Clear Signs Your Husband Is Cheating On Facebook

Last updated on May 29, 2024 by Michelle Devani

No wife wants her husband to cheat. But with the ever developing technology, it’s getting easier to do so. Your husband might be using his social medias, especially Facebook, to cheat on you.


Signs Your Husband Is Cheating On Facebook

Here are some of the signs that he’s cheating:

1. Always On His Phone

Keep an eye out for your husband’s behavior. If he’s always on his phone more than usual then there’s a reason to be suspicious. When he refuses to tell you the person he’s sending messages to then that’s one of the signs your husband is cheating on Facebook.

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2. Using The Computer After You’re Asleep

using the computer after you're asleep

This might be a way for your husband to avoid being caught cheating. You won’t be able to know what he’s doing on your computer. He won’t be beside you in bed once you wake up. You’ll find him having fun on the computer. He might give you the excuse that it’s job related. However, not every work has to be done in the middle of the night all the time.

3. Positioning The Computer Screen Away From Your View

This is another suspicious move that you need to take seriously. If he moves the computer screen in a way that you can’t see it then he’s trying to hide something from you. He doesn’t want you to know what he’s doing. Studies have shown that body language can tell when someone is lying by trying to hide or keep something away from open view.

4. Always Turning Off The Computer In A Hurry

Another possible indicator that you’re husband is cheating is whenever he turns off the computer in a hurry as soon as you’re getting close to him. Your husband does this because he’s afraid of getting caught. Turning off the computer is a reflex move, trying to hide his infidelity. If your husband does this often then try to directly ask him about it.

5. Deleting Browsing History

Deleting the browsing history on his electronics is also one of the signs your husband is cheating on Facebook. He’s trying to delete all the traces of his cheating. Without knowing his internet story, it’s difficult for you to know what websites he goes to. You won’t have any solid proof of him for cheating on you.

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6. Keeping His Password A Secret

keeping his password a secret

Privacy is something that should be given in a relationship. But if you’re husband is too secretive then that’s highly suspicious. In case he doesn’t tell you his password for his e-mails, Facebook and other applications then it means that he’s hiding something away from you.

7. Staying Awake In The Middle Of The Night

Is your husband always awake in the middle of the night? You have the right to question this. If he’s only done this for a couple of times then it could truly be work related. But if it’s too frequent, then you have to watch out. It could be that he’s trying to see all the notifications on his phone from his social media. 

8. Looking At Other Women’s Social Medias

Social medias make it easy for men to cheat. It may sound silly but it can result in divorces. Small comments can turn into something more. Feelings arise and your husband will cheat on you. Keep an eye out for any women on his social medias. They could be leaving messages or liking his status.

9. Sharing Information On The Internet

When your husband is cheating, he might be sharing too many information on the internet. He might also be sharing pictures of the woman that he is cheating with as well. It’s all the ways to attract the attention of the woman he likes behind your back. If you want to fix your marriage, here are the ways to make your husband fall in love with you all over again.

10. Frequent Exchange Of Comments

frequent exchange of comments

Exchanging and replying to comments on the internet are normal things to do on Facebook. But it’s a red flag if you see him doing this with an unknown woman. That could be the woman he is cheating with. Comments are a way to build up communication between your husband and the other woman. 

11. Calling The Other Woman In A Special Way

Take a closer look at how your husband is interacting with the women on Facebook. Note how he calls them. If you see them interacting in a romantic way or calling each other in a special manner then that’s suspicious too. That shows how they more than just “friends”.

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12. No Longer Spends Time With Family

Last but not least, reducing the time he spends his time with his family is another one of the signs your husband is cheating on Facebook. It’s not because he has work to do, it’s because he wants to spend his time with someone else. It's also one of the signs your husband is unhappy in marriage with you.

13. Comparing You With The Other Woman

comparing you with other woman

Comparing you with other women shows that he has a desire to be with someone else besides you. He probably has the other woman on his mind instead of you, his wife. This comparison is a very open way of him showing how interested he is with other women.

So those are some of the signs your husband is cheating. Hopefully, these information can help you out of your troubled marriage.

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