Heartbreaking Signs Your Husband Is Cheating With Your Friend

Last updated on June 9, 2022 by Michelle Devani

The idea of your husband cheating on you with your friend might sound like your worst nightmare! Are you worried that it’s happening?

It can be difficult to spot this nightmare unfolding, because you can bet these two will be doing all they can to hide it. 

And you’d have to be brave to accuse them of sleeping together without any concrete evidence. 

Yet, perhaps these fears still won’t disappear!?

If you’re in this position, this guide is here to help you. It features 31 signs that your husband and your friend are getting too close. 

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I had to share this with you, because it is potentially the key to put your fears to bed, one way or the other. 

With that out the way, here are some signs that you need to worry what these two are up to.


Worrying Signs Your Husband Is Cheating With Your Friend

When we are married we hope to have a perfect life with someone. But sometimes things gets rough because that is why life is. Although in some cases, the relationship can be completely destroyed.

A relationship can be destroyed when you found out that your husband is cheating with someone. It shatters both yoru trust and love for him. Here are the heart breaking signs your husband is cheating with your friend

1. He Asks About Your Friend A Lot

Questions start to pour through when he start to develop a personal interest on your friend.

2. He Wants To Have The Contact Of Your Friend

Phone number, social media, and more way to reach out to her will be asked for because he can’t get enough of her.

3. Photos Of Your Friends Are In His Phone

photos of your friends are in his phone

Suddenly, his phone is filled with photos of your friend and sometimes intimate ones.

4. His Phone Call History Consist Of Your Friend’s Number

When you confront him about your friend’s number in his phone, he starts being secretive and closed off.

5. He Texts Your Friend A Lot

The texts doesn’t imply friendship but something more romantic and intimate.

6. He Knows Personal Detail About Your Friend

Details like what he love and personal things in her past is remembered by your husband that is currently in love with her.

7. He Contact Her Through Social Media A Lot

Contacting her through social media frequently is not something that you should take for granted.

8. He Doesn’t Spend A Lot Of Time With You Anymore

Spending a lot of time with you is unpleasant for him and is a Signs That He is Falling Out of Love With You.

9. He Is Secretive About How He Spent His Time

Talking about how he spend his time is not something that he will do openly and easily.

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10. He Smiles When He Hears The Name Of Your Friend

This smile happens often and he does this shyly with a romantic implication.

11. He Exchange Romantic Look When Seeing Your Friend

Looks like this used to exist between you and your husband but not anymore.

12. You’ve Seen Them Hang Out Together A Lot

Hanging out a lot is done by someone that is in love with each other. Now, you are out of the picture.

13. They Are Physically Showing The Signs Of Attraction

they are physically showing the signs of attraction

When together, your friend shows the Physical Signs A Woman Likes You Like Crazy to him.

14. They Always Sit Close To Each Other

Choosing to sit close to each other all the time is the signs that something is going on.

15. They Get Really Mad At You For Suspecting That He Cheated

If he gets really mad when you ask him about his suspicion action, he is showing the Signs Your Husband is Cheating on Facebook.

16. He Is Often ’Out Of Town’

Being out of town can mean that he is actually spending time with your friend on a romantic getaway.

17. People Know That They Are Together

Once the rumor spread, you can believe that there is some kind of truth in it.

18. He Doesn’t Talk About You Romantically To Other People Anymore

Now all he talks about is about your friend and in a romantic way too.

19. He Buys Gifts For Her

Gifts come a lot when he is trying to show hints like the How To Tell If A Capricorn Man Likes You More Than A Friend.

20. He Doesn’t Want To Know About Your Life

To talk to you and understand you is not something that he likes to do because his love is not directed to you anymore.

21. He Doesn’t Check You Out Anymore

Checking you out is actually a sign of a youthful attraction and love.

More Ways To Know That He Isn’t Loyal To you

Loyalty is something that should be present in a marriage. But your husband can break it right now when he shows these signs that he isn’t loyal to you;

1. He Openly Flirts With Your Friend

Saying the Things to Say to Flirt with Your Crush will be done because he is confident in his love for her friend.

2. He Doesn’t Want To Be Physically Close To You

Being physically close to you actually repulses him.

3. He Doesn’t Get Excited To Be With You

he doesn't get excited to be with you

Excitement only comes when they are attracted to you. 

4. He Is Comparing You With Your Friend Often

Comparison is not the Signs A Man Loves You Secretly.

5. He Praises Your Friend A Lot

He start praising your friend because he finds that there is no flaw in her compared to you.

6. Doesn’t Want To Mend The Relationship Anymore

Mending the relationship is a thing that is only done by someone that still have love in the relationship.

7. Doesn’t Want You To Check His Phone

His phone is where all his secret lies. When you even touch his phone, he gets protective and mad.

Tips On What To Do When You Are Cheated On

It’s hard to know what to do when you are so heartbroken. So here are the tips on what to do when you are cheated on by your husband;

1. Investigate And Ask About It

It’s better to know with your own two eyes so you should investigate yourself. If you are still not sure, ask him about it in unoffensive way.

2. Talk About What To Do After This

Do you want to break things off or keep going? Remember to not fight for something that is hopeless.

3. Move On And Love Your Self

Sometimes, it is best to just do the Ways to Move On After a Bad Relationship in order to have a happy and unaffected life.


When you know that your husband show the signs your husband is cheating with your friend, you get so heartbroken that you start to be too emotional. To counter that, you need to do the tips on what to do when you are cheated on. After that, you’ll have an amazing life as usual!

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