Should I Give Up On A Guy Who Rejected Me Completely?

Last updated on May 4, 2024 by Michelle Devani

When you are rejected by your crush, you can choose to let him go and move on, or you can keep chasing his love and waiting for him to return your feeling. However, you cannot force someone to love you back when he doesn't love you.

Love needs a process and compatibility, even though some people say people fall for their polar opposite. Therefore, it is normal if a guy rejects you. Below this is some tips on what you can do if you choose to give up or keep fighting for his love.


Give Up

give up

Then, if you are not sure whether you should give up on a guy who rejected you completely, ask yourself this question, "is this person worth your effort?", "are you ready for a relationship?" or "does he ready for a relationship yet?" If you believe that he is not worth it, then let him go and do not force him to accept you, because there are some cases where a guy rejects you not because he hates or doesn't like you, but it is simply because he is not ready for a relationship yet.

"Should I give up on a guy who rejected me completely?" Not all guys want a girlfriend and want to be tied in a relationship, some guys prefer to have fun with his friends rather than have a girlfriend. If he rejects you because you are not his type, then do not drown in your sadness. Stand up and do your best to be happy because rejection is not the end and keep talking to him as usual. After he rejected you, it must be difficult for you to talk to him again, but do not fret!

Here are some tips for you to help you talk to him again:

1. Do Not Think His Rejection As The End Of The World

Try to think his rejection as an opportunity to grow and find another guy who is compatible with you. Besides that, you can also use his rejection to learn from your mistakes. You may do something that leads to a rejection or you may have some personality traits that he does not like. Try to reflects and if you find your mistakes, try to fix if for better chance in the future. 

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 2. Do Not Rush Or Force Him To Have A Conversation With You

You may be hurt from a rejection, but he is also has to deal with a burden from rejecting you. He may also afraid that his relationship with you is going to drift away after his rejection. Wait and give both of you some space to deal with the feelings. After that, start with small talks first to check the water. If the awkwardness between you and him start to diminish, then it is a signal that you can have a normal conversation with him again.

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3. Just Be Yourself

You can change your bad habits or fix your personality, but do not change your good side just because he rejects you. Keep doing what you like, wear any dress or clothes that you love, and do what you always do everyday. Rejection can help you to change but rejection does not mean that you should change into a different person completely. You are still you and be yourself is one of the ways on How to Make Your Crush Regret Rejecting You

4. Talk To Your Friends For Help And Some Advice

talk to your friends for help and some advice

You can also talk to your friends to deal with your feelings for him. Discuss with them whether you should give up on him after he rejected you or not. Sharing with them will help to ease your feelings and your mind. Calm heart and mind can help you to face him again without feeling too awkward.

Keep Fighting For His Love

If you choose to keep chasing and keep fighting for his love, that is okay! There is nothing wrong in perseverance, because if continuously dripping water can shallow the stone, then your continuous love and attention after his rejected you, can also change his heart. 

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Besides, his preferences can change as time goes by. If he meets you constantly, then he will get used to meet you every day. Show him your good side, laugh with him and have a good conversation.

Be a good listener and give a response to his story. You can get closer with him because unconsciously he used to talk with you and cannot wait to talk with you again. By being closer to him, it will increase your chance to be with him. And secretly, he can also likes you back. According to a research, there are Ways to Know if Someone Likes You Secretly. At the end, giving up on a guy who rejected you completely or not is your choice. Think about every consequences and make your mind.

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