18 Unseen Signs Your Wife Knows You're Cheating

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When it comes down to it, cheating is a dishonest act that is detrimental to any kind of relationship, especially a marriage. If your marriage is going well and smooth, it would be risky for a party to have an affair, thus putting the marriage in jeopardy. But say, you do have a reason to cheat on your spouse, and you show the Signs Your Husband is Not in Love With You Anymore. How do you know she stays in the dark? What are the signs your wife knows you’re cheating?


Here are Some Signs Your Wife Knows You’re Cheating

Even worse, her suspicion may go as far as looking for the Signs That Your Husband Has Another Family.

1. She Nags You About Your Phone Obsession

she nags you about your phone obsession

If your wife knows you’re cheating, she will probably notice that you spend way too long on your phone. Especially if it takes you ages to reply to her texts when she sees you on your phone 24/7. Then she’ll start asking about your sudden obsession with your phone, why you can’t go too long without checking it and why she doesn’t know your password anymore.

2. She Calls You at Random Times

Sure, maybe she misses you. Perhaps she just wants to know where you are at all times. Or maybe, she knows you’re cheating behind her back. Maybe, she is on the look for any suspicious feminine voice that might be in the background noise during her frequent calls. This is another signs your wife knows you’re cheating!

3. She Comes Home at Different Times Every Day

On a similar note, she might get home at different times every day on purpose. She’s trying not to give you the advantage of knowing when she’ll be back each night. This way, she’s ensuring that you can’t run off with your secret lover and return just in time to greet her in the front door.

4. Her Schedule Changes without Notice

One day she works the morning shift, the next she’s not off for work until ten o’clock. It might be the case that she’s just adjusting to a new job position, or she deliberately does so to catch you off guard? Like the previous point, she’s depriving you off the chance to fit your ‘private’ schedule into hers.

5. She Asks What the Matter With Your Changed Appearance is

For all these times the two of you have been married, you never cared to dress up or groom nicely. That is, until now. She notices that you’re taking extra care with how you choose your outfits and shave, and she nags you about it. She’ll demand for a logical explanation for this sudden change of behavior and won’t stop probing until she’s satisfied. The chances are, she suspects that you’re dressing nice for someone else…

6. She Stares at You During Meals Together

she stares at you during meals together

With people, especially women, eye contact may mean two completely opposing things. She can be admiring you or judging you. On the second option, she’s entailing a mental battle on who’s the better deceiver. She’s challenging you to keep the secret for as long as you can, before realizing that she already knows.

7. She Wants to Know Who You’re With

Whether you say you’re going bowling with the guys or to a meeting with your boss, it doesn’t matter. She wants to know exactly how many people you’ll be with and who they all are. She’ll ask for their names and how long you’ll be gone for. Talk about being over-possessive, maybe she knows you’ve been dishonest with her.

8. She Waits for You to Come Home

Yes, whether you come home at eight or one in the morning, she’s always still awake. It’s probably not that she can’t sleep tight without you, but she wants to know how late you come home every night. Not only that, she’s implicitly challenging you to keep returning home late and implying that she notices the oddity in your late-night work shifts. 

9. She Probes at Your Bygone Romantic Life

Suddenly she asks who your last girlfriend was and how long you were together, whether you still keep in touch or if she’s got a husband of her own. As a (supposedly) happily married couple, there should be no reason for her to ask about a long gone girl. Unless she knows you’re cheating, and wants to find out if the past she has anything to do with it. This may also happen if she sees the Signs of An Unfaithful Man in you!

10. She Makes Sudden Plans and is Furious if You Can’t Make it

It’s normal for a woman to be irritated when her husband fails to show up to a sudden dinner. But after many times of abrupt planning which she asserts you follow, it’s a good sign that she knows something’s up. She wants to remind you that as your wife, she should be your number one priority. Also, she’s throwing off any chances of you arranging secret meetups with your new lover. But rest assured, this means she doesn't have the Signs She Is No Longer Interested in You .

More Signs Your Wife Knows You’re Cheating

1. She Insists that You Can’t Call Off Tomorrow’s Date Night

The truth is, she doesn’t want you to have the whole night to slip off with your “boys” and have a secret rendezvous.

2. She Tries to Take You Out More Often

she tries to take you out more often

She may be craving for more quality time with you. Or she’s making a public announcement that you are married to her, thus warning any possible ladies who you might be hiding your wedding ring from.

3. She Wants to Hang Out With Your Friends

It’s possible that she wants to find out what you’ve been up to when she’s not around. She does this by asking around your friends and colleagues, in the hopes of getting a hint of a hidden “she”.

4. She Talks About How Things Have Changed

Of course, she doesn’t blatantly point the conversation towards a suspected affair. But she hints how she feels that things are changing around the house.

5. She Outright Confronts You

When this happens, you know you’re in deep. This just means she’s too exhausted to deal with your lies with equally obscure actions. This is also what you should do if there are Signs of Wife Having an Affair

Tips on What to do if Your Wife Knows You’re Cheating

Don’t panic first! Here are several things you can do to solve this complicacy:

1. Reflect on Your Deeds

reflect on your deeds

Ask yourself why you’re cheating on her in the first place. Are you unhappy with the marriage? Do you feel that she’s not the one anymore? Does she really deserve to be cheated on? Once you get to the root of your behavior, you can probably figure out what to do. Maybe even tell her that the marriage isn’t working out.

2. Stop Meeting With Your Secret Lady

Or else, if you feel that you’re cheating only for the sake of cheating and that your wife doesn’t deserve the heartbreak, stop. Before things take a worse turn, stop having an affair altogether.

3. Confess Before She Confronts

Things usually get messy when someone finds out their spouse is cheating and yells at them. A fight ensues. A harmonious solution is quite unlikely. So before she storms on you and demands a divorce, why not admit your mistakes? Maybe then, there’s a chance that your marriage (and happiness) can be saved!

Well, so you now know the signs your wife knows you’re cheating. Perhaps you’ve made a mistake and are considering how best to atone. Or maybe the relationship is just not working out anymore. Ultimately, only you can decide what’s best for your relationship! Don’t let others’ words dictate you. On the other hand, know How to Tell if A Girl is Playing With Your Emotions.

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