Terrible Signs Your Husband Is Unhappy In Marriage

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Couples get married to create a special bond. This bond promises each other to love, to care and to protect each other. However, no marriage is perfect. It is not immune to problems that a husband and a wife will have to face.


Signs Your Husband Is Unhappy In Marriage

These informations below will give you some of the signs that your husband is showing that prove he is unhappy:

1. Spends Time Alone

One of the signs is when your husbands spends more time alone with himself, working or going out with his friends and colleagues rather than to be with you. He could be unhappy for a number of reasons. Maybe it’s because of your behaviour or attitude. It could also be caused by the way you treat him in the household.

2. Rarely Gives You Compliments

A happy and loving husband will always appreciate his wife’s hard work. Whatever work it is, the husband will give compliments. But if he rarely does that anymore then he no longer cares about the things that you do. There must be something wrong within the family. Something else must be on his mind or he just isn’t happy. Here are the ways to be a good wife to your husband. By doing them, your husband may start to be happy with you again.

3. No Quality Time

Quality time between you two will no longer be as much as before. He cares more about his hobby or his friends. Quality time is important to strengthen the bond between a husband and a wife.

4. Doesn’t Communicate

In any household, there are 2 problems that often arise. First, an argument or a fight. The second would be the aftermath. One of the people involved will refuse to talk and act as if nothing is wrong. To handle this, here are some sweet things to say to your husband to fix the situation.

5. Doesn’t Show His Love

doesn't show his love

A marriage is always filled with love. Giving praises, compliments, hugs, kisses and other affections are normal. But if your husband start to eliminate these things from the marriage then that could be a sign that he’s unhappy too.

6. Doesn’t Care

Your marriage can’t be strong and peaceful if your husband is acting like he doesn’t care. Giving banters, asking each other how they’re doing and telling each other stories can make the marriage strong. Acting like everything is fine will only ruin it.

7. Rarely At Home

It's the signs your husband is unhappy in marriage. An unhappy husband will try as much as possible to avoid going home. He knows that he’s only going to argue with his wife. He will rarely come home and spend his time somewhere else. 

8. Looking For Troubles

Troubles often happen because of a misunderstand or a miscommunication. It may also happen if one causes it to happen. A husband that is unhappy with his marriage will make the smallest problems into a huge one.

9. Always Angry

Being patient and tolerant are some signs of love. In facing marriage problems, a husband will often choose to become patient. He will try to be the bigger person to end the problem. If your husband is always angry then he is definitely unhappy.

10. Frequently Eating Out

An unhappy husband would rather eat outside the home alone or with some of his friends. He will try to avoid coming home to eat at home with you. He also doesn’t like to bring the food that you’ve made him. Eating out will become a better option as long as he doesn’t have to see you.

11. Keeping Secrets

Another sign that your husband is unhappy is from a sudden change of behaviour. It's one of the signs your husband is not in love with you anymore. He turns cold towards you. There’s a high possibility that he’s keeping secrets from you.

12. Keeping Things To Himself

Your husband will suddenly stop the conversation midway, cuts you off on the phone and change the topic of the conversation. He wants to keep things to himself and shut you out from his life. He is no longer open to you and refuses to talk about anything in detail.

13. Body Language

You can see how unhappy your husband is from his body language that he displays daily. He rarely smiles, frowns or turns his back towards you so he doesn’t have to see you.

14. Looks At Other Women

looks at other women

People decide to get married because of the love they feel towards one another. But that reason alone doesn’t mean that your husband won’t be looking at other women. He might be falling for them too. This could serves as an explanation for his odd behaviours. Look out for the signs that your husband has another family.

15. Short Response

Do you find some signs your husband is unhappy in marriage? Giving short responses too often will give the impression that your husband doesn’t care. He’ll answer you with a “Yes”, “Maybe”, and “I don’t know”. Those responses will make you angry and disappointed which could be why he does it.

16. Doesn’t Care

When your husbands puts his ego first then he no longer cares about the marriage. His unhappiness is getting him to no longer care about you. He doesn’t care what you do, what your problems are and what you want from him. Do some of these ways to make your husband fall in love with you all over again.

17. Other Problems

Other sorts of problems may cause your husband unhappiness. Maybe there’s something troubling him but he doesn’t want to talk about it with you to avoid causing distress. He’s scared that you will become too worried about it.

Although this can be difficult, there is still a way to fix it. Spend more efforts to make your husband happy again if possible.

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