How to Get Your Crush's Attention Without Being Obvious at Him

Last updated on June 17, 2022 by Michelle Devani

Fall in love with someone is sweet and frustrating at the same time. It is due to a fact that getting your crush’s attention is not as easy as getting a crush on him. You have his attention and his love, yet you do not know whether he knows you are alive or not. And sometimes when you try to get his attention, but you do not do it smoothly, it will only lead to failure because you are too obvious.

However, if you do not know how to get your crush’s attention, do not worry! Here are some tips to get your crush’s attention without being obvious.

1. Make sure your crush knows you

If you crush is not your friend, before you start anything else, first you have to make sure that your crush knows you. How can you get his attention if he does not even know that you are alive and live in the same universe with him?

If you crush is your friend’s friend, try to join if your friend has a plan to meet your crush. However, before you go with your friend, you must make sure that your friend invites you and there will be more people than you, your friend, and your crush.

The reason is, it will be obvious if there are only 3 people. After that, if you are too awkward to talk to him, do not fret. According to my research, there are Ways to Make Your Crush Notice You Without Talking to Him. So do not be afraid and try every ways!

2. Follow his social media

After you make sure that he knows you, try to find and follow his social media, especially Instagram. Why? It is because in Instagram you can see his activity and what he likes and dislikes. You can learn about your crush and get his attention at the same time.

Leave some comments in his posts, but remember, do not give comment in every post and do not like his old post. That will make him know that you are attracted to him. There are many Aesthetic Ways to Get Your Crush’s Attention on Instagram, but the most important thing is to make sure that you do not make you account private. Then, try to post your best picture and give aesthetic caption.

3. Smell nice

Sometimes, one of the easiest ways to get your crush’s attention without being too obvious is using fragrance. When you use fragrance, the smell of your fragrance will linger around and when you pass by him, he will smell your fragrance and the smell will help him to remember you.

However, do not choose fragrance with strong smell, because your goal is to attract you crush not the other way around.

4. Look good and approachable

Try to be an attractive person. Choose your outfit that fits you and makes you comfortable in it. Man tends to notice people who dressed well first and by becoming a well-dressed person, he may look at your direction and acknowledge you. That will help you to get his attention.

Besides that, try to be approachable. Do not be stiff and awkward when you are in a same room with him. It may happen, and it is normal to be awkward when you are in a same room with your crush but try to smile and break the ice. Be fun, make a conversation with him, and laugh together.

5. Make eye contact with your crush

Exchanging eye contact between you and your crush in the class or when you are with your friend will make him realizes that you are in the same room with him and get him to give you his attention without being obvious.

However, do not stare too hard and look at his direction for a long time, because what it is mean by eye contact is fleeting glances around you and your crush, not staring contest. Make it as if, you coincidentally catch his glance and do not make it as if you are trying desperately to catch his glance.

6. Show your good side to your crush

Do not be mean and arrogant to your friends and people around you. Help other people who need help and do not hesitate to lend a hand. You do not have to do it just because your crush is in the same room with you, but you have to make it a habit.

People love to gossip about others’ bad side, but once in a while they will also gossip about others’ good side. Your act of kindness may be known by your crush. If your crush knows about your good side, it will be good opportunity for you. Because if your crush assumes that you are mean and arrogant person, he may avoid you and you will your chance to be with him.

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