What Does It Mean When Your Ex Adds You Back on Social Media?

by Michelle Devani

Did you recently notice that your ex has added you back on social media?

Perhaps it’s your first time seeing him online or offline since your break-up - and now you’re wondering what has inspired him to make this digital connection. 

It can be a confusing and perhaps distressing situation - especially if you haven’t seen his face in years. 

So, what does it mean?

The guide below will help you work this out. It features the most common reasons why an ex will reach out to try and make a connection on social media. 

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With that said, here are some ideas for what could be motivating your ex to add you on social media.

The relationship between you and your ex might have ended. In this case, usually the relationship between you two as friends might have ended as well. During the break-up moment there might be a fight between you and your ex. However, time flies, you guys might have made up and are more mature now.

So don't be surprised if you wake up in a gloomy morning and suddenly see your ex adds you back on social media after a long long time you guys unfollowed each other. Don't be too shocked or happy about that. Below, I discuss the reason why your ex adds you back on social media!

Reasons Why Your Ex Adds You Back On Social Media

1. They're want to check up on you

What does it mean when your ex adds you back on social media? Breaking up is somewhat like an addiction, deep down your ex wants to see if you’re okay and what you’re up to, if you realize that once  added you it becomes a trigger and your emotions get stirred up from it, its up to you what you want to do with it, but treat this like an addiction.

2. Your ex is feeling lonely

Sometimes when people are lonely and want to feel validated, they will reach out to someone who once provided that for them. They might not want to try to make things work again, but might just want to see if they still have an effect on you.

3. Your ex wanna see how you are doing in a good way

Your ex wanna see if you are in a good way

Your ex just so curious about how you doing right now after the breaking up. They want to know if you're fine, if your situation is better than them, if you find your new love, or what are you doing for life now. It's good, because it's mean you still have someone who care about you and still keeping an eye for you. Ex doesn't mean your enemy, right? Well, now you know what does it mean when your ex adds you back on social media. 

Signs Your Ex Wants To Add You Back On Social Media

So, if you end a relationship and some time later your ex adds you up in social media, you don't need to be so confused about that, you probably should find enough courage and self-esteem to see what's up with that person. And here's the sign when your ex adds you back on social media!

1. They can't get over you

After the break-up your ex certainly will find someone else to replace your existence and after that they realize that no one can replace your existence for them. Sometimes, people can’t get over you because they can’t find someone better than you. You fulfill their emptiness and loneliness.

2. They want to be friends again with you

It's a good sign that they have a big to want to be a friends again with you. Because if your ex is a boy, they absolutely have a high of ego to make up with you, and, if your ex is a girl, they absolutely have a high of prestige to make up with you. So, when one of you have a courage to make a move to make up it's absolutely a good sign of increase in maturity. 

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3. They want to make you feel regret for breaking up with them

Most ex feels so pleased when they know that their life after breaking up with you is better than you. They want to show how really they doing right now, how they look change, what their doing in life. They want to you see it all and of course, they wish that you feel regret to hurt you or let you go. 

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Tips when your ex adds you back on social media

Tips when your ex adds you back on social media

Of course, breaking up is a painful experience and most people will prefer not to have any sort of contact with an ex, at least for a while.

Some toxic exes may try to force a “relationship” on social media as an instrument to keep pushing their sick and unbalanced emotional state into your care zone in the hopes that you will submit to them, or worry for them, even after a formal and definitive break-up. So, here's some tips when your ex adds you back on social media!

1. Trying to be friends again with your ex

When you trying to be a friend again with your ex that it's a very good evidence of a mature and emotionally stable soul to be friends with your ex. It's not always possible, even if you are still recovering from the wounds but you may find that occasion as an opportunity to grow as a person. 

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But, give it a space, you can be a friends but don't turn into a lover. Because you will keep feels the same hurt that you're already healed.

2. Heartened to give your ex a second chance

Second chance not means that you'll ended up together as a lover "again". But, when you trying to be a friend again with your ex it will reveal your old wound that have been healed. You indirectly will remember all those tears, happiness, anxieties, regret that caused by them. You must have a big heart to pass through it.

If an ex got to enter your more intimate spaces and screwed it up, and later returns willing to keep contact with you, remember that you can always limit his or her access to just the outer shapes. If that person insists on getting deeper, you can simply block them "again" in social media. Just don't be weak. 

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3. Ignore your ex to prevent the same old love

It's certainly your choice. You have to considering your step, think about what have they done to you back then. Unless you had a toxic relationship, where violence, dominance, extreme jealousy or things like those were common and undesirable, I really don't think that's a big deal. But if your relationship was toxic, you may be much better left alone. Indeed. that's all the brief tips about what does it mean when your ex adds you back on social media! 

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Don't try to welcome your ex, ignore them and show them that your life much better when they left. Maybe it is much better to you destroy all relationships and contacts with ex to avoid some strange situations.

Michelle Devani
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