Secret Signs Of A Cheating Capricorn Man

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Are you worried that your Capricorn partner is cheating on you?

This sign is regarded as the most loyal and trustworthy, but perhaps you still suspect something is up?

If so, you’re in the right place. 

This article lists the behavioral clues that Capricorns are most likely to reveal when they are being unfaithful.

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Read on for the list of signs that your Capricorn could be doing the dirty.


Top Signs Of A Cheating Capricorn Man

In general, it’s highly unlikely that a Capricorn man would cheat on you. They’re the least likely to cheat out of all the signs as it’s hard to win over his heart in the first place. In fact, not many really know how to make a Capricorn man to fall in love But there’s still a slim chance of this happening and it’d help to know the signs of a cheating Capricorn man.

And because they are quiet challenging to get close to, you might also want to learn the Signs a Capricorn Male Likes You!

1. He’s Always On His Phone

Now, this first sign is general and is also shown in the Physical Signs of Wife Having an Affair. A man who’s cheating on you would not want you finding out an unknown number in his contact or seeing an anonymous ‘baby’ call his number.

2. He's Often Late

A Capricorn man is not notorious for his late appearances in his appointments, especially those with his significant other. In fact, they’re almost always on time. So when he comes late to that long-reserved lunch and says he’ll be home later the next night, something is on his mind. Maybe your suspicions of him seeing another girl behind you might just be proven to be true.

3. He Distances Himself From You

he distances himself from you

In the short run, this might be because he’s feeling down or stressed out by a situation, in which you could approach him and try to help. But if after some time he doesn’t seem to be getting back closer to you, it’s possible that there’s another woman in his life.

4. He Zones Out During Conversations

When you’re talking to him, study his countenance, especially his eyes. A Capricorn man always looks his girl in the eyes in conversations and enjoys maintaining eye contact. If his mind seems to be elsewhere amidst a conversation with you, what are the chances that he’s thinking of the same woman he’s been secretly seeing behind you?

5. He Makes Excuses To Avoid Physical Intimacy

It’s quite rare that a Capricorn man would lie or outright refuse to be physically intimate with his significant other. So if he’s been avoiding the bed with you for some time, there might be an external force that’s causing him to retract from you.

6. You Catch Him Lying Several Times

Maybe it’s only about small things, but you find him getting tangled up in a web of these small and insignificant lies. This is frowned upon as a Capricorn man is brutally honest and reliable. When he lies to you more than a tolerable amount of times, it might be a signs of a cheating Capricorn man.

7. He Doesn’t Take You Out

A Capricorn man is known for his genuineness in his love for someone. If he used to take you out to dinners or date nights but doesn’t anymore, it’s probably because he’s avoiding to be seen with you in public. The reason for this might be obvious; he is probably cheating on you.

8. He Barely Buys You Anything

This one may not be true if he has never been the one to shower you with gifts. However, a typical Capricorn man often shows his love by giving you things –not needlessly expensive ones, but definitely meaningful. So when he stops buying, or giving you, anything, he might be channeling his thoughts and care for somebody else…

9. He Doesn’t Complain Anymore

You notice that he’s acting differently. Only a few months back, he was always grumbling about his problems to the point that you just wished he would stop talking. But now, you wonder why he’s so quiet. He never complains about anything anymore, neither the small things nor the big ones. One reason for this is that he might be in a secret relationship where she is listening to all those complaints.

10. He Stops Asking for Your Advices

On a similar note, a Capricorn man is usually one to appreciate the perspective and guidance from those whom he cherishes. More often than not, this is his significant others. If for some reason he has ceased asking you for your opinions, it is highly likely that you’ve begun to lose your footing of importance in his life.

11. He Reminds You That He Needs His Space

It’s the fourth time that week he reminds you of his space and that you need to respect it. Not only is this not typical of a Capricorn man’s behavior, an excessive want for privacy is characteristic of someone with a secret. What are the odds that this secret is another woman?

12. He Avoids Talking About The Future

Here’s a probable reason as to why he’s been avoiding any discussions about the future lately: he’s considering one without you. This might also be the Signs of An Unfaithful Man.

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Reasons Why A Capricorn Man Might Cheat On You

reasons why a capricorn man might cheat on you

You need to know way he is cheating on you!

1. He Is Unhappy

For one reason or another, he might be unhappy in his relationship with you. Maybe it’s the lack of intimacy or passion, or he simply feels not right for you anymore.

2. He Is Unsatisfied

He has a deeper desire for more, for something that he feels like you can’t quite provide him with. And somehow, he can get it from another girl.

3. It's Out Of His Control

A Capricorn man loves being in control of his surroundings, maybe he was in a situation not of his own making when he first stumbled with this second woman. Somehow, things have gotten in a slippery slope which he can’t quite grasp…

What You Should Do If A Capricorn Man Is Cheating On You

1. Figure Out Why

Sometimes it’s helpful to reflect and find out the possible reasons driving his actions. Maybe there’s a logical explanation that you can try to understand first before confronting him in full-on rage.

2. Decide How You’d Like This To End

Do you want to fight for your relationship? Or do you want it over with yourself? Before talking to him, resolve how you’d like this conflict to end.

3. Talk To Him

Compose yourself and try to stay calm. Do not let emotions cloud your ability to speak gently and think clearly.

4. Forgive Him

Sometimes people make mistakes. What if he’s indeed the man for you, but he just doesn’t show the Signs He is Your Real Soulmate?

5. Cut The Ties

But at other times, it’s best if you just end things with him. Perhaps it can’t work out anymore the way it used to, and it would be wisest for the two of you to part ways for good.

So now that you can distinguish the signs of a cheating Capricorn man, you’re able to know for sure if your guy is being dishonest with you. Before you fall into quick judgement, be sure to find evidence of these signs!

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