How to Deal with Missing Your Girlfriend in A Long Distance Relationship

Last updated on February 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Everything will be much easier if we can be honest to ourselves and just do anything straight to the point. It's been our nature to just do what we need to do when we feel something.

For example, we feel hungry, then we need to grab some food directly. If not then, we can feel the pain on our stomach. The same thing is also applied in our love lives. You can see and take a lot of example where someone is too shy or too scared to approach their crush.

As a result, they never know how their crush feels about them because they didn't give a try to say it. Besides, there are ways on how to ask your crush out without embarrassing yourself to figure out what she feels about you.

However,the same problem also occur even when people are in a relationship. Sometimes, they put too much pride until they cannot say I miss you when they miss their girlfriend.

Communication does really matter as a way on how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend and girlfriend, especially when you are in a long distance relationship with your loved ones. If it's hard for you to start to say anything to her, here are some ways on how to deal with missing your girlfriend in a long distance relationship, to help you to start.

  • Keep yourself busy

Keeping yourself busy can be the best way on how to deal with missing your girlfriend in a long distance relationship. When you are busy doing you own things and all of the activity you have, your focus will shifting into that activities. And if you were asking, does the no contact rule work for long distance relationships? Yes, sometimes, it works. Because you will make your partner wonder about your existence somehow.

  • Send her a love letter

Second thing, you can send your girlfriend a love letter. This is a cute ways to tell your girlfriend you love her and miss her. By writing a love letter and ask her to reply it with letter too, you can pour your feelings better into the writings.

Although it looks old fashioned, but it is more romantic and your girlfriend can see the effort that you put into those writings and sending the love letter. Besides that, you and her will have something to hold on to, a physical thing that came from the person that they love. You will be able not to translate your feelings into writings, but you also done something as a way on how to keep your girlfriend happy in long distance relationship.

  • Exercise

You are in a relationship with your girlfriend. This prove that you want to maintain the relationship because of the love that you have with and to her. And as a result, you somehow figure out the ways to make a long distance relationship work, where at the end of the day you can be reunited with your girlfriend. 

And when you feel like you miss her and you can't help it, there is an activity that you can try to do which is exercising.

You will keep yourself busy and healthy at the same time. Please do have commitment to do a routine exercise. Once you see the result, you will get addicted to it. It is not only to help you to get a better health. But, it will also help you to shape your mindset to be more positive and keep fighting for the things that you think is worth to fight for such as your relationship.

  • Tell her that you miss her

Best ways to show love in a long distance relationship is just by saying directly to your partner that you love her. If you miss her then, say it. Maybe it will be hard at first especially if you are not used to it. But, remember that communication is the key to a relationship.

If you cannot tell what you feel, how can you make sure that the relationship will go well in the near future?  Because you will just hide what you feel like you don't trust your partner to share what you feel about her.

Even though you only express your feelings to her by calling or texting her as a way on how to deal with missing your girlfriend in a long distance relationship, it is okay. She knows what you feel by then. And by the time she knows that, she can just call you and spending time with you even though it is only through text message or a video call.

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