Worst Signs That Your Husband Has Another Family

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A relationship is supposed to be built on trust and trust can only come when we know a lot of things about one person. Trust can only be build when another person is committed to keeping this trust. But what if your husband has been lying all along?

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When your husband has another family that he is keeping from you, of course, it is a big matter that needs to be discussed. But sometimes they just hide it so well it is hard for you to find out and confront him about it. What if he has been giving you small signs all along? Do not be worried, we got you covered. Here are signs that your husband has another family:


1. He Has Numerous Exes That He Toys With

When a boy toys around with a girl, you know something is about to happen. If he has been toying with numerous girls for the whole time he is in the dating game, there is a big chance that he is doing so with you now. Because after all, a habit is hard to break. If you know that he has been having a non-serious relationship with every one of her ex-girlfriends, whether it involved cheating or ugly fighting, you can know that they are incapable of having a normal, serious, and healthy relationship in which the relationship should be built on honesty. That means he would not hesitate in lying to you about having a family

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2. Being Out Of Touch At A Certain Time

In this modern era, we have our phones with us all the time. So if you are out of reach for a long time, it is quite strange. Especially if he is on his phone all the time. You will confront him about it and he will claim that his phone is broken or his phone died. When he is out of reach, this could be the time where he visits his other family he does not tell you about and bond with them.

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3. He Has Been Visiting Places For Children

If your husband has a family outside of your relationship, of course, he would be demanded to take care of this family. He would probably take turns with his other wife to take care of his child. One of the ways to do that is related to schools, playgrounds, and other places that are related to children. If he has been visiting this kind of place for a lot of time and lying about where he is when you ask him, he probably has his child with him.

4. You Only Meet Some People That Are In His Life Or No One At All

A family is a tough thing to hide, especially from the people that are really close to you in your life. They will sense it or the chances are you have probably told them. That is why if your husband only introduces you to some people in his life, you know you are in a puzzling relationship.

This is because he knows that these people might spill or might even treat you weirdly. After all, they know that he is a man that already has a family. Now, if you have not met his best friend and family at all, you know that is the red flag because usually, these people know everything about your husband. So, your husband does not want to let you hear the secret.

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5. He Goes Out Of Town For A Lot Of Time

Going out of town might be ordinary and casual if your husband tells you the details and is available for contact in this period of time. But if he is being sketchy about it, going out of town might mean visiting his other family. If on this road trip, he does not give you the details of the place, event or is not available for being contacted by you, this is a big red sign. Especially if he has been doing this frequently without ever letting you know all the things you are dying to know. That is also a sign that your husband is cheating.

6. He Hides His Phone

Of course, a relationship should be built on honesty. One of the forms of honesty is letting your partner use your phone. Like people would say, if you have got nothing to hide, you have got nothing to worry about. So if he is being really protective of his phone, this is because this is one of the media to communicate frequently with his other family. If he locks his phone, becomes mad when you try to use the phone, or keep the phone where you can’t see it, this means he is dishonest and he has something really big that is hiding in that phone.

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7. He Has Cheated On You In Your Relationship

Sometimes people tend to fall back to their habit. If they have cheated on you in your relationship before, it might be a sign that your husband has another family. This is because when he has cheated on you he thinks that it is easy to do it again. That also means that he is really sneaky and he could have a secret family behind your back! So if your husband has a record of cheating on you, you might want to keep a close eye on him. And figure out those signs that your husband has another family.

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8. The Person In His Life Tries To Make You Go Away

Usually, in a relationship, it will be a relief if the people in your partner’s life like you and support your relationship together. But one of the signs that your husband has another family is if the people in his life often try to make you stay away from this relationship. Even after you are married, his family or close friends will try to buy you off or even make you feel so irritated you want to be out of the relationship. This could be a clue from the family that they do not want you to get hurt when you know that he already has another family and the only way to do that is to cut off the relationship.

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More Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating On You

Indeed, here are more signs that your husband has another family

  1. He will not let you check his photo album
  2. He has a home somewhere else that you are not allowed to go to
  3. He will not let you check his email
  4. He got frequent phone calls from one secret number
  5. He comes home late often
  6. He does not spend his holiday with you
  7. His family and friend is distant
  8. He avoids being seen with you in public
  9. He claims he wants a lot of kid
  10. He has intimacy issues
  11. He often lies
  12. He will not let you see his bank account
  13. he is defensive when you ask him for a reason for his disappearing

All that worst signs that your husband has another family. So, you may be careful!

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What Should You Do?

If you found those signs that your husband has another family, you should get the truth about this secret, and here are the steps on how to know the truth and what you should do for the next move:

1. Ask His Family Or Friends

his family and close friends know everything. So, the only way to go is to ask them about it. Do not ask them straight away. Allow the conversation to be someone private so there is a higher chance that that person will tell you about your husband’s secret family. Then try to lead the conversation to the secret family. If they are hesitating or they want to leave, then insist on knowing. If they really care about you, they will tell you straight away.

2. Look Through His Phone Or Any Media Of Communication

When your husband has a secret family, there would be a history somewhere on his phone or laptop about this secret family. There will be pictures, texts, or phone calls from a number. Usually, there is contact, text, or several pictures that stand out. Those things will show you a possibility. Try to track down all of the information in his cell phone or laptop to a person that he may have a family with. But do not jump to conclusions. Try to get as much information as you can so you can move on to the next step.

3. Contact The Family

The best way to know the absolute truth is by knowing the girl that he has another family. To do this, sum up the information you have from his belongings and contact the girl. DO not tell her straight away about the matter. Instead, try to take her out and talk to her in person. Usually, someone will tell more truth when they are face to face. So when you meet her, try to tell her the truth about your husband slowly, one at a time. Then ask her if your prediction about your husband’s secret family is true.

4. Ask Him In Person

This might be the hardest part, but you should ask your husband about his secret family in person. Try to get him to a secluded place and tell him the reason why you are asking these questions. If he understands, he will tell you all of it. If he still wants to lie, he will seem protective and he will even be mad at you

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A secret family is something hard to hide, but people can be a really good liar. Luckily with our signs and steps, you will find out the truth really soon

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