Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Aries Woman

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Ruled by planet Mars with Fire as her element, makes an Aries-born woman having strong characteristics. You might see an Aries woman as a loud person who is enthusiastic, full of life, and ambitious. You might also notice her blatant personality that may be surprising you since she loves confrontation and can be brutally honest when conveying her thought.

However, the Aries woman is more than that. There are something else that you might not know about Aries Woman Weakness and Personality yet. Here are a list on several things you didn't know about Aries woman:


1. She Has A Great Sense Of Humor

When an Aries woman around, you can never feel bored since she will use her capability to break the dull moment with her sense of humor. She is very witty, and will utilize her wittiness to crack some genius jokes. Therefore, she make a great company, and you are lucky to have her as your friend or lover.

2. She Is A Natural-Born Leader

she is a natural-born leader

First of all, the animal that is associated with Aries is a ram. The ram may not be seen as a majestic and powerful creature, but the ram is surely can lead the pack. That is why an Aries woman tends to take charge and initiative in order to achieve the victory for her team. She will never back off and give up until she reach targets.

3. She Loves Adventure

Female Aries is fond of the taste of adventure. She will not doubt to take road less traveled even though it is unknown to her and might be dangerous. For her, exploring somewhere new and something new is a precious experience that can make her to keep moving forward to chasing her goals. She exactly knows what she wants and where she wants to go although she decides it in a spur of moment.

4. She Is Extremely Loyal

An Aries woman treasures her family, her friends, and her significant other very much, because the members of the pack are everything to her (she is the ram, remember?). She appreciates trust and honesty, so she will not be backstabbing her loved ones. In fact, she will do anything for them as long as it does not break her principles of life. However, she will not easily forgive you if you violate her loyalty. So, do not ever betray the Aries woman.

5. She Is Spontaneous

Aries is one of the most impulsive zodiac signs. An Aries woman rarely thinks before she acts out, because she almost never plans anything. She just does it and let her instinct to lead her. Her impulsiveness often gets her in trouble. She is okay with it anyway since she considers it as a process to be her better self. Her spontaneous acts also make her hard to predict. Thus, no one can read her easily.

6. She Gets Bored Easily

People who are under Aries as their astrological sign posses dynamic trait. Therefore, they get bored easily. This goes the same for an Aries woman. The Aries woman will easily leave everything that fails to keep her entertained, and will find new thing to ease her thirst of fun. This is one of Things Only Aries Can Understand and Feel. The good thing is she will be telling you honestly if she gets bored of you.

7. She Is Very Straightforward

An Aries woman will rather tell you a painful truth than a white lie. She is massively outspoken that words which are coming from her mouth might hurt you. She is very open and never keeps everything to herself even though she knows that it probably will be painful for others to hear her opinion. Therefore, if you want to know someone else's very honest opinion about you or How to Tell if an Aries Woman Doesn't Like You, you can ask it to an Aries woman. However, you must prepare your heart in case she will spit something hurtful.

Other Things You Probably Didn't Know About An Aries Woman

other things you probably didn't know about an aries woman
  1. She is absolutely fierce and full of energy
  2. She is a strong independent woman
  3. She is impatient
  4. She loves to cover up her weak emotions
  5. She hates a clingy person
  6. She can be very stubborn
  7. She is protective to her special people
  8. She can be jealous
  9. She is very determined to chase her dreams
  10. She has quick temper and you would better leave her alone when she is angry if you do not want to be yelled at
  11. She is often being bossy
  12. She is quite possessive
  13. She is brutal but can be soft when she feels loved and respected
  14. She gets frustrated by pessimistic people who radiate negativity
  15. She is driven to succeed
  16. She despises repetitive routine
  17. She is super competitive

Those are some things you didn't know about Aries woman. some may be shocking to you, but those are the true natural traits of Aries woman. Now that you know all those qualities of Aries woman, hopefully you will understand her better. After all, there are Reasons Why Aries are Hard to Understand.

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