37 Saddest Signs Of Cheating Husband During Your Pregnancy

Last updated on May 1, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you suspect your husband of cheating on you while you're pregnant?

Well, first off, let me say that's as scummy as it gets. At the same time, there are plenty of reasons for scummy men to justify such behavior.

Needless to say, you should make it a priority to find out whether this is true or not.

I'd recommend downloading this online communications tracker tool, which can discreetly hack into his phone and deliver you information based on who he's been texting and calling. 

You'll be sent data based on his web activity, alternate contact details and much more too. It'll be difficult for a cheater not to be caught red-handed, such is the wealth of information collected by this clever tool

And, I'd suggest you'd need to be 100% sure that this guy is or isn't up to no good especially when you have a little one on the way.

You don't want the stress of not being sure while you have a son or daughter growing inside you. It's not good for you or for them.  

I want to help as much as I can in this situation. That's why I've also curated a list of the clearest signs that a husband is cheating on his pregnant wife. 

So, make sure to scroll down and check these out as well.

Best of luck!


10 Signs Of A Cheating Husband During Your Pregnancy

1. His Smell Is Unfamiliar

You have to be suspicious if your husband smells like something new. It definitely not his perfume, and it could be the other woman's perfume that lingers on him. Look for more suspicious signs like strand of hair or lipstick stain on his clothes.

2. He Works Late Too Often

he works late too often

It's okay to work overtime once a week. But is it normal that he is working late almost everyday? It's more like the Signs of a Bored Husband in Marriage and he deliberately avoiding you.

3. He Is Not So Interested To The Baby

As a dad to be, he should be exciting to hear every little news regarding his baby. Instead of excitement and curiosity, he shows no interest for the baby. He even acts like you're not pregnant at all.

4. He Is Addicted To His Phone

You have try your best to show him the Wife Material Signs you have, but he doesn't give any appreciation. He seems like more interested more on his phone and he seemed attached to it all the time, even in bed.

5. He Leaves The Home Often

When you need him most to be by your side, he leaves the house all the time. He seems like always have something to do outside home, such as going to the gym or meeting his friends.

6. His Friends Show Suspicious Behavior

His friends hold the darkest secret of him, and they will drop hints about it. Including when he is cheating during your pregnancy. Give particular attention to it, because they will not talk about it if nothing happens.

7. He Is Deleting All The Histories From His Phone

Deleting all the chat histories and call can be tiring for some person. Your husband seems to spare some time only to erase all the evidence that he is cheating. More suspicious because it's something he never did before.

8. He Is Secretive

He doesn't share anything to you anymore. Starting from not answering your phone to not telling you where he is, with whom he is at the moment, and what is he doing. He put on an invisible wall between you two.

9. He Is Losing His Affection

he is losing affection

Most of men think that their wife is more attractive when she is pregnant. Seems like your husband doesn't think it that way. Rather than seeing you as someone more attractive, he lose all of his interest in you.

10. He Constantly Mention A Name

It's cool to talk about your friend with your wife. But that one particular name that is always come up is not okay. Your husband mention the name so much that you get tired of it. There are reasons why he keep bringing up another woman's name when his own wife is currently pregnant. 

27 More Signs To Know

Here are more of the signs of cheating husband during your pregnancy:

  1. He never take you to the obgyn.
  2. He doesn't bother to ask about the baby.
  3. He simply doesn't care about your cravings.
  4. He thinks that your morning sickness is dirty.
  5. He is disappointed with your physical change.
  6. He said you are not pretty anymore.
  7. He always walk away whenever he answer phone calls.
  8. He avoids meeting your family.
  9. He becomes more active in the social media.
  10. He barely has spare time.
  11. He has no desire to you.
  12. He doesn't touch you as much as before.
  13. He shows no affection to you.
  14. He doesn't sympathetic to your hardships.
  15. He never gives you massage.
  16. He change the way he dresses.
  17. He picks up on fight even when you're pregnant.
  18. He always come home late at night.
  19. He is rushing to work every morning.
  20. He gets angry easily.
  21. He doesn't tell you his whereabouts.
  22. There is an extreme emotional change in your marriage.
  23. He barely speak at home.
  24. He doesn't want to spend much time with you.
  25. He is avoiding topics about your baby.
  26. He becomes defensive for no reasons.
  27. There is drastic change in his appearance.

Why Did He Cheat?

why did he cheat?

The pregnancy period should become one of the most exciting time for a couple. As they are waiting for their child to born. But finding out that your husband is cheating must be heartbreaking to you. It makes you asked why did he cheats on you while you were pregnant? Here are all the reasons why, and become all the Reasons Your Husband is Stressed Out All the Time without you know it:

  1. He can't accept your physical change well.
  2. He thinks that your mood swing is annoying.
  3. He is tired with your morning sickness.
  4. He misses the sex with you.
  5. You have less desire in sex during your pregnancy.
  6. He is worried about how the baby will change his life.
  7. He is not ready to become a father.
  8. Keeping up with pregnant woman is exhausting.
  9. He is afraid of your expectation.
  10. His personality is not the patient type.

After realizing all the signs of cheating husband during your pregnancy, your heart must be shattered into pieces. Now it's time to think about the future and what to do next. Settle out the matter and make sure that you put your baby's interest above all. There must be a good reason as well why did he cheat.

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