What Does It Mean When A Taurus Woman Ignores You All Sudden?

by Michelle Devani

How does it feel when someone is ignoring you? It does not feel good for sure. Especially when you were having a good relationship with her and suddenly she is ignoring you without you know the reason why.

You can start to wonder any kind of possibilities including the reasons why Taurus always feel lonely and feel like she is pouring her sadness to you by ignoring you. And if you don't know where to start to see the possibilities, here are some answer on what does it mean when a Taurus woman ignores you to start.

1. She Knew That You Are Manipulative

she knew that you are manipulative

If she is ignoring you, the first possibility is that she is knowing that you are a manipulative person. She can tell the signs that your friend is fake, this means that if you are faking or lying, she will know.

She is that type of person who is respecting honesty. So, it will be better for you to start being open to her. By being open to each other, both of you will be able to build trust.

2. You Are Wasting Her Time

Secondly, you are wasting her time. Taurus woman is a person who values everything. She is valuing thing as small as your friendly smile. But,m if she sees that you are not giving her any value and tend to waste her time, she will ignore you.

There are some signs I'm wasting my time with her, that you can know in order to avoid such things happen again. She is able to forgive your mistake of course, but if you keep repeating the same mistake, you might not be able to get in touch with her anymore.

3. You Made Her Mad

Lastly, if you see that a Taurus woman ignores you, it can also mean that you made her mad. The are only two ways of Taurus woman can express their anger which is ignoring you or exploding their anger to you.

You will need to know how to deal with a girl who is mad at you by then. Because the more you ignore and get mad to her back, you will only hurt her even more and she will walk away from you slowly.

Taurus Woman Personality Characteristics

You might be wondering about what does it mean when a Taurus woman ignores you. Your curiosity can go bigger when you are planning to get to know her better to have a relationship.

To get to know more about her then you will need to know about the characteristics of a Taurus in love. But to start, here are some basic and dominant Taurus woman personality more based on her zodiac sign.

1. Independent


One thing that can impress us from Taurus woman is that she is that type of person who is independent. This is just one of many things on all about Taurus woman personality.

She is also that type of person who is able to stand by herself. But, this does not mean that she won't accept or does not need any help. You will just need to know the proper approach to approach her since she is a very independent person.

2. Emotionally Strong And Stable

You might hear that female uses their feelings more instead of their logic. And you might find it quite different with Taurus woman. She is able to control her emotional state.

And since she has such a strong emotional balance, you might want to know the signs a woman is interested in a man physically and emotionally. Since you won't be able to see any significant changes in her emotional state, you will need to know better.

3. Loyal

Taurus is listed as one of the most loyal zodiac sign in relationship. She is willing to support anything that her friends or partner need. But, aside from her loyal and romantic characteristic, she can also get disappointed easily when the reality does not meet her expectation.

She is very picky in terms of finding her partner. She also prefers to take it slow, to get to know someone better and make sure that the person is the one that is suitable for her. But, someone who becomes her partner does not need to worry or even doubt her loyalty.

Those are some information about what does it mean when a Taurus woman ignores you. There are some more things you need to know before you date a Taurus if you think you want to date one.

Michelle Devani
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