Things You Need to Know Before Marrying a Filipina

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Marriage is a covenant, not a contract. It's a lifelong commitment you make with the one you love. Thus, stepping into marriage is never easy even though you have dated for a while. Things may get more complicated when you are your partner are of different countries. There are just too many things to adjust before legally cohabiting for a lifetime.

Filipinos are no exception. In case you haven't know it yet, Philippine is a place for beautiful people. The sight of pretty women and handsome men is highly common there. But don't get smitten by their outer appearances only. Find out about all the things you need to know before marrying a Filipina.

These list below will help you understand your Filipino partner, so that you won't be much surprised they are in too many ways different with you.

1. The Family's Presence

One of the biggest difference between Western and Philippines culture, an Asian in general, is the family matters. In Western, you are living on your own once you reach the legal age and leave the house. However, Filipina has a tight relationship with her family that she barely can leave behind. Her family will be forever part of her responsibility and she relies on the much. Also read Important Things to Know Before You Marry a Fulani Lady

2.  She Recycled Any Kind of Things, Especially Food

Given that Philippines is a poor country, the people are not wasteful. They like to recycle everything, mostly food. So is she. She will never trashed any leftover food, no matter how long it has been in the fridge. She always has this in mind that she's going to eat it later even though she doesn't know when. She has values food so much, especially when she grew up in poverty.

3. She Highly Respects Elders

It's uncommon for Filipina to put their parents and grandparents in a nursing home. For her, it only shows that you don't care about your elders and sees it as a disrespectful manner. She tends to care her elders as long as she could. Also read Things to Consider Before Marrying a Sailor

4. She Makes the Ideal Housewife

Submissiveness has become a stereotype for Asian woman. As the age has changed, Asian women now know how to stand up for herself. But she never forget to be submissive when it's needed. A Filipina makes the most perfect housewife you could ever dreamed of. As you are out earning money, she will take care the domestic work. And she will happily do it.

5. She Sends Everything Back Home

Another things you need to know before marrying a Filipina is this one habit that makes you roll your eyeballs. She loves to send everything back home. From random stuffs to money. Especially when she lives abroad, separated from her family, she would like to share everything she has with them. Is mostly happen to a woman who comes from a poor family. Also read Reasons to Marry a Welsh Person

6. She Might be Superstitious

Not every Filipina is a superstitious woman. It depends on her family background and education. The higher her education, the less she believes in that. However, if you are going to marry a common Filipina who grew up in a poor family, chances are she grew up surrounded by superstitious belief. She might prefer going to a quack rather than doctor when she falls ill.

7. Most Filipina is Social Butterflies

Get ready to welcome an army of new friends if you are marrying a Filipina. Most Philippines are social butterflies. They have so many, many friends that you can never count. It's always good to have many people if you are highly sociable yourself. But you're in a big trouble if you are a reserved person who values privacy. Also read Signs that Your Boyfriend is Going to Propose Soon

Chances are she has a large number of friends that might appear right on your doorstep every other day announced. Yes, it's common for Philippines to visit each other without prior notification. It is due to the friendly nature of the country where she was brought up in.

8. The Wedding Cost in on Men

In traditional Philippine wedding, all the wedding cost is on the men's shoulder. It's still rare in the country where women are willing to split the cost, unless the one you're going to marry is an ultra modern woman who almost leaves all the old tradition behind. For a Filipina, your capability to carry on the wedding cost shows you capability to support the future family.

9. A Different Kind of Proposal

It's a very traditional Philippines court, influenced by the "Maria Clara" courting in Spanish. When a man propose to a woman, he should serves the woman's family or a while to show his sincerity. But in the modern days it's not applied anymore. Men have another way in showing their sincerity toward the marriage. Also read Should You Ask Your Girlfriend's Dad for Her Hand in Marriage?

10. Her Pride is High

Every Filipina has so much pride in her. She probably grew up in a poor country with a bad environment but she tolerates no insult on herself or her family. In fact, the poorer a woman the higher her pride will be.

11. She is (Always) Up for Vengeance

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Aren't there too many things you need to know before marrying a Filipina? Well, it is a must if you are going to get married with someone from different cultures. Reasons why many intercultural marriage fails is because they don't fully understand each other's customs in daily life. So finding out the possible circumstances she might grew up in could be very helpful in the future. No matter how modern and open minded a woman is, the internalized tradition she got from her origin never leave.

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