How To Get Someone To Notice You On Instagram Without Following Them

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You are a fan of someone on Instagram, she is a big star and she is one of the lead vocals in a group. However, you are too shy to follow her on Instagram.

So, how to get someone to notice you on Instagram without following them? Here are the ways.


1. The Following Friends

If you want someone to notice you on Instagram without following them, you can use your following friends or mutual friend to get closer to someone that you adore.

2. Your Friend's Tag

Your friend is posting on Instagram. She posts a photo while you and your friend attend a big concert with your Idols. You're surprised that your friend tags him too. Your both beloved Idol. So, what would a Kpop Idol do if they liked one of their fans? Maybe they will meet and talk to you.

3. Directly Message

Sending a direct message without following your Idol, is a good idea. Write it with expressive words and also be positive for him or her. At the end just put your initial. You can do this twice or more per month.

4. Posting Story Regularly

posting stories regularly

Posting regularly and showing how you really like him. Tag your mutual friends and let your mutual friends repost your story back again with some tags in it.

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5. Repost It

You can also do the same thing as your mutual friend did. Repost your friend's post on your wall on Instagram. Give some tags too and don't forget to tag someone in your post. Putting some hashtags can work too.

6. Caption Direct To Your Friend

Another way on how to get someone noticed you on Instagram without following them, you can post the video or photo with some caption and direct it to your mutual friend. Give some hashtags too to make this post ramp up and it make much of love reacts.

7. Big Fan Official

It's okay that you are not following his Instagram but you can following his official account for his fans. Make sure that it is the biggest fan official of him. You can learn more about him by viewing his character.

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8. Up To Date About Any News

You must know about this one. Keep up to date how is the trending topics on Instagram about him. This update you can share with your mutual friends. Comment and give him or her any support, okay.

How To Make Your Idol Follow You On Instagram Without Following Him?

It's impossible to make an Idol following you but you are not following him or her yet. Is it possible to make your Idol notice you even following you on Instagram? Here are the tips.

1. Be An Active Member Of His Fans Club

Be an active member, creative also smart member. Show your skill and make it a video and post it. Give some hashtags and noticed him. Show your collection or any decoration to your Idol. You are his big fan.

2. Follow All His Official Accounts

follow all of his official accounts

Please follow all of his official accounts on social media. It's not only on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snap chat, Hago, even Biggo Live you can follow them all. So do these ways on how to get your Kpop Idol to notice you on Instagram.

3. Post Memorable Activities

Post it your memorable activity such as attend a competition noticed him with some hashtags. Give a caption like he is my inspiration or I will be like him even I am the next of him.

4. See Your Idol When Online

It's your big chance to see your Idol when online. You can give comments, support also good critical that makes him better. Watch your Idol when he online until it's done. Do this every your Idol's online.

5. Take A Challenge

Your Idol is giving a challenge whosoever can dance and sing better than him. He will follow you and give some rewards. So, it's your chance to take the challenge and do the best.

Hopefully, the above ways on how to get someone to notice you on Instagram without following them. It can help you with what you want to get it. So, do those steps above and good luck. If it is necessary you can check a tip on how to get someone to notice you're sad but not in desperate ways.

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