How Do I Know If She Loves Me Without Asking Her Directly?

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The woman seems to have hard times express their own feeling especially if this is the love-related case. You might find some of them is kind of chatter-box but still can't straight up when it comes to confessing their love. However, do you know that there is a way to know whether they love you or not? You can learn this too Signs She Loves You Without Saying It Directly.


Here are how do I know if she loves me without asking her

You sometimes miss the opportunity to tell your feeling and how much you love her because at the same time you are afraid of rejection. However, you actually can see the signs of a woman being attracted to you so you won't be that clueless anymore. So here are how do I know if she loves me without asking her.

1. Comfortable Being Herself

comfortable being herself

How do I know if she loves me without asking her? When a woman close to you she won't have a doubt to show her real personality and completely being herself around you. It can be considered as she has something more deep for you which can be mean she loves you. However, don't make an assumption before you make it clear because a friend can casually show their nature too.

2. No Ashamed Doing Her Weird Habit

Following the previous point on how do I know if she loves me without asking her, not only she feels really comfortable being herself around you, she also has no ashamed doing her habit even the weirdest one. She doesn't think that is a secret she needs to keep because it is just natural. Moreover, she knows you can respect that though.

3. Give You More Attention

When girls love someone, they tend to be more considerate and give their crush more attention. It is quite easy to know whether that girl loves you or not because if you find her does showering you with cares that's a sign she is into you. And then, she will also pay attention to your daily condition, what you do, or any else. Also check this Reasons Why Dating an Older Woman Is Better

4. The Way She Looks at You

How do I know if she loves me without asking her? There is no doubt her eyes show some spark that you will find it different from the other girls. Her looks are so warm and passionate. Besides that, she isn't going to look at you directly in the eyes and that's the sign that falls in love with you.

5. Constantly Contact You

We all know sometimes girls don't want to try contact boys first. However, when she loves you, she won't do that since she knows that it doesn't bother you and eventually she keeps doing it. She might now constantly send you message even just a little "good morning" message. If you wonder how do I know if she loves me without asking her, there is a huge possibility she does!

6. Share Her Story with You

When a woman tends to be a little open to you, it is a sign that she considers close to her. Whether she loves you or not, this could be a good chance for you to take more step from friends to be a more love-related relationship. She will tell you about her day when you are having lunch together or even the secrets she has been keeping all this time.

7. Be There For You

You can see that she would try her best to accompany you in every condition. And not only that, even though she is really busy, she will make her time to help whenever you are in trouble. No need to wonder anymore because she loves you and definitely into you. You should learn this too Reasons Why Dating An Only Child Is Difficult

8. Act Romantic

act romantic

How do I know if she loves me without asking her? You know, not only boys that should be romantic but girls also need to do that in a certain time. You can easily find that she loves you if she suddenly acts romantic such as make you cookies or give you her handkerchief. This simple yet meaningful thing is an indirect way of she is saying that she loves you.

9. Feel Jealous of Your Friend

When you aren't spending time with her, she will show her jealousy side to you. If she does that, then it is a clear sign she is into you and doesn't want you to be with others.

10. Suddenly Turns a Bit Shy

However, she won't forever feel comfortable with you and act freely like it is nothing when she's around you. Some girl might turn into a shy little cat when she falls in love with you. Within their cute way, you will know that she loves you or that is just her personality. 

Signs You Need to Tell Her Your Feeling Now

After learning that she loves you, then as a man you should the one that takes an act to tell her that you love her too. So, here are signs you need to tell her your feeling now. Try to check this out too Physical Signs A Woman Likes You

1. You Don't Want to Lose Her

It is irritated for you seeing her talking with other men. Don't tell me you didn't realize it, because you just fall in love with her!

2. You Want to Keep Her

Not only because you don't want to lose her, but you want her to be always safe especially when she is around you.

3. You Know Her for So Long

What are you waiting for? You already know her for quite long, then tell her that you love her before you regret it.

4. No Reason to Remain Silent

There is no more reason for you to keep holding your feeling since you already know that she loves you too.

5. She Tells You First

She did tell you about her feeling, right? Then it is your time to confess! 

More Tips to Asking Out Girls

Here are more tips for you to asking out a girl. Also, read this What to Do When Your Ex Calls You After No Contact for So Long

1. Have Courage

have courage

Everyone is afraid of rejection. However, you need to have courage if you want to ask out a girl.

2. Be Gentle

Don't be rude, don't be mean, because being a man is about gentle!

3. Don't Easily Give Up

A girl loves to being chased by boys. That is why you need to chin up and don't give up easily.

4. Romantic, But Not Over Do It

A man should be romantic at a certain time. However, just don't overdo it.

5. Forget Your Ex First

When you want to start a new relationship, make sure you are leaving the past away and never talking about your ex in front of the new partner.

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