Reasons Why Cancer Man Does Not Call You Back (13 Possible Reasons)

Last updated on May 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you sick and tired of your Cancer partner not calling you back?

Are you scratching your head wondering why he’s acting like this, when it would appear that he seems to really like you? 

Would you like to know if it’s something to do with his star sign?

Well, the truth is the stars and astrology is often responsible for a lot of people’s bewildering decisions.  

So, it’s time to learn the truth about this subject. This guide explains the reasons why Cancer men don’t call women back, even when they like them.

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With that said, there are some common reasons why Cancers in particular may choose to ignore you, and I will reveal these below.


13 Reasons Why Cancer Man Does Not Call You Back

If you're seeing a cancer guy, you must be sick and tired of his constant withdrawals and silent treatment. 

Most women who have cancer partners don't even know why they get the silent treatment from time to time. It's possible that some cancer men who aren't really in tune with their emotions, also do not understand why they do this. However, the reasons are quite obvious sometimes.

Cancer men are very emotional, they're more sentimental than every other zodiac sign. However, they aren’t very verbal, unfortunately. You'd be surprised to know that the reason your cancer partner isn't returning your calls is because you didn't notice the thoughtful message he sent you or you were a bit casual about it. 

Failing to acknowledge the love and effort he puts into the relationship could very easily hurt feelings. That's how complicated the cancer man is. 

So, if you haven't heard from your cancer boyfriend in a while, the below reasons may help you realize why he's giving you the cold shoulder and perhaps do something about it.

1. He may be upset

As mentioned above, cancer males and females are emotionally sensitive; they get easily bothered about issues compared to other zodiac signs. Also, unlike other signs, the cancer male does not handle hurt aggressively or openly, he would rather recede into his shell. Cancer's response to conflict is passive-aggressive, he internalizes hurt and annoyance. 

So, your cancer man ignoring you may be as a result of your actions, think back a bit. Perhaps you may have said something that made him upset or done something to make him feel uncomfortable.

2. He's unaware of your feelings for him

he's unaware of your feelings for him

Men who belong to the cancer zodiac sign have the capability to love you deeply and he is aware of this. His fear is that you may not reciprocate his feelings. 

This fear of his is not exactly irrational. It's a big possibility when it comes to dating the men who belong to this zodiac sign. He really is likely to love you more than you like him unless you're also a deeply sentimental person

So, if you're planning to get into a committed relationship with a cancer male, try to be open and expressive about your feelings for him. If he hasn't reached out to you after a couple of dates, then he probably isn’t sure you like him.

3. Perhaps, you're all about the money

This may be a bizarre reason, but it really is a possibility. You're probably tired of hearing about the cancer male and his emotions by now, so there's no need to stress that fact anymore.

There are different types of people in the dating pool, with their preferable love languages. While one person may prefer receiving gifts and acts of service, others may prefer quality time, words of affirmation, or physical touch. These preferences may not always be based on the zodiac sign. 

If you're more of the ‘gift and money’ type of girl, you may need to tone it down a bit and capitalize on the fact that you have your own stuff. The cancer man is keen on knowing that you genuinely love him, for him. If he's not calling back perhaps you gave him the impression that you're after his money.

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4. You don't acknowledge his feelings

You need to elaborately acknowledge your cancer partner's feelings. Cancer guys need to feel secure and appreciated, especially in a long-distance relationship, since you aren’t there to show him one-on-one. So, be verbal and appreciate his feelings and gestures. 

Let him know that you notice when he's being considerate, when he's being thoughtful and when he says, 'I love you'. Show him that you notice the way he loves you and show him how much you love him back. That's how to keep your cancer man engaged. So, if your cancer man is acting distant, you probably didn't acknowledge his feelings enough.

5. He's in the mood

Because of their raging emotions, cancer males easily get moody. These mood swings usually last a while, so it could last from a day to a month or some weeks.

If you're sure you didn't do anything to annoy him, you're reciprocating his feelings and you acknowledge them, then he just may be in a mood, perhaps you need to give him space.

6. He just needs space

This isn't specific to just the cancer man, most men have confessed that they love their personal space and like to have some time to themselves. This does not mean that they love their partners any less, they just like to have some time alone with their thoughts.

Cancer zodiacs in general love alone time, one of their favorite things to do is to stay home alone. Their highly emotional nature makes the world seem a bit too harsh sometimes, so they need time in their protective shell to soothe themselves and recharge. This may be the reason your boyfriend stopped talking to you.

7. He's going through something

he's going through something

When the cancer man faces challenges, they prefer to handle them alone. They aren't really the 'ask for help' type or the 'talk about your feelings' type of men. They prefer to deal with things on their own and sometimes in complete silence.

It's tempting to think that everything your boyfriend does is because of you, however, his world does not only revolve around you. Cancers withdraw a lot, it isn't possible to be the reason for that every single time. 

Sometimes, he may be busy struggling in another area of his life and he's unable to tell you. Try not to panic or get worried, everytime this happens, if waiting through these seasonal withdrawals is something you can cope with, then just be there for him and support him.

8. He's trying to come up with something to say

This applies mostly if you're still in the talking stages and things are going well. As emotional as your cancer man is, he's sometimes a bit shy too. Not knowing what to say about a particular thing may be the reason he won’t respond to your messages or calls.

This may sound bizarre but the cancer man will use any excuse to withdraw or disappear. He may be trying to decide whether to take things to the next level with you or if he should keep waiting for the right moment. In this case, you may want to give him some space. Even though these are the early and fragile stages of the relationship, leave him to his thoughts, things just may work out to your favor. 

9. He’s playing hard to get

Cancers are not just shy, they also have a heightened need for love and attention from their spouse. From time to time, they may play coy and withdraw so you can chase them a bit. 

If your cancer man hasn't called or texted in a few days he may be playing the 'chase me card', he loves that extra dose of attention. He knows that you'd be thinking of him more, worrying about him, perhaps even texting and calling him a bit more than usual. He loves that and may sometimes take it too far. You may need to call him out on it or perhaps ignore him too so he knows how you feel.

10. He's trying to analyze the relationship

Another reason why your cancer man may be distant for a while is that he may be trying to decide if your relationship is really working or if it's really worth it. 

It's quite annoying that he thinks of himself as the primary determinant of a relationship. Yes, they can be a bit self-centered sometimes and neglect your feelings but this is the cancer man's way. If your relationship with him is still a bit new, he may be trying to decide if it's going well and if he should continue.

11. He's avoiding confrontation

Cancer guys aren't really big on confrontation, they would rather avoid you completely than face you. This is mostly because of their deeply emotional nature. Confrontation is a threat to the protective wall they've built around themselves, this is why they try their best to avoid confrontation at all costs. 

Obviously, this isn't the best way to go about it, yet it's the only way they know how to. So, if your cancer beau or beau-to-be isn't returning your phone calls, there's a discussion or issue he may be avoiding. 

12. Perhaps he's talking to someone else

perhaps he's talking to someone else

We can't cross out and ignore the fact that your cancer man may be silent because he has his eyes on someone else. These days it's quite difficult to navigate the dating scene, most people aren't just talking to one person, they may be speaking to multiple people at a time. 

If you haven't heard back from your cancer man, he may be speaking to someone else. There’s a possibility that he even prefers the other woman to you, he may have chosen her over you. It's the bitter truth but coming to terms with it may help you move on and get on with your life.

13. He may not really be into you

Another hard pill to swallow is that your cancer man may not really be interested in you. Every woman who's just getting into a relationship faces this risk and needs to prepare herself for this ahead of time. 

Talking to someone for a while and going on a couple of successful dates with them doesn't guarantee that they'd like you as much as you like them, nor does it guarantee that they would choose you back. 

Even though you had a great time with them and you both seemed compatible, they still may not be into you. So, perhaps you need to start coming to terms with that if you haven't heard from your cancer man in a while. Perhaps what you need to do is focus on moving forward. 


Why do cancers ignore you?

Cancer males are very emotional men, things tend to get to them a little more than men of other zodiac signs. They love being in love and they love when their partner loves them back and isn't afraid to share it. They also love when their partner cares about their feelings. If your cancer man ignores you, you may have hurt his feelings.

Why do cancer men go missing?

There are numerous reasons why cancer males disappear on their partners, disappearing and going silent is one of their go-to ways of handling issues. Sometimes he may disappear because he’s offended. He may go silent because he's going through some hard times or he may be speaking to someone else.

How do you know when a cancer man has lost interest?

If your cancer man isn’t interested in you anymore, it will be clear that he has. Cancer guys do tend to disappear and to go silent from time to time, however, it's a bit different when he doesn't have feelings for you anymore. He probably isn't going to tell you directly but he'll show you through his actions.

How do you get a cancer man to talk to you again?

It may seem impossible to get your cancer partner to talk to you again, because of how distant they seem sometimes. However, if you're strategic with the way you handle things you just may get him to warm up to you again. Whatever you do, make sure you don't try to force him out of his shell, it will only make him pull away even more.

Will a Cancer man miss me?

There's no guarantee that he will, especially if he wasn't really that into you in the first place. However, if your cancer man misses you, you'll notice. Cancer males can get deep in their feelings, When they miss someone they love, they find it hard to hide it. He would probably look for every excuse to see you or hear from you.

In Conclusion

I hope you found this article interesting. Remember, if you haven't heard from your cancer man in a while, there are a range of reasons for this. Try your best not to make assumptions, try to have a discussion with him instead. Please let me know what you think about this article and be sure to share it.

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