Nasty Ways To Make Your Ex Boyfriend Jealous On WhatsApp

by Michelle Devani

In this modern world, it is so easy to know what is going on in someone’s life through social media. On the other side, it is also very easy to control people’s perception of your life. How do you use it to make your ex jealous?

WhatsApp is the private messaging app that is used by almost everyone. Because of that, it would be the perfect spot to lure your ex boyfriend back to be with you. Here are the simple ways to make your ex boyfriend jealous on WhatsApp;

1. Start By Saying Hi To Him On Text Again

Saying hi opens the gateway of an abandoned relationship. It is the start to many amazing possibilities.

2. Ask How He Is Doing

This shows that you care and it also gives you an overview on where he is right now.

3. Have A Conversation Regularly

A constant communication eventually builds a clingy ex and it makes them get jealous even easier.

4. Pretend To Care About Him

Caring about him will win his heart and is actually a way to make him show the Signs A Sagittarius Man Has A Crush On You But Shy To Say It.

5. Be Patient

When you are early in the game, he might shoo you away or even ignore you. Be patient and persist on getting the result you want.

6. Show Your Good Intention

To show that you have good intention is the guarantee that you are in it for a success.

7. Be Their Friend Again First

be their friend again first

Being their friend helps deepen the jealousy later on. All you need to do is to make them your friend.

8. Wait Until He Start To Initiate Texting

When he starts to text first, that means that he already take the bait. This is the time where you can carry on with your plan.

9. Wait Until He Is Curious About Your Life

Curiosity will lead him to the trap that you have set.

10. Change Your Profile Picture To One With A ‘Significant Other’

A profile picture is an accessible and easily seen thing that is the perfect first ways to make your ex boyfriend jealous on WhatsApp.

11. Change Your Status To Something That Implies Dating With Someone Else

Whether you are writing about your dating or romance status or something else, this will make the Signs He Likes You and Trying to Make You Jealous show.

12. Don’t Reply When He Is Asking About It

Not engaging is actually a good way to keep him asking and asking about it again.

13. Mellow Down The Action When He Asks

When he ask you can say that it’s only a ‘friend’ or an ‘acquaintance’ but continue to show the romantic hints.

14. Post A Status With Someone Else’s Initials

Initials are a hidden way to show that you are in a relationship with someone.

15. Say How In Love You Are With Someone

You can use a love quote and post it in your status to make him more jealous.

16. Show Your Closeness To Someone In The Status

Whether if it is hugging them or even taking it further by kissing them, showing the (physical) to someone in WhatsApp works wonders. 

17. Message Him With A Lengthy Time Gap

This makes him more thirsty for your attention.

18. Star Another Boy’s Message

A great feature to make someone jealous in Whatsapp is by starring another boy’s message.

19. Turn On The Notification To Other People Message

This means you are prioritizing another boy and not him.

20. Video Call That Person A Lot

Video calling is an intimate thing that certainly implies some sort of close bond.

21. Call That Person A Lot

Couples call each other a lot and it makes your ex jealous.

More Tips On Ways To Make Him Jealous Over You

more tips on ways to make him jealous over you

If you really want to make a person jealous, curate what you are present in social media to things that people can be envious about. Don’t be confused, you only need to follow these ways to make your ex boyfriend jealous on WhatsApp

1. Hang Out With A Lot Of Cool People

Start hanging out with a lot of cool people but make sure to still be true to yourself.

2. Document Everything

There’s no use to doing all this without any prove to it.

3. Post Everything

The documents won’t make any impact on their jealous if you don’t post it on WhatsApp.

4. Don’t Let Go Of Him

Letting go of him means that you are letting them not be jealous. 

5. Be Kind To Him

Kindness makes him more clingy and eventually elevates the jealousy.

6. Do Cool Things

Cool things can be hanging out in an elite bar or more.

7. Talk About That Other Boy To Him

This will clearly make him want to do the Ways On How Do You Tell Someone You Miss Them to show you that he is better.

8. Pretend To Admire The Other Boy

Show that the other boy manage to do the Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Obsessed About You to you.

Signs That Your Ex Is Drowning In Jealousy

By doing the right trick at the right time, you can even make someone that is now unconnected to your life like your ex, jealous. Here are the good signs that your ex is drowning in jealousy;

1. He Starts Asking You A Lot

Questions means there is a lingering jealousy inside.

2. Bragging About His Life Too

This is a lousy Ways on How to Make the Girl You're Jealous of Jealous of You Back

3. Being Mad At You For Reasons He Don’t Want To Say

He is actually mad because he is jealous but he don’t know how to say it.

4. Doing Drastic Measures

He’ll block you or even confront you in person.

Sometimes, you just need to get even with your ex and the satisfying and efficient way to do that is with the ways to make your ex boyfriend jealous on WhatsApp. Doing this makes him really jealous and can make you have a sigh of relieve.

Michelle Devani
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