Is My Husband Cheating On Me While He’s Traveling? Here Are 10 Signs!

Last updated on June 8, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Do you suspect that your husband is cheating on you while he's traveling?

This would be the opportune time for anyone to cheat if they wanted to, because it is far more difficult for them to get caught.

The question is: does he want to - and has he done it already?

This guide will help you to answer these questions by looking for the signs that he has been unfaithful. 

The first thing I would recommend is to download this online communications tracker, so you can monitor his calls, messages and online activity.

This intelligent new tool can do this with 100% discretion once you enter a few of his details into its algorithm. 

That should give you plenty of intel as far as whether he's arranging a tryst with someone else. 

Then, I'd urge you to read my list of signs of a cheating husband below. 

The guide also provides some useful tips for what to do to prevent this from happening. So, scroll down to read on.

10 Signs Your Husband Is Cheating On You While He's Traveling

1. Not replying to your text message or chat.

You texted him at 7.00 pm, but he didn’t reply until the next morning. Wondering what he did that night. Was he spending the night with someone else?

2. Avoid or reject your phone calls.

When he keeps on rejecting your call and avoiding talking to you, he may have something or someone to hide from you. Limiting communications is always a sign of trouble.

3. Travel way more often.

Try to catch any new traveling habit that he develops recently. When your husband who usually loves to stay at home and spends his time with you suddenly takes more frequent business travel, it is a warning sign.

4. He does not take the quickest arrangements for his trip.

Being away from someone you love is frustrating, most of the time a couple wants to be around each other as soon as possible after a long business trip. But if your loved one adds an extra night or takes a different route to unnecessary town during his way back home, would that be weird?

5. Being extra secretive.

One of a sign of affair is when he changes his privacy attitude. He doesn’t want you to know his whereabouts, what he’s doing on his voyage, or hiding the details of it. He maybe tries to conceal the fact that he is traveling with a mistress. Or maybe he tries to hide his guilt? Check signs of a guilty conscience in a relationship for you to be sure.

6. Making excuses for going out.

If he continues to avoid talking to you by saying “I have to make important business calls”, or wants to have some quality time with the guys, or decides to go to the gym after months not wanting to hit the gym, you might want to check his legitimate whereabouts. That weird-once in blue moon-excuses maybe just his way to escape you. Don’t let him slips!

7. Never ask you to join his trip.

He usually asks you to come with him, and now he wants to travel here and there by himself. How strange is that? If he doesn’t like being alone but doesn’t want you to accompany him, then who is he spending his time with?

8. Lying about his itineraries.

You might want to check everything about his itineraries, to make sure that nothing is suspiciously different with the details he tells you. When he said he went to a casual restaurant with his co-workers, check his receipt or credit card payments. Whether he was telling the truth or he went to a romantic restaurant and booked a table for two. Sometimes, men can also be so careless to buy his secret lover a present or flower with his credit cards. To find out whether he's lying to you or not, be sure to understand how to know when people are lying to you.

9. He hates it when you contact him.

Try to call him on an unaccustomed time. When he does not want to talk for long, or does not appear to be in his hotel room, you have the rights to be suspicious.

10. His friends are feeling a bit awkward around you.

Everyone needs someone to talk to, moreover when they’re having a big secret. It is essential to try to talk to his friend. If they seemed to hide something, maybe they’re already found out about the affair before you do.

3 Tips To Avoid Having Bad Thoughts On Your Husband Having An Affair While He's Traveling

If you don’t want to have bad thoughts on him having an affair, you can do some of these tips:

1. Tag along on his trips

If you have the chance to join him, don’t be hesitant to take it! It would be fun if you both can extend the trip and plan something nice for the weekend. You can also figure out what he is doing when he’s away.

2. Stay in touch virtually

Try to reach him through video calls to check his environment. Does he really stay in his hotel room alone all night long, or pay a visit to a nearby club with an unknown woman? Don't forget to shower him with your love and cute words, you can check it in cute thing to say to your boyfriend when you miss him. And try to make him miss you like crazy also! best feeling are a mutual feeling.

3. Check your relationship

Keep in mind that distance, vacation, or business trip doesn’t cause infidelity. It is always caused by personal or relationship issues. It would be impossible for a guy to cheat on his loved one if he were completely fulfilled and content for his relationship.

All In All

Last but not least, if you have the feeling that your husband is cheating on you, most of the time it is true. Women were born with a sharp instinct. You must listen to your heart and trust yourself!

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And that’s the article entitle “Is My Husband Cheating on Me While He’s Traveling? Here are 10 Signs!” By noticing those signs, surely, you can catch up your husband in no time.

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