21 Awesome Reasons Why Sagittarius are the Best Zodiac Ever

Last updated on June 17, 2022 by Michelle Devani

All zodiac has their own special traits that distinguish them from others. However, everyone thinks their zodiac signs is the best. They do that for good reasons, and now let's talk why the Sags are feeling that way.

For those who was born between 22 November to 21 December, they were under the Sagittarius signs. There are reasons why Sagittarius are the best, not only that they are fit much in Zodiac Signs Best Friend Compatibility, but they also possess another traits.

Now let's go down to the reasons why Sagittarius are the best, but don't think that other signs aren't!

1. They are Smart

A Sag's head is full with knowledge and they're smart. They can separate their emotion in certain situation so there's no such thing as got carried away by anger. Sags use their logic to think and they will think hard before putting an act.

2. They Will Always There

Sagittarius will never leave you alone. You're really lucky if you see the Signs That a Sagittarius Guy Likes You because he will be the first person to be there whenever you need him. They are very loyal so that it's impossible for you to find the Signs of a Cheater Guy in Him.

3. They are Independent

Sags can do things perfectly on their own. They're very independent and adventurous. In order to be happy, Sags don't need anyone to make them to. They can find their own way to be happy. And they can't be ruled on controlled.

4. Sags are Sociable

They love to meet new people and they're open minded. Sags adapt well and fast to their surrounding and it makes them adorable. As a human chameleon, they can adjust themselves to new people and situation.

5. No Dramas Allowed

Sagittariuses are kind of straightforward to things. They don't like to beat around the bush neither telling lies. Dramas are not their thing and they won't be involved in any of it. It's why you won't be seeing the exhausting Signs Sagittarius Woman in Love full of drama in it.

6. They Can Prove You Wrong

... and they're right. Somehow they have this awesome power to prove that in the end, what people say is wrong. They are not afraid to challenge themselves, especially those who underestimate them. Watch your words around them.

7. They Make a Good Friend

Believe it or not, Sags are the best best friend you could ever ask for. They value friendship more than anything. As a friend, they will anything for you and expect nothing in return. Also, they're fun people who will never make you bored.

8. They are Free Souls

Freedom is everything for a Sags. They can't be pinned down or controlled by others. For the sake of freedom, they won't be hesitate to turn down some good opportunities. It's a high value for them.

9. They are Easy to Say Sorry

Being friend or lover to a Sag is something you won't regret. Not only they don't like dramas, they are honest as well. As much as sincere they are, they will admit their mistake without being forced to. Also, they will say sorry when they did.

10. They are Adventurous in Nature

As an explorer and someone who loves to dig knowledge, a Sags never stop to explore the world in search of wisdom. For others, the choice seems reckless but it's Sags are.

11. They Carefully Make Decision

Be grateful if you have Sag as your lover. It takes them long before they entrust their heart to someone and making commitment. That is why a Sag make a loyal lover. Another wonderful thing about them is, they prove their love through acts not words.

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Sags Personality Traits That Make Them More Awesome

The sags are surely the best zodiac ever if you are looking for the traits that they possess. It makes them even more awesome that ever.

  1. They are full of positive vibes and will influence you in a very good way. They seem to be born under a good luck.
  2. Sags are genuine at heart. They don't have any ill intention and do things sincerely. Sags are also love to interact with people, so you won't be feeling alone with them.
  3. This is one of the Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul Sister, and she's a Sag. They have a kind heart and make a good friend. You'll be regret if you never be friends with the Sagittarius.
  4. They have a free souls and nothing can hold them down. Sags can't be contained and they love freedom.
  5. Having Sags around is very good for you. They are generous and loving by nature. They will always be there whenever you need them.
  6. They are not easy to be satisfied and always look for more. Sagittarius are particularly interested in general knowledge and encyclopedic things.
  7. Don't be easily offended because Sagittarius speak what's on their mind. They won't be lying or covering anything they don't like.
  8. As honest as they are, Sags are open minded as well. They are not quick to judge things and tend to listen to people first.
  9. They are also impatient. They want to finish things quickly before they get bored. Things won't be good once a Sag get bored. They will leave things as it is and searching for something stimulating.
  10. Ruled by the fire, Sags seem to never runs out of energy. They always full of spirits and their dynamic personality will never get you ceased to amazed by them. They know the best Ways to Make Best Friend Feel Better when you're down.

So those are the reasons why Sagittarius are the best signs ever. Well, it's nothing absolute since all signs are special.

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