How To Play Hard To Get In A Long Distance Relationship? Learn The Tricks Here!

Last updated on May 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

How to play hard to get in a long distance relationship? Since it has so many things, talking about a long distance relationship can be tricky, and sometimes hard. It can be romantic, exciting, but also tiring and annoying at the same time.

You only depend on communication despite anything happen to you and your beloved one. But the long distance fighter said that all you need is commitment, then how many miles set you apart wouldn’t matter. Is it really true?

If you are in a long distance relationship, could you still play the hard to get things to spice it up? Firstly, nothing is impossible. Even when you can’t see them face to face everyday, you can do everything you want, including hang them in the thread. Also read How to Deal with Missing Your Girlfriend in A Long Distance Relationship

Hard to get is often done by couple to test their significant other’s feeling or to make they boy/girlfriend miss them when they’re far apart. So when you are not geographically close, what kind on hard to get trick you can pull of? Here are the tips for you.

Oh, before that, remember that everyone has their own limit so better not crossing the line and get lost in enjoyment doing the hard to get thingy.

  1. Don’t Start Anything

The first and the most important rule in hard to get is not to be the first one who initiate anything. Don’t call first, don’t text first, don’t ask them to visit, etc. If you’re always the one who start everything, means you’re on the clingy side. Which gives your significant other the power to control the relationship.

  1. Enjoy Your Everyday Life

Being away from your boy/girlfriend is hard, but it shouldn’t make your life sucks. You can still enjoy things with your friends. Follow the basic rule where you have to tell them in advance if you’re going to have a night out or anything.

Then let them know how fun it was! Post a video or photos of you laughing with your friend to your social media. They’ll get jealous over it and you can say “Wish I can have fun with you too if you’re here,” and see whether they’ll come to see you or not. Also read How to Make Him Miss You in Long Distance Relationship

  1. Be Vaguely Flirtatious

You can play hard to get and flirt them at the same time. In a long distance relationship, the most common question would be “How’s your day?” “What will you do this weekend?” or “With whom you hung out earlier?”

They wish you give them the details but you have to answer them vaguely. Don’t tell them what will you do this weekend with the most flirtatious voice you can make. Keep the options open to drive them crazy. Just don’t cross over the line.

  1. Don’t Always be Available for Them

If it’s not something urgent, don’t always be available whenever they text or call. It’s another rule on how you can make the hard to get works, whether you’re in a long distance relationship or not.

Miss their calls several times a day, but don’t forget to call them back some time later. Don’t reply their text right away even though you’re currently on the phone. Keep them wondering what on Earth did you do that you seem so busy? Also read Dirty Things to Say to Your Long Distance Boyfriend

  1. Don’t Give Positive Answers Right Away

How to play hard to get in a long distance relationship? Is it just the same with any other not long distanced one? The answer is, yes. You can pull the same trick as everyone else in short distance relationship do.

Your boy/girlfriend would ask you when will you come back or can they pay a visit at certain time. Well, the answer would be “not sure”. You’re not sure if you can return as soon as possible, you’re not sure if they can visit you since you have been crazily busy, etc. Instead of cutting off on their plan, suggest other times that will make them to wait a little longer.

  1. Don’t be Too Aggressive

While you’re in a long distance relationship, it’s a lie to say that you’re fine if they don’t reply to your text right away. You must be worried and have all the negative things fill your mind. But if you want this hard to get tricks to succeed, you’ve got to play it cool.

Act like everything is fine, even when it takes a long time for them to call back. Act like it was nothing so that if they do it on purpose, they’ll fail right away. Also read How to Get A Girl to Text You Back When She is Ignoring You for Days

  1. Tease Them Naughtily

So, after a date or lengthy video call full of flirt, you can tell them how you are impressed. If they are seeing you off, give them a goodbye kiss that would linger for a long time – which makes them miss you when you haven’t separated yet.

Or you can text them “The date was nice. Wonder when could we do it again?” Those short words would definitely drive them crazy.

  1. Know When to Stop

For your information, keeping up with someone who plays hard to get on you can be so tiring and annoying. On top of that, you’re in a long distance relationship! Which means you have more shortcomings than normal couples. Also read How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back in Long Distance Relationship

When things are not fun anymore, stop it. You have to be careful not to cross their limits. Because if you make them too tired and annoyed, they will walk away from you. Relationship should be something you can enjoy, not to give you burden.

So those are all we got on how to play hard to get in a long distance relationship. We hope that this article could be some sort of enlightenment for you who are currently fighting in your long distance relationship. Be patience because nothing good comes easy, pal.

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