When You Love Someone Who Doesn't Love You Back What To Do

Last updated on April 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Sometimes, love have targets the wrong person. So, under these conditions, unrequited love begins. Unrequited love often that feel by teenagers.

Every person has the right to love one another. Not only love, of course everyone also has the right to be loved. However, the situation is not as sweet as planned. As if swallowing a bitter pill, the reality must be accepted roundly if it turns out the He does not love you or in other words your love is unrequited.

If this kind of love is protracted and already deep it can lead to ongoing heartbreak. Then, what is the way to restore unrequited love?


1. Say Goodbye To Illusions

Maybe, you do think about the person you love have a love on you too. In fact, all that is just an illusion. Hopeful thoughts keep hovering in your mind. To the extent that this feeling makes you awake in the middle of the night or carry it in a dream.

From now , throw away the illusion. Think realistically that he or she doesn't love you. That way, you will not have hope and will not bring feelings to drag on. Now, it's time to get used to that reality, even though it feels bitter because you’re enough to get love from someone else. Illusions is one of Pisces Woman Weaknesses, be careful with these problems.

2. Beat The Feelings

beat the feelings

When you love someone who doesn't love back, of course it is a complicated thing. Don't continue to love him. Try to bury the feeling or maybe you can bury it deeply. Do it slowly so that you are not depressed by the situation.

Managing emotions is also important. Know your own situation and see the situation outside. Emotions that are usually created are sadness, deep disappointment, or maybe frustration. Admit these feelings and try to accept the reality, then you will be ready to deal with these emotions.

3. Stay Away From His Or Her Social Media Fom You

For the first time experiencing unrequited love, experiencing this period must be very difficult. You will be a person who is curious with his or her life. The trick is to monitor the social media every second.

However, in this way, you will be even more tortured. Not the recovery that was obtained, the distress will only get worse. So, what if it turns out the reason you open social media is because you miss a person do you love?

Throw away the thought. Start blocking all of your social media accounts so you don't have access to open them again. In that way, you will slowly forget and you and crush will be a stranger again.

4. Turn Your Mind To Something Else

When we fall in love, we can't think of anything. We imagine how wonderful it is to spend time together, dreaming of living the day together, and forgetting everything around you, together its with your friends and family no matter what you do with your friends or family do it and make u happy because it.

When a broken heart because of your unrequited love, your life will fall because you don’t understand what should be your priorities. Therefore, begin to turn your mind in a positive direction.

Think about the people who love you like your best friends or your family. Or think of activities that make you happy. For example traveling, music, or even cooking. You can also join the community. Who knows, you will get a replacement of him or her.

5. Go Out With Someone Else Or By Yourself

go out with someone else or by yourself

You realize, the last thing you want to do when someone breaks your heart is to go with someone else. Not right? Yes you are!. Like runaway? Yep But that's what you need to do!

Meet the fact that love must be mutually beneficial. Staying at home maybe will only bring bad things to you. Ask a good friend to accompany you for coffee or dinner to a new restaurant that you want to visit. The point is only for refreshment.

6. Love Yourself

Love yourself. It doesn't matter what they say about you. Respect yourself. Show that you are a quality person. Even if you are rejected, you must show that you have strengths that no one else has. Show that you also deserve to be loved by others, far better people. Should i give up on a guy who rejected me complately ? sure with this point we must keep strong.

Loving youself can make u proud of yourself and you will realized that love yourself is important more than you love everyone else which not love you back be yourself and bring your beautiful days on yours!

Do not let you fall into the deep trauma of love. Keep your heart open to other figures. Or maybe, look for these other figures. However, remember, don't let the stinky person only become your escape because it will only hurt yourself and the person.

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