15 Quick Ways To Forget Your Affair Partner Right Away

Last updated on May 31, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you currently having an affair? At first, it might seemed like a good idea. Now you realize the things that you’re going to lose if the people around you ever find out.


Ways To Forget Your Affair Partner

So, exactly what are the ways to forget your affair partner? Below are some tips that you can do to make you strong enough to walk away from the affair.

1. Say Goodbye

say goodbye

Forget your affair partner by saying goodbye. Some of these Ways to Forget Your Loved One might work. This is not just a matter of literally saying goodbye to them, you also have to leave everything about them behind. It’s time to forget about every memory that you have of them. Both the good and the bad. Start a new page with your current partner. Be strong enough not to look back and long for your affair partner again.

2. Convince Yourself

The most important thing in forgetting them is to convince yourself that you’re going to be just fine. Life would go on without your affair partner. You need to realise that the affair was a huge mistake. But you shouldn’t continuously blame yourself and be trapped in regret. Take it as a lesson and let things be. Look forward to a new life.

3. Delete From Your Contact List

You have to delete their number from your contact list permanently. It will stop you from ever getting in touch again. Other than that, you also need to eliminate any sort of contact with them on social medias.

Once in a while, you might miss them. That will drive you to stalk their socials which is not a good idea. It will make you crave that person when you’re supposed to move on.

4. Consider Your Partner’s Feelings

Place yourself in your current partner’s shoes. It's also one of the Ways to Deal with Ignorance in a Relationship. How would you feel if the person you love goes behind your back to have a relationship with someone else? Will you be able to handle all the pain and the hurt? Betrayal is a jab to the heart. It’s a painful feeling that nobody looks forward to experience.

That’s why you need to consider your partner’s feelings more and forget your affair partner. Remember all the sacrifices that your current partner have made for you. At one point, they must have gone out of their way to make you happy. Remember that and love them more by being faithful. That's the best ways to forget your affair partner.

5. Cherish The Happy Moments

cherish the happy moments

Cheating is one of the most common reason for break-ups so you need to forget your affair partner quickly. In your current relationship, you must have made happy moments together with your partner.

Remember and try to cherish all those memories. The one thing that you must not do is remember the happy times with your affair partner. That will only make you want them back. 

6. Appreciate Your Current Partner’s Positive Traits

Maybe the reason why you cheated on your current partner is because of all the negative traits that they have displayed.

But isn’t a healthy relationship supposed to be accepting your partner in their worst and best version of themselves? Start to see and appreciate all the good traits that your current partner has. Let those things make you love your partner even more.

Then take a look at yourself. Do you see all your flaws? If you do, then it’s time for some self reflection. Learn how your partner is able to deal with all of those flaws and do the same for them.

7. Talk To Your Partner

Being open is the right choice to save your relationship with your partner. If you’re unsure of being honest about your affair with your partner then it’s best to leave it unsaid especially when the time is just not right.

But if one day you feel the need to confess about your affair, then just admit it. Be honest with your reasons. If your partner love you with all their heart, they will try to understand you. But it might take some time so you just have to let them be.

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8. Do Fun Things With Your Partner

Before the affair, you must have done fun things with your partner right? Do them again to remind you of the feelings that you have for your partner. It’s a great opportunity to get to know each other again. You can also ask your friends to come along with you.

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9. Make Yourself Busy

make yourself busy

Rearrange your schedule or routine and make yourself busy. That way, you won’t have too many time remembering your affair partner. Being busy is actually good for you as you also become more productive. You’ll be more open to opportunities that come in your way.

10. Break Up With Your Affair Partner

This is a must if you want to forget your affair partner. The right way to do it is by talking it out with them. Be straightforward and apologize. Don’t forget that they’re human and might be hurting too. Forget the whole thing as soon as the affair ends and never look back. 

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More Ways To Move On From Your Love Affair Partner

So here are some more ways for you to do to help you forget them faster.

  1. If you’re religious then get closer to God and pray for guidance.
  2. Use your heart and conscience to forget your affair partner.
  3. Think about how your life is going to be ruined from the affair.
  4. People close to you will condemn you for the affair.
  5. Aim to build a bright future with your current partner.

Hopefully, these tips will work for you. There are many ways to forget your affair partner but you need to be good to yourself first. A life without any affair will make your current relationship last longer and more harmonious.

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