What to Do When A Capricorn Breaks up with You All of Sudden?

Last updated on April 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

First of all, we need to understand that a Capricorn is serious about relationships, so trust that if they're ready to leave the relationship, they won't think twice about doing so.

So, what do you do when a Capricorn breaks up with you? We need to see how they change when they're about to break up with you so you can be cautious in case the same thing happens again. It may be different between Capricorn men and Capricorn women, so the list has been narrowed down.

Capricorn Women:

  1. They'll Stop Talking to You.

    If it gets worse, they might even block your number. They're not the kind of sign who's afraid to do such things. (Also read 32 Honest Reasons Why Capricorn Woman Avoids You.)

  2. They'll Warn Your Friends About You.

    Though it may not be something you're able to see with your own eyes, you can see how her friends may be cautious around you, especially if they start to avoid you or distance themselves from you.

  3. They Walk Away.

    If the relationship starts to become toxic for them, they won't hesitate to walk away. Sure, they're dedicated and they give second chances, but if it becomes too much for them then they won't think twice about walking out that door.

Now, as for Capricorn men, there may be some similarities with Capricorn women, but they are a little more fatalistic. (Also read How to Get Over A Capricorn Man.)

Capricorn Men:

  1. They'll Warn Their Friends, But They're Not as ASAP.

    They won't immediately text all their friends about you, but they'll definitely know when the relationship is going to be over, and they'll make it seem like it.

  2. They Won't Take Time for Goodbyes.

    Since they're incredibly loyal, it may be hard for them to heal after a breakup, which is why it's easier to just say "goodbye" instead of announcing a whole speech (Also read How to Tell When Your Capricorn Man Has Moved On from You.)

Now, what do you do when a Capricorn breaks up with you? Do you chase after them in hopes that they'll take you back (also read How to Get A Capricorn Man to Come Back to You After A Break Up) or do you just give up and move on? (Also read How to Know If Your Capricorn Ex Wants You Back.)

What to Do When a Capricorn Breaks up with You:

  1. Delete Them From Your Life.

    As hard as it may be, the best thing for you to do is just delete all their texts, emails, pictures, and finally their number. As long as you still have them somewhere stored in your phone or bedroom, you'll stay curious about them and the thought of them will forever linger in your mind.

  2. Move Forward.

    Since the Capricorn doesn't usually give closure, it's best to create your own. Don't constantly ask for one, and especially accept the fact that it's over and just move on.

  3. Keep Some Distance.

    Pushing him away will allow him to create some distance between the two of you, so it's important that you avoid him so that you won't end up crossing paths anymore.

The most important thing when handling a breakup with a Capricorn is that they won't hesitate to end things and are quick at doing so. If you want a goodbye, make sure you do it before it's too late. That's what to do when a Capricorn breaks up with you.

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