28 Ways to Break Up with Your Boyfriend Over The Phone

Last updated on May 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

A relationship with our boyfriend gives us the fleeting feelings that could last for a long period of time. But sometimes it all just comes to an abrupt end. How do you go about that?

One of the things to do when you feel like the relationship is coming to an end is by breaking it up. The best way to do it is through the phone. It gives less awkwardness and more space so it allows you to breathe. Here are the awesome ways to break up with your boyfriend over the phone;

  1. Approach Them Nicely

Don’t cut straight to the chase. Talk to them nicely and like you always do when you are in a relationship. Put him at ease first.

  1. Talk About Other Things First

Talking about other things guarantees the flow and opennes of the conversation later on. Make sure that it isn’t something that might ignite a fight.

  1. Make Sure They Are In A Comfortable Place

Ask about where they are. If they are in a crowded place, say that it’s best to find a private place so that he can feel free to feel.

  1. Talk About How Nice Your Relationship Is First

Remembering the good old days and how great you are as a couple is not weird. Instead, it makes a break up much less hurtful.

  1. Talk About What Bothers You In The Relationship

Talk about what has been bothering you in the relationship so much. But do not do it in a blaming way. Insert self retrospection as much as you can.

  1. Slip In An Appropriate Joke

Appropriately pull out a joke to lighten the mood but be careful in reading the vibes of the conversation. You might not want to do this once it become serious. That's the easy ways to break up with your boyfriend over the phone.

  1. Compliment Them First

Compliment their traits especially relating to signs he's boyfriend material.

  1. Never Say Rude Words

Cussing at them will only make them feel humiliated and angry which will make them not receive the break up well.

  1. Never Scream At Them

Screaming at them will never work if you want a celan and peaceful break up. There’s a big chance that he will be insulted with your tone first before ever receiving the message.

  1. Never Blatantly Blame Them

Again, blaming them will only close their eyes and their heart.

  1. Say That There Is No Way Out Of This Mess

Say to them that there is no way to fix the relationship. This makes them realize that it is better to break up too.

  1. Say That You Are Better Off Without Each Other

Say that even if he shows the signs that a man loves you unconditionally, in this phase of the relationship it is better to be off without each other. Remember to really state why.

  1. Say Thank You

Say thank you for being here in your life and how wonderful the relationship have been.

  1. Apologize About How Things End

Saying sorry will soften the mood and make you look kind and thoughtful.

  1. Stay On The Line

Don’t hang up too quickly or it might seem like you are not taking this seriously.

  1. Shut Down A Possible Fight

When the symptomps of a fight arise, never respond to it. Instead, stay calm and cool to set the tone of the conversation.

  1. Answer His Questions

He might have questions about your choice. Happily answer them.

  1. Don’t Block Him

Blocking his number will only make things worse.


More Tips to End Things Through The Phone

There are so much ways to make a break up through the phone easier and without a mess. Here are some tips to do to make it happen. This is more tips on how to end things through the phone:

  1. Say Sorry Through Text

After the call, make sure to say another sorry through text to show how thoughtful you are.

  1. Never Post Anything Bad After It

Never post demeaning or humilaiting post about your relationship after it.

  1. Accept Further Calls

Your boyfriend might find it hard to accept this so you might get some questions through the phone. Happily accept this and accept his questions.

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  1. Never Ridicule Him

Ridiculing anyone is never an option. If you ridicule him it will make the break up more unbearable and messy.

  1. Give Him Some Silent Time

Stay on the line but give him some silence after you say your choice. This allows him to process his feelings towards the situation and towards you.

Once The Break Up Is Done

Once you’ve done all the hard talks through the phone, what you need to do now is to make sure that he is in the right place which means that your effort pays off. Here is the positive signs to look for once the break up is done;

  1. He Doesn’t Say Bad Things About You After A Long Time

He doesn’t try to make fun of you or ridicule you because you have made it clear that the break up is the best for the both of you.

  1. He Doesn’t Do Bad Things To Harm You

He doesn’t show the ways to get revenge on someone without getting caught or Signs Your Boyfriend Is An Emotional Psychopath. Although he is hurt, he won’t ever do anything to harm you which is a good sign.

  1. He Slowly Accepts The Break Up

The hurt will always be there but he is slowly finding the ways to move on from your ex.

Break ups are hard but with the convenient distance a phone can provide, it may make a break up way easier. It may be unorthodox but all you need to do is to follow the ways to break up with your boyfriend over the phone. After that pay close attention to his behaviour once the break up is done and see if you have done a great job.

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