My Girlfriend Slept With Another Guy, What Should I Do?

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If you accidentally see or hear that your girlfriend is sleeping with another man, you will automatically scold your woman and blame her for cheating on you. Supposedly, that is not what you do because you have to be more active first in finding the truth of the information or what you see. You are her boyfriend, if you know how your girlfriend really is then you will know if maybe your girlfriend really sleep with other men or not.

Here are some tips to know if what you hear or see is the right thing or not:


1. Ask Questions

"My girlfriend slept with another guy, what should I do?" If your girlfriend looks confused by what you say that you hear or see her sleeping with other men, you should be more worried. Because you could be trapped in the trap of others who deliberately spread a photo or gossip about your girlfriend who sleep with a man other than his girlfriend.

You must be more sensitive to what happens, do not recklessly receive bad information that makes you and your girlfriend into a big fight.

2. Be More Sensitive About What Your Partner Feels

be more sensitive about what your partner feels

That woman is your lover, how can you not know if your lover is sleeping with another man? of course there is your fault because you are not sensitive to your lover. You should know what you should know. If like this who is harmed? surely you also lose because she is your lover.

Learn to continue to understand each other, then you will be much more sensitive to the feelings of the couple.

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3. Don't Make A Decision That Will Make Things Worse

Listening is the best way for situations like this so you do not make big decisions that just make things worse. Try to be calm and patient.

No problem will be solved with anger, so chill your feelings and thoughts before making a decision. Be a wise lover who can make the situation better. 

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4. Do Not Be Overcome By Your Emotion

Prioritize speaking in a flat tone. If it is too low you will be considered very disappointed and your lover only thinks that you will break up, and if it is too high then you will be considered to be rude to your lover.

So make a tone as flat as possible while trying to reduce your anger. So that you don't regret it, don't direct emotions because emotions will only make you unable to think clearly. 

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5. Investigate Further

investigate further

My girlfriend slept with another guy, what should I do? The next best way is to investigate yourself how your lover can sleep with another man. To make you more sure that what your lover is doing is not because he cheated or other things that you expected. 

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Signs If Your Girlfriend Have An Affair

You can also see the following signs as an estimate only that your beloved is not involved or trapped. Here are some more signs that you can see below:

1. She Looks Very Confused

If you know your girlfriend is sleeping with another man through a friend or just a photo, it can not be considered true because you did not see it directly. You may be very curious and want to ask directly to your girlfriend but she looks so confused. Only you know whether the confusion is an honest expression or not. If you believe her confused expression is an honesty, then you can be a little calm and tell him about what you know.

2. She Angry

When you ask, "my friends say you're sleeping with (..). is that true? ", then your girlfriend is angry, could be some possibility. She may want to cover up his behavior that you already know or she is hurt to hear you say that. Do not follow her emotions, you should be able to calm your girlfriend and go back to say it until she can answer it honestly.

3. Crying

If you have a melancholy lover, she will be easy to cry if she gets the slightest harsh treatment including speech. You should be able to calm her down, after all will be quiet again your beloved will ask that from where you get the news. You explain carefully while you hope that the news is not true. 

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4. Slaps Your Face

It could be because she was so shocked that for the rest of her life nobody said anything like that, but you have to make sure if the news is not true. But it could be the right news if your lover wants to hide her lies through anger. All of that is only you who can confirm and you can know for yourself after you finish talking. 

More Tips On What To Do When Your Girlfriend Slept With Another Guy

more tips on what to do when your girlfriend slept with another guy

Some of the above signs and tips for you to act next if you know a story if your lover is sleeping with another man. You can find some more tips to be part of your next action:

1. Find Out The Man's Data

With you knowing the data of the man sleeping with your beloved, you can move further to gather truth information from the news. Your beloved is part of your self-esteem that you should be on guard and you should not simply accept uncertain news. Be the man who does have the responsibility for what happens to your beloved and you will find the meaning of the incident.

2. Keep Your Lover

If you usually release her to go with her friends, this time you should be able to take care of her wherever she is, at least you should know how it is said all the time. Because it could be bad things happen from his friends. If his friends are good loyal friends then they should be able to help your lover to get out of the problem you are facing to find the truth of the news.

3. Reassure Each Other

You're in a bad time because of this news. If you did see the incident with your own eyes then you should calm down and convince your beloved that you may want to end your relationship or there is another good decision for you and your lover. Do not go overboard in emotion and anger, you can get better from him because it is full of temptations that you must meet without knowing the time and place and to whom the trials will come.

Those are some tips and signs you can learn and more important be yourself to be able to make your mood better. No need to act rough or harm your lover or man because it is not a good thing you need to do.

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