How To Tell Your Boyfriend That Something Is Bothering You

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When you are in a relationship, problems will be unavoidable. It keeps popping up with no break (sometimes it is) but one sure thing that problems will always be there. Every problem should be treated as a passing grade, so that your relationship may improve to the next level. However, the reality is not that easy. Many couples find it hard to solve problems that come in their way and breaking up become the last choice. Break up should really be the last resort. Before that, both of you must give your best to make things work.


How To Tell Your Boyfriend That Something Is Bothering You

Whatever problems come, you have to find a solutions. Don't let it eat up your relationship with him. Find the best way how to tell your boyfriend that something is bothering you, share your concern and find the solution together. If he does care about you and value the relationship as much as you do, he will save it too.

1. Talk To Him

The best way is surely talking it out to him. Holding back in the name of love is like having a bomb that you never know when will it going to explode. If you feel like things is not going well, look at him. Maybe you're not the only one who bothered. He could be having something to say too bu he doesn't know why. Discussion is always the first and the best solution for every problems.

2. Don't Put The Blame On Him

If you are looking for someone perfect, you might end up single for the rest of your life. Nobody is. So isn't him. Seeing that you are the one who bothered could make you blame him for the situation. It's a Signs of a Bad Relationship with Your Boyfriend you must avoid. Be honest with yourself and open up. If you have done something wrong or there are things that needs to be fixed from you, accept it.

3. Be Sure With The Outcome You Want

Before you start talking to him, think about the result you want. After the talk ends, how would you like your relationship to be. It will affect your methods to solve it after all. If you want to see the Husband Material Signs from him, walk within the frame to reach that goal.

4. Open Up Yourself To Him

open up yourself to him

Hoping that somehow he will understand that you're bothered without saying a word is bullshit. Unless you talk to him, he will think everything's alright. Trust him and open up about your deepest concern. Don't feel intimidated since no one is higher than the others in here. Putting the trust in him is the best Tips to Keep You Man Happy in a Relationship.

5. Clear Your Mind Before Bring It Up

Don't ever talk to him when you're still full of anger. Nor when you become suddenly paranoid and predicting only worse things in the future. Clear your mind from any prejudice before that. If you want things to turn out positively then you should start with positive manners.

6. Do Not Involve Your Emotion

Get a good hold of yourself while you talk. Don't let the emotion drive the direction. It only makes things worse. No solutions will come out and you end up in an endless fight. Stay calm and tell everything specifically without raising your tone. He will be very appreciate it.

7. Share With Your Friends

Sometimes things are too much to be bore and you need to talk to someone else. Go to your BFF and ask for her advice. Who knows that she could see the silver lining amidst the heavy clouds you have. The way she saved your life makes the best Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul Sister.

8. Pick The Right Time

Why are you in a hurry? Picking the right time is one important aspects to be successful. Don't talk to him when things are heated up or when he's exhausted after work. Choose one of those easy times on the weekend where he usually chill.

9. Don't Dominate The Conversation

don't dominate the conversation

Show him that you care about him by asking feedback. You can't have a monologue in front of him. Stop once in a while, let him talk too.

10. Don't Do Dramas

Sometimes that’s a legitimate point of view, but if you make too many things sound awful you will lose your credibility. Try to keep things in perspective, try to stay with the facts, and try to keep things from unraveling. Keep your voice in a calm tone, don’t get carried away. Don't make it catastrophic nor play victim in this.

11. Listen To What He Says

For sure you don't know What to Do When You Feel Like Your Boyfriend Doesn't Care About You and it bothers you so much. But it doesn't make you right. He has the right to talk too and you should listen to him. Listening doesn't always mean you are agree with him. It shows that you care and respect him.

12. Suggest The Solution

It's why making plans, setting the goals, and wisely choose your words are important before you talk to him. Don't come up only with problems without knowing the solutions. The best things would finding the solution together but your discussion could meet dead ends unexpectedly. Here are the prior solution you've think will be very helpful.

Never start the conversation by saying 'you always do this,' or 'I hate it when you do that.' Instead say, 'I've noticed that this is something that occurs when... and it makes me feel like...' but the goal is not to create an offense,"

While you are thinking about how to tell your boyfriend that something is bothering you, don't forget to listen to him too. You're not the only one in the relationship so whatever happens it must be bothering him too. Less talking and more listening. Even if he has something more to say than you, it's still better to listen more.

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