could cause your boyfriend to have fewer feelings for you. But, a very possible reason would be his cheating. As he feels more comfortable with his other girlfriend, he might no longer be in love with you.

All the love that is supposed to be for you is given to the girl that he’s having an affair with. These Reasons Why You Don't Need a Man might give you the push to dump your cheating boyfriend. That's the clear signs your boyfriend is cheating on you in a relationship.

8. Change In Behaviour Towards You

You might notice subtle changes in your boyfriend’s behavior towards you. For instance, he would often pick you up from places but now he doesn’t do that anymore. He gives you excuses instead. You no longer feel that his attention belongs to you because he doesn’t even show it anymore.

9. His Spending Is Out Of Control

his spending is out of control

When you’ve been with your boyfriend for a long time, you usually know how much money he spends regularly. When he starts to spend an unusual amount of money, that’s when things can get suspicious. He might be spending that money on his other girlfriend.

Try to ask him about it, casually. If he gets annoyed or gives you an unclear answer then he may be definitely cheating on you. Also, the Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Doesn't Want to Sleep with You might tell you something alarming about him. 

10. Hides His Phone Away From You

Hiding a phone when there’s an incoming call or a text message is a clear sign your boyfriend is cheating on you in a relationship. There is no need to hide this kind of thing if he’s not in an affair. But since he’s cheating on you, he has to try his very best to hide every proof in fear that you might be catching on to what he’s doing behind your back.

Other Signs To Watch Out For

Don’t leave out these other signs of a cheating boyfriend.

  1. He goes away for a long time without saying anything to you.
  2. Has more than one phone or multiple phone numbers.
  3. Uses you for the things that he needs such as money.
  4. Doesn’t introduce you to his friends.
  5. Frequently goes home late for no apparent reason.
  6. He goes out with other women frequently.
  7. Moves away from you when answering a call.
  8. Uses a quieter voice when answering a call.
  9. Acts weird and jumpy when he receives a text message.
  10. He has a lot of social media accounts that you don’t know about.
  11. Panics when asked about his female friends.
  12. He’s into new things out of the blue.
  13. There’s a sudden, drastic change in his appearance.
  14. Gives you excuses when he can’t meet you.
  15. Doesn’t seem comfortable when he’s around you.

The best thing to do is usually to directly ask your boyfriend about it. Talking can clear out the air in the relationship. In case you’re really sure that he’s cheating on you, make sure you have solid proof so he can’t deny it.

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