9 Reasons Why Cancer Man Does Not Call You Back

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Are you tied up with a Cancer man who suddenly seems to have stopped calling you back? No one likes to be ignored, however, it happens every time. Being ignored feels awful; it is as if you are being bullied for some inexplicable reason.

In most cases, it has the potential to affect your self-esteem if seems like no one is paying good attention to your words or your presence.

There are some reckless zodiac signs that are great at ghosting people and Cancer is one of those. Even though you may never understand what is actually going on in the head of Cancer man, here are 9 reasons why Cancer man does not call you back.

Reasons Why Cancer Man Does Not Call You Back

  1. Cancer man does not cope well with any confrontation. If he is not returning your call, then it means that you have said or done something that does not sit well with him. At first, he may be passive as in not returning your call, but it will not stay that way for a long time. You may also read about How to Sweep A Cancer Man Off His Feet
  2. Cancer man is not the type of guy who can keep giving other people the cold shoulder. If he does not give a call or return your call, do not worry. It will be short lived.
    He will eventually contact you back when he feels comfortable enough to do so. You may also read about How to Attract Capricorn Man as a Cancer Woman
  3. It is also possible that rather than pull away from you; Cancer man does not call you back as an act of protest to whatever it is that he is upset about and you happen to be the one who offends. For him to completely ignore you, it would have to be something severe. You may also read about How to Attract Capricorn Man as a Cancer Woman
  4. If Cancer man does not call you back because he has no idea you are interested in him; you may want to step up the game and somehow find a way to make your feelings clear for him. Cancer man is sometimes dense when it comes to knowing that there is a woman who wants him.
  5. Make sure you are emotionally unguarded when it comes to Cancer Because if you are more often than not, emotionally unavailable, he will be unable to relate with you and ending up ignoring you (including not returning your call) to move on to find someone else who is more accepting and responsive of his emotional self and emotionally available for him. You may also read about Best Ways How to Impress a Cancer Man on the First Date
  6. You are probably too guarded. Cancer man is all about swimming deep into your emotions and your psyche and if you cannot give him permission to do that, he will not respond well to any of your approaches, including your call.
  7. If you are money-oriented and like to purchase expensive things rather than feelings and experiences, a Cancer man will most likely ignore you. He puts so much time and effort into the people and the reasons he loves that he really does not have any extra to waste on someone vain and shallow.
  8. If you hint in some way that not only are you not interested in how a Cancer man is feeling but that you also do not care about it, then he will have no use for you.
    Besides, if you are too needy, he will still keep ignoring you in any line of communication. You have got to find a balance to keep him comfortable.
  9. Cancer is a moody sign. And just because your Cancer man does not call you back does not mean he is over you. However, an immature Cancer man will show he is over you by completely ghosting you and it is more than just not returning your call.
    You will know he is on the edge of total ghosting if he pretends you do not exist when you talk or leave parties without waiting for you.
    A mature Cancer man, however, has most likely worked on his communication skills and will try to propose a solution several times before cutting up the ties. You may also read about How to Make Aries Man Fall in Love with Cancer Woman?

So, those are 9 reasons why Cancer man does not call you back. It is not the end of the world though. Never ever be needy, and instead, always be powerful. If you are compatible with him, then he could be your soulmate. If you are not, then just ditch him.

Do not worry if he does not call you back. Maybe he is just trying to make room for the right guy for you.