How Do You Feel When Your Boyfriend Purposely Ignores You for Days?

Last updated on May 8, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Why Is My Pisces Boyfriend Ignoring Me – Reasons And Tips

There are many things that can make you sad and one of them is being ignored. But the worst part is that he's doing it intentionally. So basically he is refusing to acknowledge you what so ever.

Technically its quite common when your dating: when you like someone and that person purposely ignore you. You would think that he isn’t interested in you. Well that may not be the one reason, here are a list of other reasons.

  1. He’s angry at you and can’t deal with it

Couples fight now and then its natural, that’s what happen in relations. Like any other lover spat you should know the limit.

If your boyfriend starts to ignore you right after a fight, it would be something you said or it could be the argument itself. The fact that kept quiet was he does not want to be reminded of the negativity.

If you want him not to ignore you, then you need to think about what you said to him. Did you went to far? Did you upset him?. Once you have understood, it would be a good chance to apologies to him but make sure its not too needy. Just tell him that you what to understand his though.

  1. You always ask him for things

Do you always ask a lot of favors from your boyfriend? Do you always tell him to do things for you? Believe it or not you are actually asking more that you though.

This  could be another reason why he ignores you. He doesn’t what to do random tasks, In many relationship girls then to ask a lot of favors from their boyfriends. Most of the times they are errands which is not necessary. However there are some guys willingly to help their girlfriends with their errand but not all.

Some guys don’t have that kind of personality, if you keep on insisting him to  help you out. He would definitely erupt, as a result you’ll get ignored. You may also read about Reasons Why Cancer Man Does Not Call You Back

  1. He is planning to break up with you

Normally when couples what to break up. They do it face to face while others prefer to fade out of the relationship. He literally will pull away from you slowly, by ignoring you completely.

You’ll eventually get tired of the whole silent treatment and ended your self without him interfering.

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  1. He’s not into you

People decide to be in a relationship because they care and love each other. On the other hand, there are those are in a one sided relationship. What I mean is that, you might like him but he doesn’t.

Honestly speaking, when a guy likes you he will let you know. But if he doesn’t then it will be a different case. You probably believe that he's busy indeed but the fact is that he is avoiding you.

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So they are some reasons why your boyfriend ignores you. It would be a good idea to end the relationship if neither of you could work it out. Its won’t be as much painful as a one sided relationship.

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