How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You For Sure Signs

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Couples face a lot of obstacles. One of the biggest one is cheating. Confronting a cheating girlfriend can be difficult when you don’t even have the solid proof for it. But, there are other ways to find out.


How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You For Sure Signs

It’s a good idea to listen to your gut feeling. You can also be more attentive to how your girlfriend is behaving around you. You’ll notice all the signs of her cheating when you start to pay close attention:

1. Doesn’t Want You To Check Her Phone

doesn't want you to cheek her phone

This is another sure sign that your girlfriend is definitely cheating on you. Couples who trust each other won’t mind checking each other’s phones once in a while.

That’s because they are honest with one another. But in case your girlfriend refuses to give you her phone at all then that’s suspicious. She might now want you to find out the person she’s been seeing behind your back.

2. Never Give Clear Answers

To tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you for sure, you can try to ask her questions. A person who is not guilty of cheating will find it easy to give you answers.

However, if your girlfriend is cheating then she will give you ambiguous answers all the time. Even the simplest ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions will have complicated answers. It’s a sure sign that she’s cheating on you because she has things to hide. It might also be one of the Signs Your Partner is Thinking about Cheating.

3. Getting Distant

Sometimes it’s normal for couples to get a bit distant from each other. Perhaps, they need space to figure something out. But it can mean so much more if one of them keep making the distance wider.

If you feel as if you barely see your girlfriend anymore, then it’s a huge possibility that there’s someone else filling your space. You should become more suspicious when she doesn’t want to be close with you again.

4. Being Secretive

Couples shouldn’t act all secretive around each other. It will only create misunderstandings and arguments. Though you may be open with your girlfriend, she might not be treating you the same. She’s super secretive and you can feel as if something is not right.

For instance, she frequently makes phone calls in the other room or come home late with no clear explanation. These secretive behaviours are sure signs that she has someone new in her life. These tricky and Sneaky Ways to Catch Your Girlfriend Cheating might work for you.

5. Picks Fights With You

pick fights with you

You don’t know what you’re doing wrong but your girlfriend keeps picking fights with you. The smallest mistake that you make drives her mad. Nothing you do is ever right for her. Your girlfriend keeps fighting with you because she feels that you’re not good enough.

In comparison with the person that she’s cheating with, you are less than them. Besides all that, she might be causing reasons for a break-up with you. 

6. She Makes Sudden Changes To Her Appearance

Appearance can tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you for sure. It’s a huge sign that you should watch out for.

This sudden change of appearance might not be to impress you, especially if she barely spends time with you. She’s changing her looks to appear more attractive to someone else.

7. Ignores You

Does your girlfriend ignore your phone calls all the time? Does she even reply to your messages? If the answer to those questions is no then your girlfriend is surely busy with something else. More specifically, she’s busy with someone else.

If she shows no guilt or remorse for ignoring you then she’s definitely cheating on you. A good girlfriend should be showing these Signs of a Guilty Conscience in a Relationship when they know that you feel ignored.

8. Makes Plans Without You

You may find that lately your girlfriend has been making plans that does not include you at all. When you ask her why, she might say that she wants to spend time alone, have more quality time with her friends or her family members.

However, that may not be true. That could just be an excuse for her to spend more time with the person she’s cheating with.

9. Seems Happier With Her Phone

It’s a sure sign that your girlfriend is cheating on you if she seems happier when she’s on her phone. She pays more attention to her phone rather than listening to you.

You can see that her face lights up when she receives something on her phone. She won’t tell you who it is and when you ask, she’ll say that it’s a friend or a co-worker. Here's How to Find Out if Your Girlfriend is Cheating on Facebook that you can do. 

10. Finding Things That Don’t Belong To Either Of You

Since your girlfriend is cheating on you, you’ll begin to find unusual things around her place. It can be a piece of clothing or other personal belongings.

Deep down, you know that the both of you don’t own them. You may ask your girlfriend about it but she might lie straight to your face.

11. Refuses To Make Commitments

refuse to make commitments

This next sure sign that your girlfriend is cheating is a serious one. When your girlfriend refuses to make any long-term commitment with you then she probably has someone else in her mind. For example, she doesn’t like to talk or make plans for a future marriage.

You’re not asking for it straight away but she turns that idea down every time for no good reason. It's one of the unfortunate Signs You'll Regret Marrying Your Partner if you ignore this matter.

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12. Turns Everything Against You

On how to tell if your girlfriend is cheating on you for sure signs, pay attention to how she responds to you. When you directly ask her about cheating, she’ll act flustered and turns the accusation towards you.

In the end of the conversation, you’re usually the one who gets blamed for everything. It’s her way to divert the attention away from her cheating.

Hopefully, these signs will help you figure out the truth about your girlfriend. Finding out the fact that your girlfriend is cheating is never an unpleasant thing but the sooner you find out, the better.

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