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Have you watched Bollywood movies? As we can see on the movie, Bengali girl or often called Bong girl is attractive and seems into art by their appearance or stuff. Have you also imagined marrying one of them? Because you won't find some sign you'll regret marrying them.

Here are reasons to marry a Bong girl

It is normal if you've ever imagined marrying a Bengali girl since they are well known at being proud, passionate, and independent, and others Indian characteristic. Not only that, there are also bunch of reason why Bengali or Bong girl is very attractive and going to be awesome if you date one. So, here are reasons to marry a Bong girl.

1. Gorgeous

Like the one in the movie, Bong girls is pretty in the real life too. They are gorgeous especially when they wear a Sari.

2. Love to Smile

Reasons to marry a Bong girl? They love to smile and can eternally bright your day. Even though they are in a bad mood, you can try bring them their favorite books and they will easily back in the mood.

3. Cook You Delicious Seafood Dishes

Bong girl tend to good at cooking. One of dishes that they can serve you is the special delicious seafood. You would regret why you didn't marry or even find them sooner.

4. Beautiful Eyes

Reasons to marry a Bong girl? Yes, like the one in the movie, they have big and round eyes even are considered as one of the most beautiful eyes in the world.

5. Can Take Care of Herself

Bong girl is really independent. They can do their own thing and take care of herself. Moreover, they can also be helpful to you!

6. Rarely Act Clingy

This is one of reasons to marry a Bong girl. With their dependency, they would rarely act clingy towards you. They need you to be affectionate too but mostly they will fine being alone when you are in a relationship with them which going to be an Indian dating culture.

7. Love to Talk

You don't need to worry about run out topics, even you already say things to someone you just started dating, to talk about because Bong girl loves to talk. They talk really fast though and it is actually can make you fall in love in some cute ways.

8. Super Cool Daddy

One of awesome reasons to marry a Bong girl is you won't face a difficulty talking with their dad. Most of man tends to be afraid at the beginning when they are going to meet their future father-in-law. However, a Bong girl has super cool daddy that you would love right away! Not only you, even your parent is going to think their dad is fun!

9. Holding High Respect on Others

Family of Bong girl is holding high respect on others. This is reasons to marry a Bong girl. No matter where you come from, they will give you warm greeting.

10. Well Behaved

Being raised in a such culture and put high respect on others, Bong girl has good manners and well behaved. You will adore their gracefulness and this is one of reasons to marry a Bong girl.

11. A Born Artist

This one is obviously reasons to marry a Bong girl you won't regret. Most of Bong girl can sing and dance or basically they are a born artist. Your life won't boring if you marry them.

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12. Reliable

A Bong girl is well known at their reliable attitude. You would want her as a mother of your future children. They love to travel alone to which is amazing!

13. Speak Good English

Reasons to marry a Bong girl one of them is because they can speak very good at English. You will find their accent is sexy while they speak really fast.

14. Won't Say "I'm on Diet"

No need to worry if you invite them to dinner, or order McDonald at midnight, they won't say "I'm on diet", or you just can try something that make she will tell you she likes you.

15. Fascinating Wedding

If you already make up your mind to marrying a Bong girl, you would love the wedding party. Nothing can compare the fascinating of Bong's wedding!


Signs Bong Girl Is Your Dream Bride

You already learn about reasons to marry a Bong girl. Here are signs Bong girl is your dream bride.

1. You Love Girl in the Bollywood Movie

If you happen to watched Bollywood movie or even being a fans of those girls, then a Bong girl is perfect for you. You will love a Bong girl as your wife.

2. You Are Fascinated by Their Culture

Like you already know, Bong girl has strong culture. You can be fascinated by it and if so, don't hesitate to marry a Bong girl.

3. Fall in Love in the First Your Eyes Met

Bong girl has the most beautiful eyes so no wonder you can fall in love easily.

4. You Want an Awesome Mother for Your Future Children

Bong girl tends to be smart, dependable and responsible. You obviously want an awesome mother for your future children, right? Then you can drop your choice of dream bride to a Bong girl.

More Tips If You Want to Marry a Bong Girl

Here are more tips if you want to marry a Bong girl.

1. Respect Them

Bong girl always put a high respect on others. So you better do that too.

2. Be Affectionate

Nothing can go wrong by being affectionate to a girl, so does to a Bong girl.

3. Give Attention They Deserved

Even thought they are very independent, you need to pay more attention to a Bong girl to. You need to give them all of affection and attention they deserved.

4. Their Mother is Different Matter

You already know that they have a super cool dad. However, their mother is different matter. They love their daughter and won't let just any man touch them that is why their mother sometimes is being super strict. You can try the tips on how to talk to you girlfriend's mother so you won't afraid to face her.

5. Show Them Your Worth

You won't be that easy before you can marry a Bong girl. First of all, you need to show them your worth so they can know your true intention and your pure heart towards them.

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