29 Ways On How To Tell If A Girl Is Playing With Your Emotions

by Michelle Devani

Is there a woman in your life giving you mixed signals? 

Does she often leave you wondering whether she's actually serious about dating you? 

Perhaps you're worried that she's playing with your emotions and has no intentions of taking things further. 

This is a horrible situation to be stuck in. No wonder you're looking for more information to clarify things.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to tell if a woman is only interested in playing with your emotions - and I have listed the most effective methods below. 

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However, if you prefer, I have listed some more telltale signs below.

Certain Ways On How To Tell If A Girl Is Playing With Your Emotions

You are seriously into her, but what are the chances that she’s keeping her options open? You know how to know when a girl is into you, but don't think she does. How do you know is she truly loves you, or is only toying with you? How do you know if a girl loves you or not? Well, it’s always handy to know how to tell if a girl is playing with your emotions.

1. She doesn’t listen

She doesn’t listen

Although she wants you to listen to her –all her cries and late-night gossips and complaints, she never listens to you. She puts on an uninterested face whenever you start to speak.

2. Nothing moves forward

She tells you how much she wants those things, but doesn’t actually carry out the deeds. Her words are sweet-nothings and seductive dreams whispered to your ears.

3. She doesn’t talk about the future

When a girl never brings up topics about the future, she’s much likely not interested in building one with you. It’s a tough thing to point out, but maybe you’re just a summer fling. This is also the undeniable signs that she doesn't want to marry you.

4. You don’t get to decide. Ever.

She always chooses the place, the movie, the time and never lets you have the pick. If a girl truly loves you, she’ll share the advantage and not make you work your schedule for hers every time.

5. She attacks your insecurities

There are many ways on how to tell if a girl is playing with your emotions, but here’s an easy one: she pulls you down. She jabs at your shortcomings and makes you feel worthless. Her comments are destructive and make you doubts yourself.

6. Her intimacy with you quivers

It’s like she’s extremely close with you one day, but then pulls away the next. She can be as intimate as a long-time lover and as distant as two separating friends, as shown by the signs a friendship is coming to an end.

7. She doesn’t make real commitments

She says she loves you, but never has the time for a weekend away with you. It’s probably more than schedule conflicts and the countless last-minute cancellations can tell you enough. She’s trying to keep her weekends free for other plans. If she lacks commitment in such a small matter, she won’t be up for a permanent one.

8. She’s hot and cold

Some days she’s super sweet and romantic, but on other days she’s a stressful burden. It seems that she’s never just loving to you, her attitude always changes as she sees fit.

9. You’ve never been to her place

Is it really just messy? Is her kitchen really being refurbished? Or is she hiding something that she doesn’t want you finding out?

10. She doesn’t take you to meet her friends and family

She doesn’t take you to meet her friends and family

You know the signs he is dead serious about you, which is by taking you to meet the friends and family. If you’ve been together for some time, yet you’ve never once met her close friends nor family, you know she’s not ready. She doesn’t want you to be a permanent part of her life just yet, and this is how to tell if a girl is playing with your emotions. 

11. She seeks your sympathy

She knows you’re infatuated and might only be with you to make herself feel better.

12. She talks about her complicated love life

You find yourself consoling her past choices and mistake a lot. She might also see you as another complication in her so-called love life.

13. She doesn’t mingle with your friends and family

She probably knows she’ll only be in it for the fun and a little while. So she couldn’t care less about getting along with your beloved.

14. She’s never there when you need her

This one hurts the most. She expects you to always be there for her –as a listener, a comforter and a shield, but she always seems to disappear whenever you need someone. She’s not supportive and leaves you alone to deal with you problems. This is a sign she’s playing you.

More ways on how to tell if a girl is playing with you emotions:

  1. She looks bored when she’s with you
  2. She chooses her girlfriends over you all the time
  3. It’s expensive to take her out
  4. She cancels all your plans
  5. She wants a lot of “space” and wants you take your time with her
  6. You don’t feel secure with her
  7. She uses you to make others jealous
  8. She’s nice when she gets what she wants
  9. You rarely hear her say “I love you” back
  10. She doesn’t want to admit mistakes
  11. She makes you feel guilty
  12. She’s different when alone with you and in public 

Tips On What To Do If She Is Playing With Her Emotions

1. Confront her and be honest

 You don’t have to be scared to hurt her feelings, but you might want to approach her slowly and not surprise her with your confrontation. Talk over a cup of coffee or lunch, tell her how you feel and that you know she’s just in it for the fun. At this point, it may be too late even though you know how to make her love you.

2. Ask her why

you may want to know why she’s been playing with your emotions. After you confront her, ask her why she made you think she loved you and toy with you. Although the reasons might not be pleasant, there has to be one.

3. Walk out 

finally, if it’s hurting you too much, you can walk out. Make you goodbye and just say the word. End it for good, leave.

Now that you know what to watch out for the next time you see her, you can determine for sure whether she’s the girl you want to invest your love in or not. You may also want to know the differences between dating a girl or a woman.

Michelle Devani
My name is Michelle Devani, and I've been helping people with their relationships since 2003. In 2017 I decided it was about time I started a blog on the topic, and since then more than 2 million people worldwide have read my relationship advice. Drop me a comment below to let me know what you think.