29 Ways How to Know When a Girl is Into You Sexually

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A guy is often doesn't have a clue of a girl who like him. He will wonder whether she was sending signals and flirting all along or she just being kind towards him. All of this is due to the lack of knowledge of the guy we talked about in finding a way to discover the truth whether she is really into him or not. You need to master the trick in how to know when a girl is into you sexually and physically.

You don't want to get a false alarm all this time and ended up in one sided love, right? You have to really make sure of her feeling and match with the signals you (think) she was sending all the time. If you still doesn't know what to do, follow the methods below and start find the truth.

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1. Invite her in a long conversation

Well, it's not literally inviting in a formal way. Make the time to deliberately bump into her, and make a natural conversation as if you didn't mean it. A kind girl will surely politely take some of her time to talk to you out of respect.

But things will be definitely different if a girl is into you. In an unexpected situation like that, you didn't know where she's gonna headed to or she might be having an important thing to do. Whatever it is, she will happily give her time to you and doesn't mind of a long and intense conversation. As she is into you, talking to you is a golden opportunity.

2. Texts her everytime

You have to be careful while doing this one, because she probably get annoyed if you get too intense. But once again, if she reply to your message with a happy tone, she probably really into you. For a girl, excessive texts is equal with excessive attention.

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3. Ask her for a date

Is there any other things a girl wants when she's interested in a guy? A girl who is into you be happily accepting the date invitation over the weekend. Trust me, if she says yes, it's positive that she likes you. Every girl knows the different of "casually hanging out" and "going on a date".

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4. Stay away from her for a while

A girl who is into you will always notice and even look for your appearance everywhere. To make sure whether she is just kind or truly into you, try to avoid her for a while. Do not take the same path you usually walked in and any other places where you usually bump into her. If one day a text came asking you whether you're fine, she is noticing your disappearance.

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5. Tease her

Ever wonder how to know when a girl is into you? Teasing is a way to know that she is into you. A girl may be good in teasing the guy she likes to drop the tension and awkwardness between them. Try to do the same towards her, and watch her reaction carefully. She may not expect this and clumsily not knowing how to respond your teasing. And don't forget the blush on her cheeks and how her face gradually reddening.

6. Ask her a lot of personal questions

If you want to know if a girl is into you, ask her a lot about her private life. A girl who likes you will open up about it because she wants you to know her better too. She would never guard herself up.

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7. Stare at her

A girl who is into a guy will seize every opportunity she got to stare at him. But she will never meet his gaze and looked away every time the guy start to notice. Do the same and stare at her intently. Wait for her respond. A girl who is not into you will find this annoying and bravely stare back at you. But a girl with love in her heart never have enough nerve to catch your eyes.

8. Throw some jokes

Try to throw the poorest and lamest one that would not look that funny. A girl in love will think every joke you say is worth the laugh, no matter how poor and lame it is. If she did giving you her wholeheartedly laugh, she's really into you mate.

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9. Ask her friends

So, you want to know about her? Asks her friends. They are the best source of information and will not give you the wrong ones. Get close to them and start digging information about her feeling towards you. You will have the most valid and fastest answer.

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10. Ask about her dreamed boyfriend

This one is kinda direct questions but will give you a big hint about her deepest heart. What will she hope her ideal boyfriend would look like? What are the personalities she hopes in her boyfriend? Make the checklist and if you find most of them in you, who else might be her dreamed boyfriend?

11. Watch her personalities when you are around

A girl would try their best to look bubbly and happy in front of the guy she likes. And you have to watch this carefully. Has she ever looked down and gloomy in front of you? Or she is the happy virus that make you smile and happy to in her presence?

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12. Surprise her, and see her reactions

Do something out of the blue, like sitting next to her on lunch or on a meeting without initial notice. She wouldn't have time to prepare herself to be that close with you, and the reaction that come out of it will be very natural. If she become shy and awkward, well... why could that be?

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13. See how he acts to other guy

Some girls are born kind and some are kind towards the guy she likes only, not that she's being evil to everyone. Watch the difference between how he acts around the other guy. Did she give them the same attention? Did she always make her time to talk to them as she did to you? If she always looked busy and unreachable for them, she is making her time only for you.

14. See her body language when she talks to you

A girl who is into you doesn't physically keep a distance with you. She will use this time to be close to you, leaning her body forwards, brushing her arms lightly with yours, and other things. If she didn't avoid you physically, you may move forward to the next step.

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15. Take her to your social life

When a girl like someone, she wants to know about every details of the guy, including the ones he usually hanging out with. A girl who is into you will happily become friends with your friends too. She will blended well with them and in a short time, she will looked like one of their old friends. This is a positive signs because she start accepting you social life as well.

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More Ways to Know When a Girl Wants You

Those ways above may not enough for you, here some other ways how to know when a girl is into you definitely.

  1. Strike a conversation with her, and see if she listen to you or not.
  2. Tell some of your achievements, and see if she throwing compliments.
  3. Invite her to join into your hobbies, and see if she is interested.
  4. Try to touch her lightly,and see if she become shy.
  5. Watch her cheeks, a girl who is into you blushes easily.
  6. Notice if her pupils are dilated when you talk to her.
  7. Tell her about your dreamed girlfriend, she will try to become one.
  8. Check if she flips her hair often.
  9. Count the smiles she throw whenever you bump into her.
  10. Always look at your surroundings. You will find the girl who likes you easily, and everywhere.
  11. Ask about her relationship status.
  12. Watch whether she's attached to her phone or not when she's with you.
  13. See if she imitates the way you talk or behave.
  14. See if she is interested in the same thing with you or not.

Have you read how to know when a girl is into carefully? Now you are no longer clueless and know what to do and how to act to know if she is into you or not. Don't waste the opportunity and do it right away when you see her after this!

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