How to Stop Feeling Guilty about Cheating On My Boyfriend

Last updated on April 2, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Cheating is a challenging game in relationship. Nope! You should’ve do it, baby! Except, you’ve been mistreated by your boy. But you know, you can do it too even if he didn’t do that to you. I mean, we’re just a human, uhhh~ if we something better, we will do, umm~ you know what I mean, te-he. And, maybe that’s our destiny. Who knows?! Your boo now is actually not you real life partner.

But it really make us look so bad, no matter what’s the reason. So, what should we do, huh? *claps* It’s okay! Just do it! Live our life! YOLO! Call the cupid and tell him to be ready, if he ask “why”, just call me~ I’ll tell him to shut up, okay?

That was for “if you’re the one who wanna get a new amour in your life”. But, if the cheating happens, cause you’re too beautiful, and get a lot of love from a lot of boys. Girl~ *flipping hair* looks like God have a made another Aphrodite in this world. Just take it if you feel you wanna get it. You’re not gonna cursed into a Medusa, anyway. Especially if you feel that he’s better than your boo now. Pff! Just take it, you got the new one. Kiss him (the old one) and say bye-bye.

How to Stop Feeling Guilty about Cheating On My Boyfriend

So, everything about cheating is like everything that just comes out of hell. A lot of song speaks about how it feels to be cheated. And if you’re the one who do cheating, Gosh! It’s like you have fart in public. It’s okay, leave ‘em alone. It’s your life, baby. Here are some tips to not to feel guilty on cheating your boyfriend. Also find out about: Weird Ways to Make Your Crush Fall in Love With You in No Time

  1. Think Hundred Times Before You Do it

There’s a consequences in everything that we do, girl. You better think about it hundred times before you do it. Sometimes you just feel great in the beginning. But, after a few moments past, you feel uncomfortable with your new boo. You don’t want to feel this way, do you? Baby, it’s just like an investment. You need to think hard about it. If you chose the wrong, you will regret what you did.

There’s no way to get back. Well, it can but it’s just 30% person, baby. Who wants to get back with his girlfriend after they know they’ve been cheated? If they still love you to the moon and back, then they will gladly accepting you in their life again.

But, if they don’t~ ugh! You will regret your decision, 100% you will cry and laugh at the same time, don’t know what to do anymore, laughing at your fool decision. If you’re not getting used with single life, it can be suck, honey. Also find out about: Do You Really in Love or You Just Infatuated with Them?

  1. Be Honest

How to stop feeling guilty about cheating on my boyfriend? After think about it for hundred times, and you finally do what you want. Please tell him, your real boyfriend! Yes! He needs to know what’s going on, honey. Make it fast, tell him as soon as possible. The more you keep it, the more you will feel something uncomfortable. Okay, let me just say, you will feel there is something in your brain that will explode.

You will feel like you’re a sinner and he’s a saint. You will be haunted by your guilty feeling. Don’t keep that creepy feeling too long, baby. It will stress you out and give a bad impact to your skin. It will look like you’re cursed because of cheating. So, talk to him nicely. 

And tell him what’s the reason. The real reason! If you lie, like in fact you were treated like a queen by him, but then you lie that you’ve been hurt by him. No! You better go home and hold your breath ‘till it’s gone! I’m not trying to be rude, but KARMA IS A BITCH! I don’t want you to feel that, honey. Also find out about: How Do I Know If She Loves Me Without Asking Her?

  1. Don’t Ever Look Back

This is how to stop feeling guilty about cheating on my boyfriend. You got the new one, baby. No need to look back. You’re the one who did this. Like what I mention before, everything has its own consequences. If you feel that you regret it, just keep look at the future. Find a new one. Don’t you dare to playback all of those beautiful memories, honey. It will hurt you more, and there is nothing you can do anything about it.

Accept everything that happens. If you find out that your ex-boo already changed you with someone else, don’t ever angry about it. Just accept it. He had a wound that you made. He healed it, don’t try to hurt him again. He’s a human too, baby. Don’t mess with his new life. Except if he still has his eyes on you, then you’re as lucky as a lottery winner in Las Vegas. Also find out about: How to Know if Your Ex Boyfriend Doesn't Love You Anymore

  1. Don’t Blame Yourself.

It’s okay to make a mistake sometimes. We wouldn’t know how does it feel, if we didn’t try it. Maybe, it’s a God will, let it be. Don’t keep blaming yourself, it will lead you to depression. Feeling that you’re not good enough. No, that’s not true. We’re not perfect, we make mistake. It’s okay. Stay cool, honey. Chill~ enjoy your life now. You’ve got what you want now, treat him well. Don’t make the same mistake again. Remember what is your reason? why you chose him. Also find out about: Signs That She's Not Into You

Now, since you become a bad girl, please don’t do the same thing again. Don’t be a playgirl, pretty please. They’re human too, even though they’re in different species. Haha! You can’t always play with someone’s heart. Remember that Karma is exist, and it’s bad like a bitch.

You don’t want to get slapped by it, do you? And please don’t ever look someone that already married. It’s not good. They have family. Don’t ruin it. They’ve said their vows, it means that they’re gonna stay together forever in their life. Beside, you will look so bad in front of their family, and even your own family.

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