9 Ways on How to Know if Your Ex Boyfriend Doesn't Love You Anymore

Last updated on April 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

The miserable thing supposed to be feared and not expected in a relationship is break up. Lack of mutual understanding and trust between both frequently would be the main problem in build a relationship. Some of you might hope to can fix it and bringing back their relationship to become as before.

It cannot be denied such matter would be the common thing and allowed to do in a relationship terms if both of you still feel the same way somehow by feeling love each other. Yet, what if your ex boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore? Here some tips on how to know when your ex boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore.

1. Careless

How to know if your ex boyfriend doesn't love you anymore? The most visible sign to discover about it is stop caring to you. In a relationship, concern ought to be considered as the key to be maintained well. After breaking up he might still care with you only for ensuring your condition but not as much as before.

This terms might be happened for few days after you break up with him and would diminish following time for instance he does not ask where you are, your condition and your bustle anymore. Actually it could be said that he want to forget you by taking space time with you.

2. Less communication

The other sign shown and can be easily recognized that your ex boyfriend does not want to be with you anymore is the frequency of communication become decreased. Communication is an essential thing should be maintain in a relationship, yet what if it ends up with break up? Surely it cannot be denied that breaking up giving huge influences toward the communication between both you.

You might feel so alone for the first time unless you have much bustle and friends to be with you for spending and distracting your attention about him. This is because you should adapt with your daily activities without any phone calls or text from him which was used to be your habit before. Actually he did this way only for forgetting you by taking space time to not getting in touch with you.

3. Never ask about you to your friend

No matter how you try to run away if he still love and feel interest with you, he will keep trying to find out where you are, what your condition is, and with whom you spend your time by asking to your close friends. But what if your ex boyfriend doesn’t love you anymore? Does he still treat you like this way? Obviously he doesn’t, and instead become careless to you. No matter where you are, what your bustle is, and how your health is, he never care about these anymore.

4. Talk about another woman

No one would say no or dodge to not saying he doesn’t love you anymore if he start to talk and ask your opinion about another woman. This terms show that he feels comfort with you as being his only friend and no more. (Read more: Ways to Make the Boys of Your Dream Fall in Love with You

5. Ask you to be only friends

Breaking up and asking you to be only friends would be the obvious sign that he doesn’t want to come back to you as not having the same feeling like before. By start being friend with you, it is shown that he can be considered as a good man since he want to keep in touch with you instead of hostile with you.

6. Evade meeting with you

How to know if your ex boyfriend doesn't love you anymore? After breaking up, it might be hard when you have to meet your ex boyfriend everyday whereas you want to forget him and treat your resentment for a while. That’s why by avoid the meeting could be the best way to dealing with this matter. Additionally when both you are in the same office or the same institution, it can be ensured that you will feel some awkward moment whenever you see him as you try to ignore and not getting in touch with him.

Thus when you want to know the signs that your ex boyfriend can be said that he doesn’t love you anymore is his acts to ignore and evade meeting to you. For instance, when there was a small concert in your office, he try to find the reason for refusing the invitation because of your attendance in such event. Also read: Signs Your Ex Still Loves You but Won’t Admit It

7. Delete all photos with you from his social media account

Nowadays social media emerges sharply and become more popular year by year. No matter what kind of risks should be encountered by the user, they still keep to use it and instead become necessity in our daily life. It cannot be denied that almost every couple have shared their romantic photos in social media like as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Yet what if they got problem in between and should break up at that time?

Some people usually delete all their romantic photos in social media although it might be the simple thing for certain people, but somehow it could be the consideration to know that your ex boyfriend does not love and want you to come back with him. 

8. Giving back your gift

Birthday gift or anniversary gift is the common thing should not be passed in having a relationship. There is no woman who does not like gift from her man as literally she is destined to like a romantic moment or gift. And like as woman, a gift for a man would be the essential thing for him because it is used to show her attention to him. Additionally such simple thing would be the good memories and always saved in his room.

Yet if both you break up, it might be hard for him as he should see your memories in your gift. That’s why giving back the gift could be the only way to do compared to throwing away such gift. Also read: Ways to Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous on WhatsApp

9. Start dating another woman

How to know if your ex boyfriend doesn't love you anymore? The other obvious sign that he does not love and like you anymore is when he start to date another woman. You cannot dodge and deny that he still love and want you back when he is dating and asking another woman out.

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Breaking up is the common problem in a relationship. This matter might be happened because of some reason including lack of understanding and trust in between. Feeling blue, depressed, mad, during the first time you break up with him is common thing. Also read: Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You Love Him for the First Time

Nevertheless by following the day you will adapt with your new life without him and you can find the reason why breaking up is the best way for you unless both you still love each other.

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