How Do You Know When A Cancer Man Is Hurt

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Love surely is something that everyone pursue despite happiness. When you loves someone, sometimes you may forget about all his minus and focusing in all his good points. Accepting all his vulnerable sides including his indecisive mind or his insecure heart.

A cancer man is a mysterious person because his secretive side to all his people around him. Despite his charming side and his art skill or his culinary skill, he is a very hard person to be close to. But, when he really noted someone, he will pursue that very person with all his might and made that girl become his only loved ones.


Signs When A Cancer Man Is Hurt

But, when his girlfriend commit a mistake to him, he will hardly believe that girl even if he still has love for her. So, how to win a cancer man’s heart again after we do sorry for him?

1. Hard To Get A Sleep

A cancer man is someone who was born under the sign of the sun. As the cancer is the mother of the other zodiacs, he is a man that tend to be a family type of person. He can be very passionate when he found something he loved, even though that depends on his mood. He can pull his 100% of himself that sometimes it can let him down when the result is not as he wants. And then led him into insomnia because he brings that matters into his mind and heart.

2. Distances Himself From You

distances himself from you

When a cancer man is hurt, he will maintaining some distance with people that made himself felt hurt. He may be a bit melodramatic, because he brings his feeling almost in every matters that he do. As he was fell into sadness because someone he loved deeply hurt him, he will become a cold person who distancing himself from the ones hurt him, or even speaks harshly to that person.

3. Being Aloof And Secretive

Actually, a cancer man is a type of person that having hard time to tell others what he really feels. Especially, to somebody he doesn’t know well. Well, except to his girlfriend, he may open his heart and tell her his joy, sadness and also worried to her.

But, as the opposite side, he will become an aloof and secretive person once he gets hurt. He will close his mouth tightly as his hurt still bleeding with pain because his trust being broken.

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Why Does A Cancer Man Feel Hurt?

1. When His Girlfriend Do Something That Ticks Him Off

Every person surely loved to be cared and not to be beaten by something that he hated. A cancer man is like that too. He can be passionate about something as he cares about that matters. But when his girlfriend dwell on a matter with him, his mood also changes and his heart may feel hurt too because of it.

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2. When His Girlfriend Break His Trust

Despite his charming profile and his seductive smile, a cancer man has a very vulnerable side related to a trust. For him, loving someone means being honest with that person without any room for secret. Just like he wish the same feedback from his girlfriend to him. So, when his girlfriend break his trust with something he doesn’t aware of, he will feel hurt in his heart.

How To Fix A Cancer Man’s Heart When He Is Hurt

how to fix a cancer man's heart when he is hurt

1. Show Your Concern For Him

A cancer man is a very reserved people. He will not speak out his uncomfortable feeling when he felt that it may hurt him to know the truth. He can remains in his trustable shell just to avoid being hurt as his heart was full of vulnerabilities and insecurities.

So, as the ones that love him, if you want him to be able to love you again despise his hurt feeling, try to show your concern for him. Give him more care and love as his heart was full of insecurity about your feelings for him.

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2. Give Him Some Time To Relax His Feeling And Mind

People says that time is the best medicine. As the cancer man felt hurt, he will hardly to believe someones that hurt him even if he still loves that person so much. In other times, he may be ignoring you and trying to distance himself from you. But, maybe in another time, he will comeback to you, told you how he still can not forget you.

So, in this confusing state, you need to give him some times to thinking through everything again. As he still hardly to believe you. Give his heart sometimes to think what is best for you and him. Let the times be the medicine for him.

Every relationship has it own difficulties. Sometimes, you need to take action to save your relationship, but sometimes, only the times can be the medicine for every wound and pain. Every choice is in your hand. Fight or Silent, it's your call! So, be brave!

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