Does The No Contact Rule Work For Long Distance Relationships?

Last updated on June 12, 2022 by Michelle Devani

In a relationship there are so many ways that you can do or at least give a try to help you have a better relationship with your partner. It does not always by showing that you care to them, but it can also be the opposite. No contact rule is one of it.

This rule means that you are not going to text or basically do any kind of communication to your partner in a several period of time. But, does the no contact rule work for long distance relationships? Isn't it one of the signs of unhealthy long distance relationship? Let's find out!

Why Is The No Contact Rule So Effective

Before we know the answer of does the no contact rule work for long distance relationships or not, let's see why people are doing this rule. Here are some information I can give you.

1. You Should Be Happy With Or Without Your Partner

you should be happy with or without your partner

The key to reach happiness in your life is to make yourself feeling happy with or without someone else. If you are expecting with the existence of your partner, you are going to be more happy, please let that mindset to go away. And yes, having a partner who can complete you is a gift, yet your partner is not a clown or an entertainer that needs to keep you happy all the time.

Everybody has their own responsibility to feel and do what they want to do, and you don't have to think so hard about how to keep your girlfriend happy in long distance relationship. Because if she is the one, she will understand that you guys need to fight distance together.

2. Give Your Time To The Real World And Your Social Life

One of the main reason on why do guys change after 6 months relationship is because they realize they lost their social life that much after he is in a relationship with you. It is not because he was cheating behind your back, but he realizes he needs his friends too.

As his partner, you should understand him. No contact rule can help both of you to socialize in the real world, because sometimes you guys do not realize how much you have lost in the real world.

3. Give Your Time For Yourself

Me time is important. Yourself is the most important thing. Give your time to do the things you like. Doing the things you like will generate a happy feeling and positivity. This will help you to have a better quality on the things you do, including your relationship.

Maintaining A Long Distance Relationship

After knowing the reason behind why you should give it a try on no contact rule, I have some tips that can help you to maintain your long distance relationship. 

1. Have Less Expectation, Do More

Having a less expectation is better than having a bigger expectation. Rather than having a big expectation, it will be better to work on your relationship at your best. And this will give you a better level of satisfaction. For example, you can learn about how to make him miss you in long distance relationship.

2. Trust Your Partner

trust your partner

Trust becomes the foundation in any relationship, especially long distance relationship. Because why would you stay apart in a relationship that you doubt so much?

Meanwhile, if you love your partner that much, you surely trust that person because you think you already know your partner. You choose someone to be your partner because you think that person and you can understand each other.

3. Give Yourself More Activity To Do

Another main problem aside from the trust issues is loneliness. People can't stand long distance relationship because they feel lonely and choose to break up to be with someone close to them. In order to help you to solve the loneliness problem, give yourself more activities to do.

By having more activities to do in your real life this will help you to have a balance life, both in your love life and social life. Knowing that you have a lot of people that support you, your body and mind will generate the positivity that you need.

So those are the information I can give you about does the no contact rule work for long distance relationships. I hope this information can help you to know more and think more positive about yourself and anything that you do. Find other interesting article on our website, such as ways to make a long distance relationship work.

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